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Things You Should Know about iMovie Update

I recently update my iMovie version from 10.1.1 to 10.1.3 in Mac App Store. Now, evertime I open the new version it keeps crashing after one second. Then I receive a pop-up problem report screen stating iMovie quit unexpectedly. I also have reviewed other comments that states the same problem. Is there any way to fix the iMovie crashes?
iMovie Crashes

iMovie Crashes

iMovie is a very popular video editing program for Mac and iOS users. It offers you a better way to enjoy videos and tell stories like never before. However, there are many problems in iMoive, especially the 10.1.3 version. Many users complained the iMovie crashes problem. Don't worry. We will show you how to fix iMovie keeps crashing issue. If you are trapped in this situation, you can keep reading to find the ways to get out of iMovie crashes.

Part 1. Upgrade iMovie version to fix iMovie crashes

Fix iMovie Crashes

New iMovie update (10.1.6) for macOS through the Mac App Store consists of a few bug fixes and improvements. You can free update iMovie to solve the iMovie keeps crashes issue. Upgrading iMovie version can be the best way to fix iMovie crashes.

Part 2. Helpful answer to fix iMovie crashes

If you don't want to make your iMovie update, you can use the second way to fix iMovie keeps crashing. It is a net friend's helpful answer to fix iMovie crashes.

1Click on finder at the lower left corner.

2Click "GO" on the upper side of the screen.

3You will see a drop down menu. Press and hold the "alt-option" key on the bottom left side of your keyboard. "Library" will appear on the "GO" drop-down menu. Only press on the "alt-option" key on your keyboard, you will get the word "Library". Keep pressing the "alt-option" key and then click on "Library" on the drop-down menu.

4When you enter the folders, locate the folder named "Containers" and Click on it.

5After that, you will get another screen with folders. You need to find the "Com.Apple.Imovie app" folder. This is the folder "to my understanding" has to be deleted. Drag it to the trash bin. Emptying the trash bin and deleting the file is recommended to confirm the operation.

Part 3. Fix iMovie crashes by using iMovie alternative

Maybe the best way to fix iMovie crashes issue thoroughly is to get another "iMovie". Various video editing tools on the internet can help you do all kinds of editings on video. Here we sincerely recommend the professional Mac Video Converter Ultimate to help you do that job. Multiple features are designed in this powerful video editor. iMovie can be replaced by it to fix the iMovie crashes issue. You can free download it and have a try.

Mac Video Converter Ultimate is the professional video editor tool to help you customize video effects and enhance video quality.

Check how to use Video Converter Ultimate:

In this article, we mainly talk about the iMovie crashes problem. We tell you three ways to fix iMovie keeps crashing. Hope you can handily edit your video after reading this post.

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