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How to Recover Photos from Lexar Flash USB Drive

As you know, Lexar is a popular manufacturer of USB flash drives. You can find that many people around you are using Lexar USB drives. Consequently, it is quite common to see complains about corrupted, damaged, not detected or even broken Lexar drives everywhere.

For most Lexar users, the most important thing is recovering lost or deleted data immediately. It is a disaster when you find the Lexar flash driver not being recognized or working without knowing why.

Then how to fix a broken Lexar flash drive?

Actually, if there are no serious physical damages, you can recover data from Lexar USB flash drive with the following steps easily.

Lexar Card Recovery

Lexar Card Recovery

Part 1: Is It Possible to Recover Data from Lexar Card after Being Format

However, some people are not sure whether the formatted Lexar USB format can be recovered or not. Well, the answer is "Yes". It is OK to recover any deleted or lost data from a formatted USB flash drive. Because formatting does not erase the stored files from your Lexar flash drive completely. These items are "invisible" temporarily.

Therefore, when you free up sufficient space on the Lexar card or just use Lexar USB format tool, those files still exist silently. The only difference is that the occupied space is marked as "available". However, do not save any new file into your Lexar card. Otherwise, the new file will overwrite the original file completely, which makes Lexar media recovery difficult.

Part 2: What Can Lexar Card Recovery Do

Now, here comes the second question, what can you get from Lexar JumpDrive USB format tool?

It is a useful method to fix Lexar flash drives not working, inaccessible, failing to format and other problems. Whenever you encounter write protection or similar errors, you can repair with Lexar USB format.

Wanna know details of Lexar jump drive troubleshooting? Just read the followings as your reference.

Cannot format lexar

Well, virus attack, system crashes, wrong formatted drives, unexpectedly operations and many other causes can lead to Lexar USB flash drive not working errors. However, do not worry about that. Here is the powerful Lexar card recovery free software you can turn to.

Part 3: How to Recover Data from Lexar Card

Fortunately, Aiseesoft Data Recovery can help you get back almost all deleted or lost data from Lexar card selectively and safely. Yes, you can choose, preview and export any file to your computer with the detailed information.

It does not matter the real reason why you lost data. Just make sure your Lexar USB flash drive is free from physical damages. Therefore, when you encounter formatted or accessed problems of Lexar card, just go ahead to free download Aiseesoft Data Recovery for a try. Later, do as the following steps tell to perform Lexar card recovery free as a pro.

Main Features of the Lexar Memory Card Data Recovery Software

How to Recover Photos from Lexar Memory Card Quickly

Step 1Launch Data Recovery

Download and install Aiseesoft Data Recovery on your Windows computer. Then launch the free Lexar image recovery software after the installation. Connect the Lexar USB flash drive to your computer. If the Lexar USB driver does not respond, you can uninstall and reinstall it for a try.

Launch data recovery

Step 2Select the data type and drive to recover

Follow the on-screen instruction to choose what type of files and the location you want to recover. You can choose from "Image", "Audio", "Video", "Email", "Document" and "Others". To perform Lexar photo recovery, you can choose the small option near "Image". Of course, it is also supported if you want to scan all files. Later, select the Lexar USB flash drive under the "Removable Drives" category.

Select data type

Step 3Scan your selected data

If you want to scan the selected items quickly, you can choose the "Scan" button on the lower right corner of the window.

Nevertheless, if you fail to find your target file in the Lexar image rescue program, you can click the "Deep Scan" option instead. Of course, performing a deep scan takes more time to complete the scanning process.

Scan the selected data

Step 4Choose Lexar data you want to recover

Now you can get all possible results in categories. Open one folder to see its content in different displaying modes. Well, you can search and preview any data freely. Later, just mark before the file you want to recover.

Choose data you want to recover

Step 5Complete the Lexar media recovery process

At last, click the "Recover" button to start recovering the selected files to your computer. When the data recovery process ends, you can click the "Open Folder" option to check the recovered data quickly.

Recover data from lexar

Of course, you can recover other files from Lexar USB flash drive to your computer selectively and easily, too. All in all, whenever you have the Lexar USB not working issue, you can turn to Aiseesoft Data Recovery for help. The software can always help you perform Lexar media recovery perfectly.

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