4 Effective Ways to Convert Image to JPG with the Highest Quality for Free

September 23, 2022Gerald Christian

Best choices for digital photography and compatibility are some of the reasons why users convert images to JPG. Every time you take a snap with a digital camera, phone, or even screenshots, they are all in the format of JPG because it is a standard format and relatively small with a high-quality output. Yet, there are times that the image we have downloaded, saved, or taken a snap of isn't in JPG. The best way to take all of the advantages of JPEG or JPG is to convert. Learn the best approaches to doing it by reading this blog thoroughly!

Convert Images to JPG

Part 1. How to Convert Image to JPG on Windows and Mac [Online & Offline]

1. Aiseesoft Free Image Converter Online

Doesn't like the idea of downloading a converter on your desktop to convert photos to JPG? If that's the case, the best converter you can use on the web is the Aiseesoft Free Image Converter Online. Its efficiency in converting images into a new format became the root cause of why we added it. During converting, you will not have a problem with the ads because they aren't presented here, which makes converting process even better. Follow the inclusive steps after introducing those who want to experience a fast, secure, and easy converting process.

Steps on How to Use the Aiseesoft Free Image Converter Online:

Step 1:
Search the official version of Aiseesoft Free Image Converter Online using your browser to open this online converter.
Step 2:
Before converting, you will need to select the final output, e.g., JPG, PNG, and GIF. It would be best to choose the JPG; after all, you want to convert the file to JPG.
Choose JPG Format as Final Output
Step 3:
Now, upload the image file you want to convert by clicking Add Image. Here, you can upload more than 40 images and convert them as a batch.
Add Image to Convert JPEG
Step 4:
Converting will automatically activate when the files are uploaded; wait for the app to finish the converting. Click Download All to save the exported JPEG images you convert here.
Export Converted Image as JPEG

2. Preview on Mac

If you are a Mac user, you wouldn't need to download a third-party converter since Preview work as a converter. Though the build of this app isn't a converter, it still supports an average popular image format you usually use or encounter when dealing with images more often. It is a free application for Mac, and you can't download a version of this on Windows because it is not supported. So, if you want to know how to convert an image to JPG on Mac using this tool, read the steps.

Preview on Mac

Steps on How to Use the Preview on Mac:

Step 1:
Open your Mac and the image you want to convert in Preview.
Step 2:
On the upper menu, click File and choose Export.
Step 3:
On the pop-up menu, click Format, and choose the final output you want to have.
Step 4:
After you select the output format, click OK to create a duplicate version of the image as JPG or JPEG.

Part 2. How to Convert Image to JPG on iPhone and Android

1. The Image Converter on iOS

The Image Converter on iOS is a straightforward converter you can download to convert iPhone photos to JPG. Besides JPG, you can also convert images to PNG, GIF, PSD, BMP, EPS, and more efficiently with this converter. Since iPhone uses HEIC, you can convert HEIC to a JPG or into the other output format this app supports. This app doesn't offer much more than converting, which means that this is an image converter. So, if you want to learn how this tool works as an image converter, then follow the listed steps.

Image Converter on IOS

Steps on How to Use The Image Converter on iOS:

Step 1:
Search the version of it on Appstore, and click Get, then Install. After the installation, click Open to launch the converter on your iPhone.
Step 2:
On the main interface, click Photo, and search for the image you want to convert into a JPG. You are allowed only to access pictures that are on Photos and Album.
Step 3:
After you click the image, options appear on your screen; tap the .JPG JPG Image. As you can see, there is a star next to it, which indicates that this is the most commonly used output format for the images.

2. JPEG Converter - PNG/GIF to JPEG

How to convert an image to JPG? The best way to transform your image is by downloading JPEG Converter - PNG/GIF to JPEG in Playstore. It is one of the apps that Android users download to convert their pictures into a new format. This app is a dedicated image converter that exports all images into a JPEG. Also, when you upload images that support 1-bit transparency and convert them here, they will automatically turn them into a white background. Unlike other converters you can download, you can only input a limited format, such as PNG, GIF, and BMP. So, if you want to learn how this application works on converting the format, you can follow the steps added.

JPEG Converter PNG GIF to JPEG

Steps on How to Use the JPEG Converter - PNG/GIF to JPEG:

Step 1:
Download the converter on your Android device by searching the official version of it on Playstore.
Step 2:
Open the tool after downloading it, click Load a Photo, and Allow the app to access your images; select the image you want to convert by clicking it.
Step 3:
Press Save as JPEG to download the video you've selected to convert.

3. Image Converter - PNG/JPG/JPEG

Image Converter - PNG/JPG/JPEG is another application you can download on Android to transform images to JPG without losing quality. Here, you can upload PNG images and convert them into PDF, GIF, PNG, BMP, and WebP. With it, the converted files are automatically saved to your gallery, can be shared easily, and edit the output name based on your preferences. In the app's newest update, a camera is added, a cropping feature, and it is fully supported on Android 12 and up. So, if you want to try using this converter, you can follow the steps we include below.

Image Converter PNG JPG JPEG

Steps on How to Use the Image Converter - PNG/JPG/JPEG:

Step 1:
Get the app on the Playstore, search its name, and press Install to have it.
Step 2:
Open the Image Convert, and let the app access your photos; click Single Image to upload one image, or you can click Multiple Images to upload a bunch of them. After selecting the conversion type you want, you can capture the image in real-time and pick a picture on docs or Gallery. All of these works fine for importing images.
Step 3:
Choose the image format you want to have, such as JPG. Then tap the check icon to process the file.

Part 3. FAQs on How to Convert Images to JPG

Can I make JPEG transparent?

Unfortunately, you can't change the bit-rate into 1-bit transparency, like what you can get on PNG. But if you convert the JPEG into a PNG, your image can be turned transparent, especially if the background is plain color.

What happens to the converted images to JPG?

The file extension is changed, and now that the format is in JPG, you have the advantage of a JPEG file. Now that you have converted the image into a JPEG try to tweak and edit the JPEG image to make it looks amazingly beautiful by adding filters and effects using your favorite image editors, like Photoshop and GIMP.

Does converting the image file to JPG make the image worse?

No, it doesn't; however, some converters don't reproduce the same high-quality image to JPEG. If the exported JPEG image lost its quality during the conversion, you'd better improve the JPEG image quality to return to the former glory of your image.


This article shares the most effective ways on how to save an image as a JPEG by converting it. Fortunately, altering the photos into a JPEG is easier today than before because of the converters you can use on the market. If you want to accomplish it, you are in the right place. To help other people, you can share this with them, so they know how converting their images into a new format like JPEG or JPG makes everything better. Do you have other suggestions or side comments concerning this topic? If that's the case, you can share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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