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15 Best VR Apps to Enjoy Virtue Reality

Virtue Reality (VR) is a kind of new and fantastic technology for watching videos. What should be the best VR app to enjoy videos, movies or games on smartphone? Google Cardboard should be one of the most popular VR apps for Android phone. What about Apple? The new WWDC just jump to AV (Augmented reality), which you can have a cooler experience than VR. In order to enjoy the virtue reality movies, you only to have a headset and a VR program from the top 15 list from the article.

VR Apps

Google Cardboard

• Google Cardboard is the VR App for both Android and iOS.

• Enjoy a fly on Google Earth to the fancy place.

• Watch Virtue Reality movies on a massive screen.

• Look around the photosphere or fun stereoscopic take on the old classic.

• Take some arctic journey, create a garden or take relax in the favorite place.

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Google Cardboard

VRSE (Within)

• Enjoy popular and latest Virtual Reality experience with VR players.

• Works with Google Cardboard and its certificated viewers.

• Turn the device into a magic window or 360 VR experience.

• Look around the photosphere or fun stereoscopic take on the old classic.

• Listen to the realistic 3D spatial VR audio with headset.

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• NYT VR works with both smartphone and Google Cardboard.

• Exclusive 360 video files for Cardboard or smartphone.

• Stream, download and get notification for the new movies.

• Listen to the spatial audio with the VR app.

• Compatible with Daydream headset.


Google Arts and Culture

• Discover collections curated by experts from the most famous museums.

• Enjoy the arts and culture with Google cardboard viewer.

• Have a virtual tour for the most famous museums and visit iconic landmarks.

• Share the masterpieces and the great collections to friends within VR app.

• What is more, you can learn something new every day.

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Google Arts and Culture

Jaunt VR

• Download free Jaunt VR app and watch over 150 premium and cinematic experience.

• Get into some football games just as you have taken part in.

• Experience spectacular adventures by employing 360-degree stereoscopic imagery.

• Enjoy noteworthy music experience with a comparable headset.

• Provides some must-see content in the VR application.

Jaunt VR

Discovery VR

• Best VR app to explore new places, characters, and ideas.

• Save 360 videos to playlist; download and stream 360 videos.

• Pick up to the point where you left off with Continue watching.

• Support Oculus rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Google Daydream and more.

• Watch Exclusive content from your favorite shows.

Discovery VR

Ryot VR

• VR Videos about cultures around whole world, with perspectives, religions and cultures.

• Get a growing library of 360 videos and virtual reality videos.

• Stream films using Google cardboard or upload them directly.

• Cool and information video with cool features from the VR app.

• It should be a VR APK to tour the world with different cultures.

Ryot VR


• The VR app takes tour to the world, stand on Mars, get married and anything in your dream.

• Produces some fantastic pieces of photography in Virtual-reality effect.

• Immerse you into the center of the composition to enjoy the VR files.

• Works with Google Cardboard as well as other smartphone VR viewers.

• Crack up the sound and use the headphone to enjoy audio in high quality.

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FullDive VR

• Get VR content shared by different users and navigation platform.

• Browse and view a new generation of media files, such as 3D or 360 photos.

• Support different YouTube channel files, 3D YouTube, 360 YouTube or 2D/3D player.

• Enjoy VR Store, Market and launcher, which browse for new apps and access all VR application.

• Compatible with Google Cardboard, Daydream headset and other Virtual Reality viewer.

Download from Google Play Store
FullDive VR


• Join immerse virtual trip all around the world in virtual reality.

• Enjoy the VR expeditions with virtual device without Wi-Fi connection.

• Explore the collections of 360 and 3D images while pointing out interesting points.

• It is suitable for guide class connected users from your phone or tablet.

• The VR app provides a growing list of over 200 expeditions, integrated with description, talking points and questions.

Download from App Store

VR Sniper

• VR Sniper is a VR app game for breathtaking tension in the riflescope.

• Using a game pad together with VR headset to use the VR app.

• Enjoy VR without a big screen and steady hands, and no additional controller is required.

• Provides good graphic with realistic movements of enemies and scenes.

• Compatible with Google Cardboard, Fibrum, Dive, Homido, Zeiss One and more other VR viewers.

VR Sniper

GoPro VR

• Trim videos, create short clips and grab a still photo for sharing with the VR app.

• Post videos and photos to Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites.

• Auto-upload to the cloud and access the photos and videos in cloud service anytime.

• Get your hero5 footage on your phone, record your footage and know your body well.

• Access full remote control of all functions, easy adjust settings, start and stop recording and more other functions.

Download from Google Play Store Download from App Store
GoPro VR


• It is the best VR app for organize and share photos with more than 2 million users.

• The intuitive organizing that sort more than 1000 photos per album.

• Share album to Facebook, Twitter, privately with friends or family.

• Get hundreds of photos from an event, and want an easy way to share the files.

• Snappy photo browsing, which has super fast and simple design, or with Calendar view and smart slider.

Download from Google Play Store Download from App Store

YouTube VR

• Watch the standard video in a virtual reality experience as 3D 360-degree video.

• Experience spatial audio, where depth and distance play a role depending on your look.

• Search for the YouTube VR content from the VR application with microphone.

• Enjoy a lean back experience to make video stay front and center.

• View the subscription, playlist, watch history and other information with ease.

Download from Google Play Store
YouTube VR

InCell VR

• InCell VR is another action and racing VR game app with a bit strategy.

• It should be the best project to make acquaintance with Cardboard VR.

• Enjoy the virtual reality with Google Cardboard and other VR viewers or without.

• The program is compatible with Viewer master, Fibrum, Homido, and other headset.

• Access to the VR world mixed in a rare and high unusual human cell.

Download from Google Play Store Download from App Store
InCell VR

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