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Look Back Released Products at WWDC in Past 10 Years

2013's WWDC came as it was planned. But do you know that that was Apple's 24th WWDC. This year, Apple unveiled a series of brand new software and service such as iOS 7 and iRadio. Meanwhile, here we list WWDC's spectacular events during the past 10 years.


In 2003, Apple launched PowerMac G5 that was called "The Fastest Personal Computer around the World" at that time and was the first Mac supporting 64-bit processor. PowerMac G5 was on market after two months, priced at $1999.Today, Mac Pro still continue with parts of design of PowerMac G5 so as to make it the longest-time use design. Apart from that, Apple also released OS X Panther, Safari 1.0, Xcode, iSight camera and iChat app.

In 2004, OS X 10.4 Tiger was unveiled. At the same time, Apple launched flat-panel display, priced at $3299, with 30-inches size and 2560×1600 resolution. To make it run, user needed extra purchase for $599 Nvidia Geforc 6800 Ultra DDL image display card and PowerMac 55 desktop. Besides, Xcode 2 and OS X 10.1 system of server were brought out.

WWDC 2004

2005's WWDC was the most important one at Apple's history. During that time, Apple changed its strategy in computer business. And developed Intel x86 platform from IBM PowerPC processor so as that developers had to rewrite codes to make software run normally. Since 1994, Apple's computer adopted IBM chip. Apple released QuickTime video software of Windows version that year.

WWDC 2005

At 2006's WWDC, Mac Pro appeared for the first time. That was the sign of Intel's successful presence and the new identity of old PowerMac. The price of the first Mac Pro was $2499 and the pricing strategy continues to use until today. In the meantime, OS X 10.5 Leopard system and Xserve quad-core server were launched at WWDC.

Although the development of Leopard was delayed, in fact Apple was endeavoring to develop iPhone's software package. WWDC in 2007, Safari for Windows came out for the first time. The download of Safari broke through over 1 million after two days of beta release.

The first iPhone didn't support 3G network while most of smart phones on the market could. At WWDC of 2008, iPhone 3G was available. Performance video was played in the conference to show the speed of the device to convocators. At that time, Apple put out synchronous service MobileMe. But it was obliged to shut up because of numerous problems. The replacement was the right iCloud. Plus iOS 2.0 and OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard system were available later.

It was the world of software and hardware at 2009's WWDC. But the big highlight was still the appearance of iPhone 3GS that was the Apple's first "S" mode phone and iOS device capable of recording. The features of copy and paste were offered in iOS 3.0 (named iPhone OS) supporting voice search service. Besides above, Apple released performance video of 13-inch MacBook Pro, Safari 4 and OS X 10.6, as well.

"You can break me if you've seen this before." Said Steve Jobs looking around with iPhone 4 in his hand. However, before two months of 2010's WWDC, some Apple's engineer took the test machine of iPhone 4 to bar and forgot it there. The media exposed iPhone 4 firstly. In spite of this, iPhone 4 became the champion on the market. Meanwhile, Apple launched other things including iAd advertisement platform, Safari 5, FAceTime and iMovie.

WWDC 2010

iCloud appeared in 2011 that was reform version of MobileMe, but free. At the same time OS X 10.7 Lion and iOS 5 mobile system were on the market.

2012's WWDC was not as expected because only MacBook Pro was improved and OS X 10.8 MoutainLion system was released.

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