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How to Find My iPhone from PC/Mac/Apple Watch and More

A lot of people buy iPhone, because Apple introduces many features into the smart device to protect your privacy. Sometimes, you may find that your iPhone is not in your pocket. The chances are that you may have forgotten taking it, or left it at your friend's home or at the shop.

If you are not sure as where your iPhone could be, tracking location can help you to find it quickly.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you the easiest ways to track "find my iPhone" on PC, Mac, another iOS device, or Apple Watch.

Track Find My iPhone

Track Find My iPhone

Part 1: Find my iPhone from PC

iCloud's Find My iPhone feature is pretty powerful. Once you set it up on your iPhone, you can find your iPhone from PC at any time. Bear in mind that this way requires you to enable the Find My iPhone option and your iPhone is online.

Find an iPhone that is offline

Step 1 Run your web browser, input into the address bar and press the Enter key to open the sign-in page.

Step 2 Log in your Apple ID and password that associated on your lost iPhone to access the home page of iCloud.

Step 3 Click the Find My iPhone option to open the next page, and then expand the drop-down list on top of the window. You will be presented all iOS devices related to the account. Select your iPhone name and sign in your password again.

Step 4 Then your iPhone will show up as a green dot on the map. Hit the green dot, and then a dialog will pop up with three options, Play Sound, Lost Mode, and Erase iPhone.

Step 5 If your iPhone is online, choose Play Sound to locate your device. The Lost Mode allows you to send a message to person who finds your iPhone, and hopefully get your device back.

Note: To find your iPhone offline, you have to enable both Find My iPhone and Send Last Location on your device.

Part 2: Track an iPhone on Mac

Sometimes, people did not turn on Find My iPhone. Is that means you cannot find your device on Mac?

The answer depends on your conditions.

In fact, Google has added Find your phone section to the My Account service. If you have set up your Google account on your iPhone, this way can help you track iPhone location on Mac computer simply.

Find my iphone mac

Step 1 Visit Google's My Account page ( in your browser and sign in the Google account that you set up on your iPhone.

Step 2 Select "Print Selected I

Step 3 Go to the Find your phone section, and you will see the name of your iPhone. Press the name to get the several suggestions, Find and lock your iPhone, Try calling your phone, and more.

Step 4 Firstly, try to call your iPhone and you can find it quickly if the device is nearby. The Find and lock your iPhone option will lead you to

Part 3: Find my iPhone via another iOS device

The Family Sharing feature on iPhone permits your family members to find where your iPhone is. In addition, Apple also launched a service, called Find My Friends, which is an easier way to track an iPhone on another iOS device.

Find my friends

Step 1 First of all, download the Find My Friends app on your iPhone and your friend's iOS device. Open the app on your iPhone and enable Share My Location from the Settings screen.

Step 2 Open the iOS device of your friends, go to the Control Center, turn on AirDrop and make it discoverable to Everyone.

Step 3 Return to Find My Friends app on your iPhone, tap the Add button, choose your friend's contact, and touch Share Indefinitely to share your location to your friend.

Step 4 Back to your friend's device and hit Accept when prompted, and complete the rest steps with onscreen instructions and your needs.

Step 5 When you lost your iPhone, simply ask your friends to tap your contact icon in the Find My Friends app, the location of your iPhone will show up in real time.

Note: The Find My Friends app works as long as your iPhone is turned on and connected to Internet.

Part 4: Track iPhone location by Apple Watch

Many iPhone users also own an Apple Watch. It is convenient to receive messages and notifications with the smart watch. Moreover, Apple Watch is another way to find your iPhone using the ping feature.

Find my iphone apple watch

Step 1 Connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone via Bluetooth or the same Wi-Fi network. Go to the lock face screen on your Apple Watch when you cannot find your iPhone.

Step 2 Swipe right until you reach the Settings glance, which is the leftmost screen.

Step 3 Once tap the pinging iPhone button in the bottom left corner, your iPhone will emit a short sound to help you track it. This feature works even if your iPhone is in silent mode.

Step 4 If the ping is not enough to help you track iPhone location, press and hold the pinging iPhone button. The LED light on your iPhone will flash as well as chime.

Note: If your iPhone is not in range of your smart watch, you have to try other methods, like Find My iPhone or Find My Friends.

Part 5: How to find iPhone without Find My iPhone

Have tried all the methods above and still cannot find your iPhone, or did not turn on the Find My iPhone feature? You can take some actions to protect your data:

1. Send a message to your iPhone in the hope that a kind person discovers it and contact you. iPhone will be locked forever if someone enters the wrong password multiple times. So, there are chances to get it back.

2. Reset Apple ID or password associated with your Apple ID. That could prevent others from accessing your account and other services.

3. Access your social network and email accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc. Tell your friends that your iPhone is lost.

4. Call your mobile network provider and report that your phone is lost or stolen, so they will disable or freeze your account.

5. If you have Apple Pay or other mobile payment services, call your back and suspend your credit card. Apple Pay cannot be accessed without your passcode or fingerprint, but it is better to keep safe.

6. The last tip is to report your lost iPhone to the Police.

Even though you cannot find your iPhone, it is possible to get back your data if you use iCloud/iTunes or third party tools to back up iPhone frequently.

Extended reading: Find my iPhone is not the only feature owned by iOS device, Android phone also gets its find my phone. Learn more here: Find My Phone on Android.


iPhone is not only a smart device, but also our best friend. Some people even put their mobile device next to their pillows while they sleep, so it can be imagined how panic people are when they cannot find their iPhone. We shared five efficient methods to find an iPhone from PC, Mac, and other devices.

In fact, some services are available to multiple platforms. Find My iPhone, for example, is able to track an iPhone on PC, Mac and another iOS device.

You can read the requirements of each method and discover the proper way. If you follow our guides, finding my iPhone will be a simple task.

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