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Apple Has Declared a War Against Fifteen Apps

Among various new functions and services released on the Apple developers' conference, the center of attention falls on iOS7 - new operating system of iPhone and iPad. Besides its style of design, multifarious changes are shown up by this latest iOS system. Although most of the new functions have already been realized by the third-party Apps, before long they would fail to draw people's interest to download those Apps, since all the new functionality has been embodied by iOS 7 itself.

Apple Killed Fifteen Apps in iOS 7

Now let us see how many Apps have been killed by iOS 7.

1. If your automobile is compatible enough, you can use your cell phone more conveniently and safely while driving. And that will make mobile Apps about driving a history.

Mobile App

2. AirDrop can be used to transfer files wirelessly between iPhone and iPad, so that applications like Bump will never be needed.

Air Drop

3. So amazing is the New Message application that you will give up WhatsApp sooner or later.

New Message

4. FaceTime Audio has thrashed Apps like Skype and Viber. Now you can use the build-in Apps of iPhone to make a call through Wi-Fi directly.

Apps of iPhone

5. After updated, Apple's new weather App now can offer you more abundant information. It bears a strong resemblance to the favorable Yahoo weather App which Apple's shares the same data source with.

Weather App

6. Passwords management software has been built in Mac OS and iOS devices, so Apps like 1Password and LastPass have to take it as a warning.


7. The 3D Tab of new Safari is so cool and its speed is also much faster than Google and Chrome.

3D Tab of New Safari

8. Filter function added to the new camera makes you reconsider that if there is any need to open Instagram. So go and have a long vacation, those camera Apps.

Filter Function

9. The new calendar App is the optimal combination of Facebook and map, which put the most popular Fantastical into hot water.

Calendar App

10. iBook on the desktop declares a war against Kindle Desktop Reader of Amazon.


11. You do not have to install the third-party App to get back the missing iPhone, because Apple allows you to lock your iPhone remotely. The phone will never be activated unless the thief knows your Apple ID and passwords.


12. iWork of iCloud is in close combat with Google Docs in the field of online working.

iWork of iCloud

13. The button of flashlight is added in the Control Center to save you from downloading another Flashlight App.

Button of Flashlight

14. New version of Album application can automatically generate a photo album based on time and place. Isn't it sort of provocation against Flayvr and Wide Angle?


Now go and discover the changes of your iPhone.

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