How Do I Crop and Resize A Picture for Free?

Sometimes I really like a picture and want to use it as the background of my PPT or the phone cover. However, this image may have a few black lines on the corners or some parts that I don't need. Had no idea how to fix the issue.

Maybe many of you have met with the problem above. Actually, you can crop the picture so that the parts you don't want can be removed. Moreover, the size of it can also be edited to be bigger or smaller with some picture processing methods. In this article, we will recommend you 7 ways to crop a picture both on your computer and phone.

Crop Pictures

Crop Pictures

Part 1. How to crop a picture online?

There are many online cropping sites like BeFunky,LunaPic, etc. Most of them have similar usage. Here we will give you a simple introduction to online photo cropping method. Let's take BeFunky for example.

Go to you will directly enter the crop interface. Follow 3 steps and you will finish cropping a picture online. 1 load, 2 crop, 3 save. Done!

Befunky Crop

Most online ways are simple and fast, as long as you are connected to a stable network. Once you don't have a fast network, cropping pictures online would become a trouble. You can do nothing but wait. For more powerful and stable ways, please read on.

Step 1 Download HEIC Converter

Part 2. How to crop images by Photoshop?

When it comes to the picture editing software, Photoshop has been regarded as a basic but important one. We will show you the concrete steps about how to crop an image by Photoshop in this part.

Method 1. Crop images on fixed ratio

Step 1 Click File> Open and open an image on the Photoshop.

Open an Image

Step 2 Click the crop tool on the left toolbox menu.

Crop Tool

Step 3 Set your aspect ratio on the Options Bar.

You just need to right-click the Crop button and choose Reset Tool.

Set Ratio Convert HEIC to JPEG

Then, you can choose the aspect ratio you like.

Choose Aspect Ratio

Step 4 Click the Crop button and you can crop your pictures on fixed ratio.

Fixed Ratio

If you want to crop your images freely without the fixed ratio, Photoshop can also realize it.

In Step 3, set your aspect ratio on the Options Bar' and choose No Registration'.

Crop Images

To crop the part you want, you just need to click the eight handles and drag them to the direction you want.

Drag Corner

The method above can meet with your different needs when you want to crop an image with Photoshop. However, many people still think that Photoshop may be a little difficult or complex for them to crop a photo. In this situation, what can you do?

Besides the Photoshop, we also prepare other methods to crop your pictures without the help of any third-party software. You just need to do the operation with your computer or phone itself. If you want to learn these simple methods, the following content may help you.

Part 3. How to crop a picture on computer (Mac & Windows)

Actually, there are tons of photo-editing applications on your computer to crop a photo with ease, both for the Windows and Mac. You have no need to download some other third-party software. Below, we will put together these concrete methods to crop pictures on both Windows and the Mac computers.

How to crop pictures on Windows.

Method 1. Use 'Paint' software

The pre-installed software named 'Paint' can resize your photos or picture so that the pictures can be cropped. The concrete steps are as below.

Step 1 Click the Search' and type Paint' to open the Paint software.

Open the Paint Software

Step 2 Click File'> Open to open the picture you want to crop.

Open Image

Step 3 Click Resize and choose Pixels. Then you can type the size you want of the picture.

Click Resize

Method 2. Use Microsoft software

Many Windows computers have installed the Microsoft software. Do you know that with Microsoft software, you can also crop your pictures? Here we will introduce you the steps.

Step 1 Click Insert > Picture to open the image in the Microsoft Word.

Click Insert

Step 2 Choose the picture that you want to crop.

Step 3 Click the Crop button on the top right menu and you can drag the four corner handles to crop your picture.

Crop Picture

After cropping, you can save your picture as a new one. Sounds so simple!

How to crop pictures on Mac

Maybe many of you are using Mac computer and it can also crop your photos with its own software named Photos.

Step 1 Click Finder> Applications>Photos.

Step 2 Double-click the photo you want to crop and click the Edit button on the top right menu.

Step 3 Choose Crop and then you can crop your images by dragging four handles on the corner.


We have recommended you three different methods to crop your pictures with Windows or Mac computer. In the last part, methods about how to crop photos on your phone will be introduced in details.

Part 4. How do I crop photos on my phone (iPhone &Android)

On iPhone

Step 1 Launch Photos app on your iPhone and open the photo you want to crop.

Step 2 Click Edit on the top right menu.

Step 3 Choose Crop button on the bottom.

Choose Crop button on the bottom

Step 4 Now you can crop your photos by dragging four handles and rotate it as you like.

Rotate Picture

After those operations, you need to click Done to save your picture.

On Android

Step 1 Open Camera on your Android phone.

Step 2 Choose the picture you want to crop and chick the Edit on the bottom.

Choose Edit On Android

Step 3 Click Adjustment button on the left bottom.

Click Adjustment Button

Step 4 You can crop your photos now.

Crop Photos

Don't forget to choose "APPLY" to save your images after cropping.

In this article, we recommend you 7 different methods to crop an image both on computer as well as the phone, online and offline. With those methods, you can crop pictures only with computer or phone easily with or without the third-party software.

Have you known all methods? Which one is your favorite? Please common below.

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