5 Easy Ways to Back up iPhone Notes and Texts

If you like to use the Notes app to capture a quick thought, create checklists, sketch ideas, sign a document, etc., remember to make a backup for important data. This article collects 5 effective ways to help you to backup notes from iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4.


For iOS users, iPhone Notes is a simple and popular app. This app can help you to create new notes, customize the folders, scan texts, add photo/video attachments, etc. Whether you need to keep a journal, make a study list, or take notes for work, this app allows you to record and view them anytime. However, some users have reported that they are experiencing iPhone malfunctions and damage that prevents them from viewing their notes, as well as accidental deletion of notes. In this case, making a backup for iPhone notes and texts is very important. To prevent data loss, you can learn 5 easy ways to back up iPhone notes and texts from this article. Keep reading and choose one way to save your important notes now!

Backup iPhone Notes

Part 1. Move Notes from iPhone to Computer for Backup

Notes for iPhone can help us take notes anywhere and anytime, which is very convenient. However, checking iPhone notes is not very important, especially if you keep many attachments (photos, videos). Fortunately, you can try professional software to copy notes to computer. Aiseesoft iOS Data Backup and Restore is an all-in-one tool to back up almost all data for your iOS device. It can transfer your iPhone notes, texts, messages, call history, photos, videos, and more to your computer. Besides, it also can selectively restore data to your iPhone or computer. And it will cause any data loss during the backup and restore process. Free download it on your Windows or Mac computer now!

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Follow here to backup iPhone notes to computer.

Step 1:
Install and run the software on your desktop. Select the iOS Data Backup & Restore mode.
iOS Data Backup and Restore Interface
Step 2:
Connect your iPhone to this computer and click the iOS Date Backup option.
iOS Data Backup Mode
Step 3:
Select Standard or Encrypted backup and click Start.
Start to Backup
Step 4:
Tick Notes & Attachments. Then, click Next to transfer your iPhone notes.
Tick Notes and Attachments
Step 5:
Finally, you will be asked to enter the passcode on your iPhone to trust the computer and start a backup.
Backup iPhone Notes Success

As you can see, you can back up notes and texts to computer in a few clicks. Meanwhile, you can also use the program to back up photos, contacts, etc. And the process is the same as the Notes transferring.

Part 2. Back up iPhone Notes to iCloud

If you purchased a series of Apple products, you could easily view and rewrite notes and texts on those devices by enabling iCloud. Once you use iCloud to sync Notes, you can simultaneously view, edit, share, and collaborate from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Backup iPhone Notes iCloud

Get the steps below to back up iPhone notes to iCloud.

Step 1:
Open Settings on iPhone. Tap your Apple ID.
Step 2:
Tap iCloud. Go to Show All to select the app using iCloud.
Step 3:
Find Notes and tap it. Then, enable Sync this iPhone.

Now, your iPhone notes will sync to iCloud automatically.

iCloud backup provides 5GB of free storage for iPhones only. Upgrade the iCloud storage to save more notes if your data is more than 5GB.

Part 3. Copy iPhone Notes to Gmail for Backup

Besides iCloud, it is also a great way to sync notes and texts using Gmail on iPhone. You can add a Gmail account to sync the notes. And the free storage is up to 15GB, including your emails, attachments, photos, documents, etc.

Backup iPhone Notes Gmail

Read the following steps to back up iPhone notes to Gmail.

Step 1:
Open Settings. Scroll down to find and tap Notes.
Step 2:
Tap Add Account to select Google. Then, follow the instructions to add your Gmail account.
Step 3:
After adding, select Gmail on your accounts. Then, turn Notes on.

After that, all the iPhone notes can be found on your Gmail account.

The Google account provides 15GB of storage space, but this storage space is shared with your Gmail account and Google Drive.

Part 4. Back up iPhone Notes to Google Drive

For some users, Google Drive is another easy way to backup and manage notes and files on an iPhone. If you download the Google Drive app, you can try it to sync your various notes. Moreover, Google Drive also provides a Cloud service, allowing you to check iPhone notes with a web browser.

Backup iPhone Notes Google Drive

Here are quick steps to back up iPhone notes to Google Drive.

Step 1:
Open Notes on your iPhone.
Step 2:
Select the note you want to sync. Next, you can tap the Share icon in the top right corner.
Step 3:
Find and tap More to select Drive. Then, follow the introduction to get it done.

After syncing, you can also check these notes on Android using the same Google account.

Part 5. Back up iPhone Notes with iTunes/Finder

The last way to move iPhone notes and texts is by using iTunes. Nowadays, iTunes is still available on Windows. But it cannot run on macOS Catalina or later. Instead, you can use Finder on Mac to back up your contacts, messages, videos, music etc. However, it is not a recommended way since iTunes will make a full backup of your iPhone and store it on this computer, including Notes. And the backup process is very slow.

Backup iPhone Notes Windows iTunes

For Windows users, follow here to back up iPhone notes to PC.

Step 1:
Connect iPhone to computer. Open iTunes with the latest version.
Step 2:
iTunes will detect your iPhone automatically. Then, click the iPhone icon and select Summary.
Step 3:
Select the checkbox of This computer. Finally, click Back Up Now to start syncing notes to computer with iTunes.
Backup iPhone Notes to Mac Finder

For macOS users, follow here to back up iPhone notes to Mac.

Step 1:
Connect iPhone to Mac. Click the Finder icon.
Step 2:
Locate your device on the left side. Check Back up all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac.
Step 3:
Finally, click Apply to sync the notes and files backup.

Part 6. FAQs of Backing up iPhone Notes

Are iPhone Notes deleted forever?

No. The deleted notes just be moved to a Recently Deleted folder. And you can recover the archived notes on your iPhone again.

Why did my notes disappear on my iPhone?

It may be that you deleted the notes accidentally. Besides, it may be your Notes app occurs some issues or glitches.

How to save notes on your iPhone?

Usually, the notes you create on your iPhone can be saved automatically. You can open Notes and write your notes directly. Then, it can be saved on your iPhone.

Can you share iPhone notes to Messages?

Yes. You can share your notes to Messages directly. Find the note you want to share first. Then, tap the Share icon. Finally, tap the Messages app to select a contact you want to send notes.


This article shares 5 different ways to make a backup for iPhone notes. You can transfer notes to computer with iTunes, Finder, or a professional tool. And you can also sync iPhone notes using iCloud, Gmail, and Google Drive. Each way has detailed steps to back up your notes. Just pick out one way according to your need. If you have other questions about backing up iPhone notes and texts, comment here.

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