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Things about Blu-ray DVD Player

With the advent of the age of technology, nearly all products renovate and upgrade at a fast speed. You can see a significant upgrade from the VHS videotape format when DVD was first introduced to consumers in 1996/1997. And now, you can get a more high definition visual experience from Blu-ray. Want to experience breathtakingly lifelike images at home? You need to find a suitable Blu-ray DVD player to help you do that.

What is Blu-ray DVD Player? How to choose Blu-ray DVD Player? What is the difference between Blu-ray and DVD? We will give you a simple introduction of Blu-ray. Moreover, we will introduce with 5 great Blu-ray DVD Players for you to choose from. Just keep reading to find the answers.

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Blu-ray DVD Player

Part 1. What is Blu-ray DVD Player

Even from the literal meaning, you will know that Blu-ray Disc player is a player for BD disc playing. Nowadays, Blu-ray DVD player almost replace the traditional DVD player. Because most Blu-ray DVD players also can play DVDs. The Blu-ray DVD player manufacturers have included the ability for their units to playback standard DVDs. A regular DVD player only has 480p, but Blu-ray DVD player supports 1080p video capabilities. When you load a standard DVD in the Blu-ray DVD player, you can get a standard DVD resolution. Or you are allowed to upscale the DVD playback signal to match 720p/1080p HD or 4K UHD on your HDTV or 4K Ultra HD TV.

Part 2. Must-Have features on Blu-ray DVD Player

Various features are designed on Blu-ray DVD player for giving you a better user experience. So when you want to purchase a BD disc player, you don't know which feature you should pay more attention to. Here we list some important features, you can consult them to select your Blu-ray DVD player.

1. Disc format

Blu-ray DVD player should be capable of playing both BD disc, traditional DVDs, and audio/video, MP3 CDs.

2. 3D capable

Blu-ray DVD player should be combined with a 3D TV as well as 3D glasses.

3. BD-Live

Blu-ray DVD player should have the capability to connect internet to extra online features.

4. Wi-Fi capable

Lots of people search for Blu-ray DVD player with WiFi function, so your BD player should also have this feature.


Digital Living Network Alliance lets Blu-ray DVD player access photos, music, and movies that are saved on other devices.

6. USB and memory card connections

This feature enables Blu-ray DVD player play media files on memory card or USB connected devices.

7. Surround sound

To get a better sound effects, your BD disc player should have Digital Theater Systems surround sound.

Part 3. Must-Have features on Blu-ray DVD Player

After reading the first two parts of this article, you have known what Blu-ray DVD player is and how to choose one. Here we still recommend 5 best Blu-ray DVD players for you to pick. You can get some basic information from those recommends.

Sony - UBP-X800

Reference price: $299


Sony developed Precision HD drive for enhanced playback of most disc types

Support for 4K streaming services

Adjust itself when playing HDR material on an SDR TV to get the best picture possible

Sony Blu-ray DVD Player

Panasonic - DMP-UB900

Reference price: $599


True 4K Ultra HD gives enhanced detail for outstanding images

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Support high dynamic range format

High-resolution audio and 7.1 Channel Audio

Built-in Wi-Fi and DLNA capability

Panasonic Blu-ray DVD Player

Samsung - UBD-K8500

Reference price: $249


True 4K Ultra HD

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

3D technology

Built-in Wi-Fi

Support any popular formats

Samsung Blu-ray DVD Player

LG - UP970

Reference price: $269


True 4K Ultra HD

High dynamic range (HDR)

Dual HDMI outputs

Ethernet and Wi-Fi

LG Blu-ray DVD Player


Reference price: $549


4K UHD Blu-ray and media playback

HDR and HDR to SDR conversion

Reference quality video

Lossless, high-resolution audio

OPPO Blu-ray DVD Player

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Part 4. How to play Blu-ray movies on computer

In case you prefer to play Blu-ray disc/folder and ISO file on computer, here we sincerely recommend the professional Blu-ray Player to help you do that job. You can free download it and have a try.

Blu-ray Player For Mac

Blu-ray player is the all-featured Blu-ray playing software which enables you to play Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray folder, Blu-ray ISO file and common media files and videos smoothly. With this powerful Blu-ray player, you can handily enjoy your favorite Blu-ray disc/ISO files with 1080p HD visual effects on PC. In addition, it can work as a DVD player and regular media player to play DVD on Windows and Mac computer, and play any frequently-used video/audio format, including HD and 4K.

In this article, we mainly talk about Blu-ray DVD player. We show you what Blu-ray DVD player and how to choose a Blu-ray DVD player. What's more, we list 5 great Blu-ray DVD players for you to choose from. Hope you can get a better understanding about BD player after reading this post.

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