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Buffalo Data Recovery Tutorial for Beginners in 2023

Similar to other hard drives, Buffalo external hard drive can be used to store all kinds of data. However, there are also many problems you may encounter. The most serious one is data loss. Yes, many people asked how to rescue lost Buffalo data due to different reasons.

If you have the same question, then you just come to the right place. This article introduces why you encounter data loss cases and how to perform Buffalo data recovery. Thus, you can protect the safety of your important files effectively.

Buffalo Data Recovery

Buffalo Data Recovery

Part 1: Different Scenarios to Lost Data for Buffalo Hard Drive

According to various questions in forums, these are common causes of data loss in your daily life. You can read and have a checkup. What's more, it can also benefit the further Buffalo hard drive data recovery.

Situation 1: Delete Files Mistakenly without Backup

Well, this can be the top reason of losing data in Buffalo portable hard drive. you just delete something or overwrite the parts you need by mistake.

Situation 2: Virus Attack and Malware

Viruses can influence many parts of your activities. However, you may not notice this potential risk. As a result, damages can cause not only Buffalo data loss, but also Internet connection misuse, personal information leakage and more.

Situation 3: Mechanical Damages

If your personal computer gets physical damages, then the service repair may charge you a lot of money. Moreover, your stored files may be inaccessible or unrecognized.

Mechanical damages

Situation 4: Power Failures

If your computer is out of juice before you save a long article or other files, then you may lose data, too. Sometimes the power failure is caused because of wrong operations or viruses. For instance, your computer just shut down suddenly.

Situation 5: Losing Computer

Well, once your computer gets stolen, you cannot access the stored data any more. So it is a good habit to back up files in the cloud storage or external hard drive. Thus, you can perform Buffalo data recovery from the previous backup file easily.

Stolen by thift

Situation 6: Liquid Damages

If you spill coffee or milk on the computer or its keyboard without extra covers, then liquids may cause short circuits of electronic components. Consequently, your Buffalo hard drive not recognized or detected after the connection. Things will be worse if the internal parts get soaked.

Liquid damage

Situation 7: Direct Sunshine Exposure

In another word, overheating may destroy your digital devices. If you put your computer under direct sunshine in hot weather, it may even cause fire accidents.

Temperature shifts

Part 2: How to Recover Data from Buffalo Hard Drive

Is it possible to get back the deleted or lost data from your Buffalo hard drive?

Of course, the answer is "Yes". By using Aiseesoft Data Recovery, you can recover almost all files from deletion, formatted partition, hard drive problem and other data loss cases.

So if you are looking for easy and powerful Buffalo data recovery software, then Aiseesoft Data Recovery can be your first choice.

Key Features of the Buffalo Data Recovery Software

How do You Recover Lost/Deleted Data from Buffalo External Hard Drive

Step 1Launch Data Recovery

Free download and install Aiseesoft Data Recovery on your Windows computer. Then launch the Buffalo hard drive data recovery software. Plug the Buffalo hard drive to your computer.

Launch data recovery

Step 2Select data type and hard drive to recover

Follow the on-screen instruction to select the data type and location you want to recover. It's OK if you choose all items on the screen, though it may take more time to complete the process.

Select data type and drive to recover

Step 3Scan the selected data

Click the "Scan" option on the lower right corner of the window. Later, Data Recovery will start a quick scanning process. Of course, you can also choose "Deep Scan" to find all your files completely.

Scan the selected data

Step 4Buffalo data recovery

Choose and preview any file you need. If you fail to find the target file, you can use the "Filter" function to solve the problem. Finally, click "Recover" to recover lost data from Buffalo to your computer.

Part 3: 3 Methods to Prevent Data Loss from Buffalo Hard Drive

After the Buffalo hard disk data recovery, you should also know some measures to prevent data loss. In another word, here are some tips you can follow to bypass and protect important files from data loss.

Method 1: Prevent from Physical Damages

Be careful when you are using your computer. For instance, it is not a good way to leave a computer in your vehicle, because of the extreme temperature shifts and thieves. In addition, do not slide a computer across carpet due to the static electricity.

Method 2: Clean Up Your Computer with Anti-Virus Software

Do not overlook error messages from your computer, though these messages pop up every day. Furthermore, you can install a powerful anti-virus program to keep the maintenance of your computer regularly.

Method 3: Free Up Enough Storage Space

Too much files stored in your computer may lag your operating system and cause other problems. Well, overloading your Buffalo external hard drive is also harmful. You need to pay attention to its capacity. Using the junk file cleaner to free up more space.

From above tips and tricks about Buffalo data recovery, you can get back any deleted, corrupted or lost file to your computer selectively and safely. If you still have doubt about Aiseesoft Data Recovery, you can free download it and have a try right now.

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