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Best Password Manager App for iPhone/iPad

As we use more applications on our iPhone to store more information digitally, chances are that you have dozens of accounts that all require a password. To ensure security and our data safeguarded, it becomes important to always use strong and unique passwords that are hard to crack. Instead of writing all your passwords down, you can save them in one password manager app for iPhone.

Password management apps for iPhone/iPad help you do two things very easily: auto-fill login forms and keep your passwords stored securely. With the best password app for iPhone, there is no need to be bothered with your complicated passwords at all. In the following article, we will recommend you several best password manager apps for iPhone/iPad out of the flooded password managers for iOS, hope they can help you.

Password App for iPhone

Password App for iPhone

No. 1 1Password

1Password Icon

1Password is arguably the best password manager app for iPhone/iPad as well as a full featured professional quality password manager app. What makes it stand out is the ability to let you manage passwords with more convenience. 1Password uses 256-bit encryption and supports Touch ID and integrated with iCloud and Dropbox. All the data you store in this app is shielded by the master password. You can lock the app automatically to offer complete security to your data even if your device is lost. Use tags and favorites to perfectly organize your data.


No. 2 eWallet

eWallet Icon

eWallet provides a complete system for managing your passwords on iPhone, iPad or computer. The great thing about this password manager app for iPhone is its fresh interface. Each folder can be specially customized with a title, icon, and category. Inside the folders, you can build cards with special customizable template made specifically for different types of record keepers. The security is provided through 256-bit AES encryption, time-outs, and an automatic password generator. All in all, the iPhone password manager does provide a complete solution for password management.


No. 3 mSecure Password Manager

mSecure Password Manager Icon

mSecure is one of the best password manager apps for iPhone that keeps all of your passwords, registration codes, banking details, voice mails and more in a safe place, it uses 256-bit encryption to secure your data. mSecure comes with many useful features, such as- auto lock, password generator, iCloud and Dropbox integration, automatic backup, built-in browser and more that make it a complete and very secure password manager app for iPhone and iPad.

mSecure Password Manager

No. 4 Dashlane

Dashlane Icon

Dashlane is another best password manager app for iPhone that excels in managing all your passwords and keeping passwords safe. With this password manager app for iPhone, it becomes super easy to log into websites and apps as well as keep important document and security code under lock. What's more, if your passwords are used outside of this password manager, you will receive a security breach alert.


No. 5 DataVault Password Manager

DataVault Password Manager Icon

DataVault Password Manager is an easy-to-use and professional grade password managing app for iPhone or iPad, along with all the features you expect from a full featured password manager app and a very easy to use user-interface. With DataVault Password Manager, you can quickly generate strong passwords and use them automatically. Apart from cool and easy to use user-interface, it comes with many useful features, such as- Dropbox, iCloud, iTunes & WiFi sync, Touch ID support and more.

DataVault Password Manager

No. 6 LastPass

LastPass Icon

LastPass is also one of the best password manager apps for iPhone/iPad, and it specializes in automatically organizing your entries for you. It has three main categories including websites, form fills and secure notes to help you fill your information logically. Besides, you can find website passwords at a glance because LastPass features logos for dozens of popular sites.


In this article, we have mainly showed you several best password manager apps for iPhone, you can use such apps to manage iPhone passwords more easily. Still have more recommendations about best password app for iPhone? Feel free to leave your comments down below.

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