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Sharepod Alternatives for Mac and Windows

No! Sharepod always buffers when it transfers music from my iPod to my computer. It is a really a waste of time. I consider getting Sharepod alternative.
Sharepod Alternatives

Sharepod Alternatives

The above review is from one of Sharepod users. Sharepod is the direct way to transfer music and playlist from iPod, iPhone or iPad to your computer or iTunes. But it is not always satisfying with you. For example, it gets crashed sometimes when you transfer music to computer or Mac.

At this point, getting Sharepod alternatives sounds a good idea for others like you. In this article, we pick up popular 3 alternatives to Sharepod in 2018 for your reference. After learning the information, you must know which one is the best software like Sharepod or may be better than Sharepod.

Part 1. Alternatvies to Sharepod


Price: $18.99
Size: 4.3 MB
Compatibility: Mac

Wow, a remarkable name. The name of this tool is spelled backward based on iTunes. But it is different from iTunes that Senuti only works on Mac. Senuti enables you to transfer media files (music and movies) from iPhone iPod or iPad to computer or iTunes library alternatively. But it does not allow you to import music to iPod. One useful feature is its de-duplicate function to detect your duplicates, and ask you decide to delete them or not. Before you decide to transfer iPod music to Mac, you can click the media file for listening. To some extent, Senuti can be regarded as an iOS player. But it only plays audio file, even if you play the moves on Senuti, and you have to install QuickTime Player.

How to use Senuti

Step 1Connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad to Mac.

Step 2Choose media files that you want to transfer.

Step 3Click the "Transfer" button to move media files to Mac or iTunes.

Senuti for Mac


1. This Sharepod similar software always crashes. And sometimes, it does not recognize your devices.


Price: $29.97
Size: 49.9 MB
Compatibility: Mac and Windows

The software is like Sharepod, but stronger than Sharepod or Senuti, designed for Windows and Mac users. It transfers music, movies, photos, contacts, playlist, PDF, ringtones, and more between iOS devices and PC or Mac. You are also allowed to export messages from iPhone to computer for backup. If you install iTunes on your computer, you are able to copy Podcast, iTunes U, TV shows, etc. to iTunes directly. One of the shinning points is that it will help you convert video or audio from computer to be compatible with your device. Also, it can be manager to manage iPhone file on computer easily with its simple interface, like deleting iPhone contacts in groups. Also, it can be your video or audio player to play music or movies without installing any player.

How to use FoneTrans

Step 1Connect iOS device(s) to PC or Mac.

Step 2Choose file type that you want to transfer.

Step 3Click "Add" or "Export to" to copy files between PC and device, device to device or from device to iTunes.

Step 4Choose "Contacts" to add or edit or duplicate contacts.

Choosing iPhone Music


1. This Sharepod alternative has limited times and numbers for transferring data with its free trial version.


Price: $39.99
Size: 1.02 MB
Compatibility: Mac and Windows

AnyTrans is the Sharepod alternative for Windows and Mac users. This software enables you to transfer music and video from Mac to iPhone, iPad or iPod. This is the real media software to transfer music between iPod and Mac without iTunes. More than music, and video, it also lets you move photos, contacts, messages, etc. from iPhone or iPad to PC or Mac. You could also import some data from your device to iTunes directly. It also enables you to transfer iPhone apps to new iPhone to realize device-to-device transfer. If you install iTunes, this program like Sharepod will download iTunes music to your device or computer, which cab be the best iTunes alternative. Compared to the above two alternatives to Sharepod, Anytrans is capable of downloading iCloud to PC or Mac.

How to use AnyTrans

Step 1Connect iOS device(s) to PC/Mac.

Step 2Choose file type on your iPhone or iTunes.

Step 3Click the transferring way on the right top corner to copy files between different devices.



1. This software likes Sharepod, is slow to load music, movies, and other data from device in the test. CPU and RAM consumption is significant, even when the program's in idle state.

2. Its pop-up window requires you to get full registration once you use one function, which can be the disruption.

You may want to know more about another iTunes alternative - TouchCopy.

Part 2. Comparison among Sharepod alternatives

Comparison among three Sharepod alternatives
Senuti AnyTrans FoneTrans
Audio yes yes yes
Video yes yes yes
Message no yes yes
Photos no yes yes
Notes no yes yes
Contacts no yes yes
Books no yes yes
iTunes U no yes yes
Podcast no yes yes
Transfer way Device to Mac
Device to iTunes
Device to Device
Between device and PC/Mac
Device to iTunes
iTunes to Device/PC/Mac
Device to Device
Between device and PC/Mac
Device to iTunes
Other functions 1. Play audio file
2. Delete duplicates
1. Drag-n-drop to manage your iPhone system files
2. Add or edit contacts and notes
3. Download iCloud backup to PC/Mac
1. Convert audio and video formats automatically
2. Add, edit and de-duplicate contacts
3. Play video and audio file

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