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What is the best GoPro type camera?

There are many action cameras in the market. GoPro is one of the widely-known brand. You can see many different types of GoPro cameras. However, the price of GoPro cameras may not be friendly to all users. Thus, many people want to get action cameras like GoPro but cheaper. Generally speaking, this article can help you find the best budget action camera from GoPro products and alternatives.

Gopro Comparison And Alternatives

Gopro Comparison And Alternatives

Part 1: GoPro Comparison: What Is the Best Budget Action Camera in the Market

Cannot get the most satisfying product from GoPro action cameras? From the following GoPro comparison chart, you can know the current price and other important information about each GoPro generation. Well, it is a good way to find your best budget action camera.

You can see that there are 3 main categories.

GoPro Session: It is a small cube carrying one lens with low cost and small size.

GoPro Hero: You can regard Hero as the normal product of GoPro. Each GoPro Hero camera has a touch screen and related buttons.

GoPro Fusion: There is a lens on the front and back of GoPro. Thus, you can get the new experience with this GoPro mode. However, it may not be friendly to beginners.

Category GoPro Product Current GoPro Price in Amazon Waterproof Photo Burst Video Resolution Audio Battery HDMI Port
Popular GoPro version GoPro Hero7 Black $399 33feet/10m 12MP x 30fps 4k/60fps 3 microphones 1220mAh(removable) Micro HDMI
GoPro $597 16feet/5m 18MP x 30fps 5.2k/30fps 4 microphones 2620mAh(removable) NA
High End Level GoPro Hero6 Black $299.99 33feet/10m 12MP x 30fps 4k/60fps 3 microphones 1220mAh(removable) Micro HDMI
GoPro Hero5 Black $194 33feet/10m 12MP x 30fps 4k/30fps 3 microphones 1220mAh(removable) Micro HDMI
GoProHero5 Session $194 33feet/10m 10MP x 30fps 4k/30fps 3 microphones 1220mAh(removable) Micro HDMI
GoProHero4 Black $184 131feet/40m 12MP x 30fps 4k/30fps 1 microphones 1160mAh(replaceable) NA
Mid Range Level GoProHero7 White $199 33feet/10m 10MP x 15fps 1440/60fps 2 microphones 1220mAh(removable) NA
GoProHero4 Silver $184 131feet/40m 12MP x 30fps 4k/15fps 1 microphone 1160mAh(replaceable) NA
GoProHero4 Session $143.98 131feet/40m 8MP x 10fps 1080p/60fps 2 microphones 1000mAh(built in) NA
Entry Level GoProHero (2018) $157.95 33feet/10m 10MPx 10fps 1440/30fps 1 microphone Integrated Yes
GoProHero+ LCD $149.99 131feet/40m 8MP x 5fps 1080p/60fps 1 microphones 1160mAh(built in) NA
GoProHero $209.99 131feet/40m 5MP x 5fps 1080p/30fps 1 microphone 1180mAh(replaceable) NA

Part 2: GoPro Alternative Recommendation: What Is the Best Alternative to GoPro

GoPro has been one of the most popular action cameras today. You can take vlogs, outdoor sports or even underwater activities. Well, there are still many people who want to get other action cameras with better features and lower costs. Fortunately, you can get your best action camera from those GoPro alternatives. To some degree, it is the chart of GoPro comparison to other cameras.

GoPro Alternative Price in Amazon Battery Life Video Quality Photo Pros Cons Use Interface of the GoPro Alternative
Yi 4K+ Action Camera $279.99 1400mAh 4k/60fps 12MP

• Offer a 150-degree wide-angle lens.

• Sync the unit with your smart phone using the Wi-Fi connection.

• Lack the voice control function.

• No built-in waterproofing

Yi 4k Action Camera
AKASO V50 Pro $119.99 1100mAh 4k/30fps 20MP

• The GoPro alternative supports narrow shooting.

• It is cheaper than GoPro Hero6 with the similar video quality

• The smartphone application is buggy.

• Its Wi-Fi connection is kind of iffy.

Akaso V50 Pro
Sony FDRX3000 $398 1 Lithium ion batteries required 4k/60fps 12MP

• The Sony action camera offers good image stabilization.

• Provide a long battery life.

• The GoPro alternative price is its main drawback.

• The live-view is not good enough.

Sony Fdrx 3000
Gamin Virb Ultra 30 $399.99 1 Lithium ion batteries required 4k/30fps 12MP

• Capture elevation, speed, heart rate and G-force with the built-in GPS and external sensors.

• Need to add protective housing to maintain the waterproof.

• The action camera lacks the ability to record videos with image stabilization.

Gamin Virb Ultra 30
TomTom Bandit $239.99 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required 4k/15fps 16MP

• The GoPro type alternative supports non-stop filming with the cable-free battery-stick for about 3 hours.

• Transfer videos and photos wirelessly.

• The weight of TomTom Bandit action camera is heavy.

• Need to prepare separate lens cover for waterproofing

Tomtom Bandit
SJ5000 $99 900mAh 1080p/30fps 14MP

• The detachable battery makes it easy to replace.

• Offer more natural colors.

• The entry level GoPro alternative cannot shoot in slow motion.

• The photo lapse mode may lead into freezing.

Sj5000 Action Camera
Dragon Touch $49.99 2 × 1050mAh 4k/30fps 16MP

• Provide a wide range viewing angle with 170 degrees.

• The budget action camera alternative to GoPro offers driving mode, loop recording, slow motion and many other functions.

• All attachments of the GoPro alternative action camera are not labelled.

• Dragon Touch action camera stops working occasionally.

Dragon Touch
AKASO EK7000 4K action camera $59.99 2 × 1050mAh 4k/25fps 12MP

• Ge the built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI features.

• It is the 100feet waterproof camera.

• The plastic cage is cheap.

• Constantly failing.

Akaso Ek7000 4k
Yi Lite $99.99 1 Lithium ion batteries required 4k/20fps 16MP

• The action camera can capture a video with audio in high quality.

• Get 9 different shooting modes.

• The GoPro action camera alternative does not offer the voice control function.

• Lack 4k image stabilization.

Yi Lite
Campark ACT74 $54.99 900mAh 4k/30fps 16MP

• Watch the footage on a TV directly.

• Have the waterproof case.

• The 4K video recording quality is poor.

• Sometimes the app does not work for sharing and remote control.

Campark Act74

Part 3: Ultimate Way to Stabilize Your Shaky GoPro Video

So how to reduce video shaking to make it look better? Fortunately, you can run Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate to stabilize wobbly video by one click. Moreover, you can enhance video quality to make your GoPro video visually energetic effortlessly.

Main Features of the GoPro Video Editor

How to Edit and Enhance the GoPro Video

Step 1 Add a video

Launch the video stabilizer software after the installation on your Windows or Mac computer. Choose "Add File" to import a video from your GoPro or action camera.

Add A Video

Step 2 Reduce video shaking

Choose the "Edit" option on the top. In the new "Edit" window, head to the "Enhance" section. You can upscale resolution, optimize brightness and contrast, remove video noise and reduce video shaking. Just mark before the option you need. Well, you can rotate, crop, enable 3D settings, adjust effects and add watermark too.

Note: You can choose "Apply to All" to reduce shaking motion in videos in batch.

Reduce Video Shaking

Step 3 Export your video

Choose your output video or audio format from the "Profile" menu at the bottom. In addition, you can choose "Settings" to adjust video frame rate, output quality and other preferences. At last, click "Convert" to save the video without data loss.

Set The Output Video Format

It is hard to say the certain product as the best GoPro alternative for all people. But you can find your favorite GoPro model or alternative based on your need. By using the above GoPro video stabilizer, you can get a better video with no quality loss.

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