How to Convert PDF to HTML with PDF to HTML Converter


"How do I take a large PDF, which has an index, linking to subsequent pages, into a similar thing in HTML, be it a single large HTML file with anchors and links, or several smaller HTML files, all linked to from the index file?"
-A guy asked in Adobe forum

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is a great way to display documents that need to be printed, but might be too complex for a web page. Loading a PDF often causes the browser to "hang" while the PDF reader opens, and downloading a PDF often takes longer than viewing a web page because of the larger file size. Overuse of PDFs make web sites less friendly to visitors. Converting PDF to HTML page is an efficient solution to solve this problem.

So what is the best and quickest way to convert a PDF to HTML? The answer is: a PDF to HTML converter.

Aiseesoft PDF to HTML converter is such a professional yet easy to use PDF conversion application that helps you convert PDFs to HTML files while preserving font and formatting. With OCR technology, it even supports converting scanned PDF files to text-based HTML files. It supports converting more than one file at a time and allows you to convert all the PDF files or just the page or pages that you selected.

Step 1Download and install PDF to HTML Converter

Click the download button below to download Aiseesoft PDF converter Ultimate.

Install it on your computer and launch it. You will see the interface as below.

Guide Screen

Step 2Convert PDF to HTML page

As you see, it has a very user-friendly interface. Click "Add File(s)" button. Navigate to the PDF files you'd like to convert in the open window. Select them and click "Open" button. PDFs will be listed in the main panel. You can select the content you need to convert by specifying the pages at the right bottom of the interface. Click "PDF" button to start the PDF to HTML conversion. It will be complete quickly.

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