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It is not difficult to record what is happening on your Mac, only if you pick the correct recording software for your Mac. Here is the list of the best 10 Mac screen recorders, and I bet you will grasp at least one from it.

Many times, you want to record your Mac screen.

When you are watching an interesting live video and want to keep it for playback; when you would like to make a video tutorial to show someone how to do something; when you want to save a Skype or FaceTime call or video; when you want to preserve a lecture or online meeting for safekeeping, and more.

For recording your Mac screen including video and audio, you just need to get the best screen recorder for Mac.

Here is what we are going to show you: The list of best 10 screen capture software on Mac and easy guide to record the screen easily.

Mac Screen Recorder

Part 1. Glance through the list of best 10 screen recording software on Mac

Icon Mac Screen Recorder Price Features
Mac Screen Recorder Mac Screen Recorder $27.3 1. Capture online YouTube videos, games, podcasts, webinars, lectures, presentations, Skype calls, online conference, webcam videos, etc.
2. Record online stream audio and audio from microphone.
3. Take snapshot as PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, etc.
4. Playback the screen recording and save to Mac.
QuickTime Player QuickTime Player Free 1. Apple's default free media application.
2. Record a movie or video from camera.
3. Record the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
4. Record audio from a microphone or record the screen of your Mac.
5. Play, trim, split, cut/copy/paste/delete, and flip/rotate your recording.
Soundflower Soundflower Free 1. It is a Mac a Mac OS X audio plug-in that allows you to record system audio from any application.
2. It lets you channel audio from one application to another where you record.
3. It Supports 2 and 16 channel audio.
ScreenFlow ScreenFlow $99 1. It provides more control over the recording and editing of desktop videos.
2. It records everything from your iSight camera to microphone audio or speaker audio.
3. It crops, zooms and pans your recording.
4. One drawback is that you can't add text, subtitles or simple text annotations to your recording.
Snagit Snagit $25 1. Snagit retains all your recordings in a tray where they can be quickly retrieved.
2. It lets you get screen recording by using the keyboard shortcut, or by clicking the red button in the Capture window conveniently.
3. You are allowed to capture the entire desktop or draw a frame around the area or window you want to capture.
4. It lets you upload short videos to, and then embedding linked recordings in blog posts easily.
Screencast-O-Matic Screencast-O-Matic $48 1. It records your full screen or only a selected portion.
2. It highlights your cursor and clicks while you are recording.
3. You can record sound from microphone and adjust your recording volume.
4. Recording from a Webcam is also supported.
Camtasia Camtasia $99 1. Camtasia for Mac is a full capture and edit solution.
2. It captures video from a built-in FaceTime (iSight) camera.
3. It lets you record audio from both your Mac and an external microphone.
4. Once captured, you can edit your recording directly in Camtasia.
5. Mac users aren't getting all the bells and whistles of the Windows version.
Monosnap Monosnap Free 1. Monosnap is a lightweight solution that allows users to draw a pointer or rectangle during the recording.
2. It allows you to instantly upload to the web and copy the URL to your clipboard.
3. Once you take a screenshot, you get a dark floating window up on screen with lots of options for annotations.
4. It does allow for adding a webcam in desktop recordings.
Icecream Screen Recorder Icecream Screen Recorder Free
1. Record audio and microphone.
2. Add graphics and text to the videos and screenshots.
3. Save screenshots as files and to the clipboard.
4. Upload screenshots by URL.
5. Record the full screen or selected areas.
Open Broadcaster Software Open Broadcaster Software Free 1. It records and mix real time video and audio.
2. Create scenes from window captures, images, text, browser windows, webcams, capture cards and more.
3. Audio mixer with per-source filters such as noise gate, noise suppression, and gain.
4. It gives you access to a wide array of configuration options.

Part 2. How to capture Mac screen with the best 10 recorders

How to capture Mac screen with Mac Screen Recorder

1Run this software on your MacBook Pro/Air/mini or iMac.

2Click the third button to set the recording area from full screen, a fixed region or a custom region.

3 Get the microphone settings and click the REC button and start to record your Mac screen.

How to capture Mac screen with Mac Screen Recorder

How to record screen with QuickTime on Mac

1Run QuickTime by choosing File > New Screen Recording from the menu bar.

2Click the arrow next to the Record button to change the recording settings, like microphone, volume, etc.

3 Click the Record button to start the recording.

How to record screen with QuickTime on Mac

How to use Soundflower to record Mac screen

1Download Soundflower, and launch the Sound system preference. Select the Output tab and choose Soundflower (2ch).

2To configure on another app. For example, To configure QuickTime Player, choose File > New Audio Recording > Click on the downward-pointing triangle to the right of the Record button > Choose Soundflower (2ch).

3. When you're ready to begin your capture, just click Record.

How to use Soundflower to record Mac screen

How to make Mac screen record with ScreenFlow

1Install and run ScreenFlow on Mac.

2Click the record icon on the right top corner, and start the recoding settings, including area recording, video or audio sources.

3 Click the red record button to start the screen recording on your Mac.

How to make Mac screen record with ScreenFlow

How to capture Mac screen with Snagit

1Launch Snagit on your Mac. Set up what you want to capture on your screen.

2In the Capture window, select the All-in-One tab. Click the Capture button.

3 Select the area for recording from Fullscreen, Window or Region and start the recording.

Do not miss more similar tools to Snagit.

How to capture Mac screen with Snagit

How to record Mac screen with Screencast-O-Matic

1After launching it, a black interface will pop out for you to set the region you want to record or select the full screen recording.

2Configure the hotkeys and other settings, you can click the record button to start the screen recording.

3 After the recoding, you can choose to upload file to YouTube or save in the selected folder.

Get more details about Screencast-O-Matic.

ow to record Mac screen with Screencast-O-Matic

How to record Mac screen with Camtasia

1Choose to record the full screen, or select a custom region to record.

2Choose other inputs to record along with the screen. Options include webcam, microphone audio and system audio. Select the down arrow or double arrows next to each to choose a specific microphone or webcam.

3 Click Start Recording to begin.

How to record Mac screen with Camtasia

How to record video on Mac with Monosnap

1Run Monosnap on Mac, in the main drop-down menu, choose Record Video.

2In the pop-up window, you are given the options to start recording or show settings.

3 After all setups are over, click Record button to start your screen recording. In the toolbar, you are able to use the arrow and rectangle tool.

How to record video on Mac with Monosnap

How to capture screen on Mac with Icecream Screen Recorder

1Download and install Icecream Screen Recorder on Mac.

2Get recording settings like video, audio, system, hotkeys, etc.

3 Click Capture video and select the capture area.

4Click the Rec icon to start the Mac screen recording.

How to capture screen on Mac with Icecream Screen Recorder

How to use Open Broadcaster Software to record Mac screen

1When you load OBS Studio for the first time you should see the Auto-Configuration, including streaming or recording, resolution, bitrate, encoder, streaming provider and more.

2By default, OBS Studio is set to capture your system default desktop audio device and microphone, and you'll need an extra app to capture desktop audio

3 To get started capturing, you need to add a Source.

4Double check that all your settings in Settings > Output. Then, just hit Start Recording.

How to use Open Broadcaster Software to record Mac screen


This post focuses on the list of the best 15 screen recorders for Mac users. Have you got the best one solution to record your video or audio on Mac?

If any suggestions, just leave your comments below, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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