Top 5 Methods to Convert WebM to GIF

The internet runs on memes, and memes thrive on GIFs. Its seamless loop, vibrant colors, and ability to capture a moment's essence make GIF a digital storytelling powerhouse. What if your desired GIF material is trapped in a WebM file? How to convert WebM to GIF? This guide unveils five potent methods to convert your WebM video to an animated GIF file that will mesmerize and delight you.

Convert WebM to GIF

Part 1. Convert WebM to GIF with High Quality on Your Computer

WebM is an open-source, royalty-free video format that Google develops. It is designed for efficient online video delivery and can be supported by most modern browsers. WebM's strength lies in longer videos with audio, but for quick visual snippets, GIFs are often preferred. First, we would like to recommend the all-featured Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate for you to turn WebM into a GIF with enhanced quality.

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Convert WebM to GIF Directly

Step 1.
Download the WebM to GIF converter software on your computer. Open it and click Add Files to import your WebM video(s) under the Converter tab. It lets you convert multiple WebM files to GIFs in one go.
Step 2.
Select GIF from the drop-down menu of Output Format. Click Custom Profile to adjust frame rate, resolution, quality, and other options as needed. During this step, you can enable Loop Animation and Correct the video resolution automatically. Then, click Convert All to initiate the WebM to GIF conversion process. The converted GIF will be saved in the output folder you specified.
Convert WebM to GIF VCU Mac

If desired, use the built-in editing tools to cut, crop, or add effects to your video before conversion. The WebM to GIF converter will enable NVIDIA, Intel, or AMD hardware acceleration to guarantee a fast conversion speed.

Cut WebM Video Before Conversion

Convert WebM to GIF Using Its GIF Maker

Step 1.
Launch Video Converter Ultimate, click More Tools and choose GIF Maker. This built-in video creator tool allows you to make animated GIFs from video clips and image files.
Choose GIF Make VCU Mac
Step 2.
Choose Video to GIF to transform your WebM videos into GIFs. In the pop-up window, locate the WebM file and click Open to load it. The imported video will be played automatically. You can see Edit, Cut, and other options under the preview window. Click Edit to cut, crop, rotate, merge, add watermarks, apply effects, and more.
Edit Video to Create GIF
Step 3.
Customize the output GIF size and frame rate. Tick the box ahead of Loop Animation and click Preview to ensure it looks as you intended. Select your desired destination folder to store the created GIF. After that, click Generate GIF to convert your WebM video into a GIF.
Convert Video to GIF Mac GIF Maker

Part 2. Change WebM to Animated GIFs with Ezgif Online

For the quickest and easiest solution, online converters are your digital genie. These intuitive platforms require minimal technical knowledge and get the job done in a few clicks. This part tells how to convert WebM to GIF using the popular online GIF converter, Ezgif.

Ezgif is a free online tool that offers a versatile suite of features for creating, editing, and converting files, including animated GIFs. It's a popular choice for quick and straightforward conversions without downloading any software.

Step 1.
When you reach the Ezgif official website, click Video to GIF to access its online converter. Ezgif's user-friendly interface lets you upload your WebM from your computer, Google Drive, or even directly via URL.
Ezgif Video to GIF Online Converter
Step 2.
Once uploaded, you can trim the desired section. Set the start and end times to specify how long the GIF should be in seconds. Adjust the frame rate and control the output GIF size before converting. Plus, you can select a preferred method like FFMPEG to better generate GIFs.
WebM GIF Online Free Ezgif
Step 3.
Once you are satisfied with the settings, click the blue Convert to GIF button to start the conversion process. After the conversion is complete, Ezgif will display a preview of the GIF. Click the Save button to download the generated GIF to your device.

Part 3. Free Way to Transform WebM to GIF Using CloudConvert

CloudConvert is another famous online file converter that can help you convert WebM to GIF. It converts hundreds of file types beyond WebM to GIF. CloudConvert offers an individual WebM to GIF Converter for you to make the GIF conversions online.

Step 1.
Visit the CloudConvert WebM to GIF Converter page. Click Select File and choose the WebM file you want to convert from your device. Also, you can drag and drop it onto the designated area or import it from cloud storage services.
CloudConvert WebM to GIF Converter Online
Step 2.
Ensure the output format is GIF and click the Convert button. Before conversion, you can trim the video, adjust the speed of the GIF animation, change the dimensions of the GIF to make it smaller or larger and customize the GIF aspect ratio, resolution, and more. Once the conversion is complete, click the green Download button to save the created GIF.
WebM GIF Online CloudConvert

Part 4. Convert WebM to GIF with Free Video Converter Online

Aiseesoft Free Video Converter Online converts over 300 video and audio formats, including WebM to GIF. Besides WebM, it also lets you create animated GIFs from video clips in other formats, such as FLV, MP4, MOV, AVI, and more. During the WebM to GIF conversions, you are allowed to adjust frame rate, resolution, and more. The converted GIF won't have any watermarks or quality degradation.

Aiseesoft Free Video to GIF Converter Online

Click Upload File and select the WebM file from your computer. Click the Video tab and select GIF from the list of options. Set your preferred resolution, zoom mode, and frame rate. Then, click the Save button to begin the online WebM to GIF conversion.

Convert WebM to GIF Online Aiseesoft

Part 5. Turn Your WebM Videos to Animated GIFs Using GIPHY

GIPHY is a massive online platform and search engine dedicated to GIFs. It offers a user-friendly tool to convert videos to GIFs, including those in WebM format. GIPHY also has mobile apps for you to browse, download, and create animated GIFs on your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

GIPHY Create
Step 1.
Visit the GIPHY website and click the Create button located in the top navigation bar. Click Choose File in the GIF option and add your WebM file.
Step 2.
Use the slider or manually enter the start and end times to choose the portion of the video you want to turn into a GIF. Click Continue to Create. If you want, you can personalize your GIF by adding captions or stickers using the tools provided. Change the font, color, and placement of text captions. Add filters to adjust the visual style of the GIF. Set the loop type as normal or reverse. After that, click the Download button.
Convert WebM to GIF GIPHY

Part 6. FAQs of How to Convert WebM Videos to Animated GIFs

Can WebM be animated?

No, WebM itself is not an animation format. It's a video format designed for efficient online video delivery, similar to MP4. However, WebM can contain animations, just like MP4 can.

Is WebM the same as GIF?

No, WebM and GIF are not the same, although they both serve similar purposes at times. WebM is a video container format designed for online video delivery. While GIF if an image format designed for animation and short, looping visuals.

Can you play WebM videos on your PC?

Most modern operating systems and media players come with built-in support for playing WebM videos. However, if you are having trouble, there are many additional player options available, such as VLC, PotPlayer, GOM Player, and more.


With the five methods in your arsenal, you are ready to make the WebM-to-GIF conversion. Remember, the key lies in finding the approach that best suits your needs and unleashing your creativity to craft GIFs that will captivate and entertain.

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