Mirror iPhone Selfies: How to Take a Mirrored Selfie on iPhone Easily

Does the iPhone un-flip or mirror selfies? Yes. But you might not even be aware that the front camera on your iPhone flips photos when capturing the images. You might find some Android phones capture mirrored selfies, which means you look at your photos just like in a mirror. But iPhone takes the flipped images automatically, which is the same way others look at you. If you feel strange about the mirrored selfie on your iPhone, you should know how to take selfies without flipping with the 4 different scenarios.

iPhone Mirror Selfie

Part 1: How to Mirror Selfie on iPhone via Settings

Just change the settings and activate the mirror front camera when you need to change the mirror selfie features on iPhone, which is available to iOS 14 or above versions. Learn more details about the process below.

Step 1:
Navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down to find the Camera option and tap to enter the specific settings page, you can adjust the captured images accordingly.
Step 2:
In the Composition section, you can toggle the Mirror Front Camera feature to mirror selfies on the iPhone. Then, you can check whether the front camera will flip or mirror your selfies.
iPhone Settings Camera

Part 2: How to mirror selfies after capturing

When you have already taken the selfies, you also have ways to transform them to mirror selfies. Photos app is the built-in solution to edit or mirror iPhone selfies. You can simply change the selfie to mirror or flip forms. Despite the way you take it

Step 1:
Open the Photos app on your iPhone and tap the Edit icon in the upper right corner of the phone when you have chosen the selfie image you want to edit.
Step 2:
You will see the tools at the bottom and now select the Crop controls icon to enter. You can find a toolbar above the photo with two different options, Flip and Rotate.
Step 3:
Tap the Flip icon in the upper left corner if you want to mirror the selfie photo that has been taken as a flip one. Tap the Done button to save the changes accordingly.
Flip Selfie On Photos

Part 3: How to Mirror Selfie on iPhone with Photo Express

Besides the built-in methods to mirror selfies on iPhone, you can also use some professional camera apps or photo editors, like Adobe Photoshop Express. Moreover, you can also touch up the blemish, enlarge files, and do makeup directly.

Step 1:
Open Adobe Photoshop Express on your iPhone after downloading the photo editor from App Store. You are required to grant some permission to use the tool.
Step 2:
Select the selfie from iPhone you want to mirror and you will find the Crop icon from the bottom toolbar. Tap the tool and choose the Rotate tab. Select the Flip Horizontal option to flip the selfie.
Step 3:
Tap the Share icon in the upper-right corner of the photo and select the Camera Roll at the bottom. Then, you can see the mirror iPhone selfie in your Photos app.
Crop Rotate Flip

Part 4: The Best Method to Mirror Selfie on iPhone

When you have difficulty finding the optimal position to take a selfie, mirror the iPhone selfie, a broken front camera of the iPhone, or edit the selfie with advanced filters, Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is a versatile toolkit to mirror the iPhone screen to a PC. Moreover, you can also connect multiple mobile devices with the latest operating systems like iOS 17, Android 12, etc.

Phone Mirror


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Part 5: FAQs about How to Mirror iPhone Selfies

Why does the iPhone camera flip the selfie?

When you take a selfie with iPhone's front camera, it will capture a mirrored selfie on iPhone, which is just what we look at ourselves in the mirror. But when you tap the Capture button, the photo will be unflipped. So the photo you save in the Camera Roll is not how the camera shows.

How do you take a mirror selfie on Instagram?

If your phone is not iOS 14, you can take a mirror selfie on Instagram. Open your Instagram on the iPhone, and tap the plus icon to create a post. Choose Story to open the camera and select the camera icon at the bottom right to flip the front camera. Tap the shutter button to take a selfie.

How can I un-flip selfies with Photo Flipper?

Open the app on your iPhone and tap the Camera icon to access your phone's Camera. Tap the Capture button to take the selfie. After that, the iPhone-mirrored selfie will be saved to your Camera Roll. You can use it to flip or mirror the photo with this app after you have captured it.


Those methods above are useful for you to flip selfies on your iPhone. If you want to flip them right away while capturing, you can use the Camera app from the Settings. But if you have already taken the photos, the editing tool in the Photos app or an Adobe Photoshop Express can be helpful.

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