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What is MKV? Any Information About MKV You Should Know

Everything changes so fast. In the past several years, some strong video formats such as MP4 and AVI accompanied around you all the time when you watch your favorite movies and TV shows. What about now? Another powerful format has entered into people's life quietly. That is MKV format. Have you ever find any changes? Maybe you are enjoying a pretty good quality and a high definition that MKV files bring you, but you do not get what MKV is clearly.

MKV format will bring you more functions than what you know.

MKV File

Part 1: The basic knowledge of MKV file

Before making it clear of what is MKV, the first step is that we should have a basic understanding of Matroska. Matroska is the popular open standard container format. Matroska can hold unlimited number of videos with different type of encoding, audios and subtitle tracks in one file. That is MKV file.

What is a MKV file

MKV is a popular video format which is common used by many people. MKV include both audio and video format. This article will introduce some infromation about MKV to you.

MKV differs from other video formats such as DivX, XviD, and also has a distinct difference from many audio formats such as MP3, OGG. MKV is a kind of package format which provides a "shell" for these videos and audios. In another word, MKV is a container format, and it has the same format type with AVI, VOB, MPGE and more. However, the formats such as AVI are either too obsolete in structure, or not open enough to fulfill people's needs. All the factors pushed the emergence of MKV format.

Contrary to other formats, MKV file is not an audio or video compression formats. It is actually a multimedia container format. That is, it holds audios, videos and subtitles into one file without compression.

Part 2: How to play MKV files

Although MKV file has a lot of advantages when compared with many other formats, it is not compatible with many popular players.


To meet the market requirement of how to play MKV files, there are many MKV Players on the website, so it is not hard to find one. However, just because of the sharp increase of MKV file Player, it is still hard for you to find a proper one. For example, some MKV Video players in the market do not support multi audio and selectable subtitles. If you have the need to change the audio track and subtitles, you should be more careful to search. At the same time, please find the different versions of MKV Player for Mac and Windows.

Play MKV Videos

Part 3: Can I convert MKV file to MP4 and AVI

MP4 can be considered as the most popular video format for it takes less hardware space and is compatible with almost all the video devices. And although AVI format is obsolete in structure, it still has an enormous market.

That means there is a long way to go for MKV format to replace MP4, AVI and other formats. The thing we should do is to convert the favorite MKV videos to the popular video formats for playback. Absolutely, an MKV Converter is necessary.

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate For Mac

Under many conditions you need to convert MKV to MP4, MKV to AVI and other video formats such as when you want to play MKV on PS3 for a better video viewing experience or play MKV files on some mobile devices such as iPhone6/6 Plus, Samsung S6 and more. You need a MKV to MP4 or AVI converter to convert your MKV format to those formats.

Add Video

Learn from this post to convert MKV and other video files with Video Converter Ultimate.

 Convert MKV to MP4/AVI/MOV play-button

Part 4: How to convert and burn MKV to DVD

You may have some memorable MKV file videos that you want to treasure for a long time. So convert and burn these MKV Videos to DVD is a pretty good idea. Try on a MKV to DVD Converter and to retain the MKV Videos! Imagine that you are watching the wonderful videos which you have saved a long time in a DVD disc, it is cool!

Burn MKV to DVD

Kindly Remind:

MKV file is just a format, if you have the need to play your MKV file and convert your MKV files to other formats, you can achieve the purpose with the assistant of a MKV player or MKV converter on your Window 7/8 and Mac.

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