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Top 12 Alternatives to iTunes for iPhone iPad iPod


When you fail to use iTunes to manage your iPhone iPad iPod data, just try the best 12 alternatives (Windows and Mac) in this page to replace iTunes as the best music, videos, and other data helper for Apple device here.

Recently, I upgrade my iTunes to the latest version, but I find the songs on iTunes are gone. Actually, the playlist of music are there, but they fail to play. Can I find a better music player than iTunes? By the way, iTunes can help me convert music among iTunes supporting formats, shall I find an iTunes replacement for music converter? - Rail.

iTunes is to Apple user what Hamlet is to readers of Shakespeare. As one of Apple users, you may have your different opinions on iTunes. It is the free iOS manager, which allows you to backup/restore your iPhone/iPad/iPod data, play music files or videos as a Mac or Windows music/video player, and convert music files for playing on your device easily.

However, the problems come with its functions, like

"iTunes does not sync iPhone"

"iTunes restores iOS data unsuccessfully"

"iTunes does not play music or movies on your computer"

Such reviews are from many Apple users about iTunes managing tool. If you encounter those problems, uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes may be your first choice. In addition, you can try to fix iTunes errors with Google.

However, after that, you may still suffer from the iTunes issues. What can you do exactly to solve this problem?

Find iTunes alternatives.

2018 Best 12 Alternatives to iTunes for Windows or Mac

Best Alternatives to iTunes

That is what we shall show you today. In this article, we will share top 12 tools to replace iTunes to help you backup/restore iOS files, play media files and convert music file freely.

Best 6 iTunes alternatives to manage iPhone/iPad/iPod data

The most attracting feature with iTunes is to sync iPhone/iPad/iPod data and restore the backup to find back the music, movies, and more. If iTunes fails to work at this point, you could refer to the following top 6 replacement of iTunes.

FoneTrans For Mac

Step 1 Run this software and connect iOS device to PC or Mac with USB cable.

Step 2 Select data on your iPhone to view the details, and checkmark them.

Step 3 Click "Export to Device" > "Export to PC/iTunes" to back up data to PC.

Transfer Contacts

You can also learn from this video tutorial:

 Transfer Files between iOS Device and Computer without iTunes play-button
FoneLab - iPhone Data Recovery For Mac

Step 1 Launch this software on your PC or Mac. Plug iPhone to computer with USB cable.

Step 2 Choose recovery mode and click "Start Scan" to scan your iPhone.

Step 3 Checkmark the data you want to back up, and click "Recover" to export data from iPhone to PC.

Recover iPhone App Photos
iOS Data Backup & Restore

Learn here to get to know how to backup iPhone iPad.


SynciOS is the iPhone/iPad/iPod substitute for iTunes. It lets you transfer data from iOS device and Android device to PC. Also, you could manage your iPad/iPod/iPhone and Android files on PC or Mac by deleting, editing songs, contacts, etc. This alternative software to iTunes also gets its built-in audio and video converter to convert unrecognized songs and videos for you. You could use it to move files between iOS and Android phone for backup. It even allows you to make iPhone ringtones, download online video, etc. It even lets you recover iTunes backup library file on your PC or Mac to your device or PC/Mac.

1. It gives you a free version with limited functions.

1. This iTunes alternative stumbles a bit as a contact manager on your PC.
2. It does not allow you to back up data to iTunes directly.



Sunshine, more than as the alternative to iTunes to transfer send/stream between iPhone/iPad/iPod and PC/Mac, it can be as the iTunes for Android to transfer data between Android and iOS devices. It has iOS, Android and Windows/Mac version to run this tool after you create an account. In its free version, you can play files from mobile or tablet on computer, and share/transfer files between Android, iOS, Windows and Mac with internet connection. If you want to download files, you need to get its premium version of $4.99/month. If you want to play content on a DLAN device like TV or WiFi-speaker, you must make sure they are connected in the same network.

1. It is compatible with various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

1. It requires Internet connection to transfer or download files between devices.
2. It fails to get file transfer between device and iTunes.



MobileGo is a one of the best iTunes alternatives to transfer data between iOS device and PC. This replacement lets you export contacts, SMS and photos to PC for backup. And also lets you add contacts, photos, media files from PC to your device for a portable listening and watching. Its Space Server will help you check your device and help you clear some junk files to save space for your device. This program has its Windows version. And another feature is that it is the alternative to iTunes for Android. You could use it to manage your Android data easily.

1. It is easy to manage your device data on PC, and de-duplicate contacts.

1. Only support one-click to back up data on your device to iTunes at one time, no optionally.
2. Only support adding photos, but not exporting photos on device to PC.


4 alternatives to iTunes to play music

You can add videos or DVDs to iTunes for playing. And if you want to use iTunes to play music, then the following alternatives to iTunes will help you exactly.


Ecoute is to be the best music player for iOS. As an alternative to iTunes, it supports Equalizer, Sound Check, and iTunes Match perfectly. It will automatically detect and import your iTunes Library and playback music files easily as you like. It is able to scrabble to Last.rm and keep your tracks in background. Integrated into Podcasts, Filters and AirPlay, Ecoute enables you to listen your favorite music anywhere and anytime. It is highly compatible with iOS and Mac. So if you are Windows users, you will feel disappointed to listen to iTunes music on your computer.



Swinsian is a media player like iTunes, and it is special for Mac OS. With wide supporting formats, it lets you import iTunes library or local music folder to create your own playlist. Alternatively, this iTunes media player could help you remove dead music library so that you could enjoy your music smoothly. This alternative to iTunes for Mac could let you edit tags by writing tags on track, and. It also cooperates with Last.rm and lets you share your listening music online. If you like, it could replace iTunes to playback over AirPlay. But it is a little complicated to perform as a fresh hand for the first time.



MediaMonkey is an audio and video player on your Windows computer. Similar to TouchCopy, this software to replace iTunes to play music and video with various formats like MP3, OGG, WMV, MP4 etc. It organizes your music and movies by identifying music tracks, and manage playlist by dragging and dropping your tunes to mix MP3 files or videos from your library. Its File Mirror also lets you update your music library or video collection automatically if you download audio or video purchased. Its built-in MP3 converter or MP4 converter converts almost any video/audio files and preserve tag information losslessly. But you need to spend some time on downloading its even free version from its web.



Vox is another iTunes alternative, which is open for Mac and iPhone/iPad/iPod. You could download this source tool from its web or App store to play YouTube, SoudCloud, Lastfm music charts and internet radio stations. Highly supporting a variety of audio formats, FLAC, MP3, AAC, etc. it organizes your iTunes library, local FLAC files for your enjoyment in the car or on the go. But still customers complain this iTunes alternative puts songs on shuffle mode. And it does not provide track view library for checking.


2 replacements of iTunes to convert audio files

Last but not the least feature about iTunes it its built-in converting function. It can help you convert audio files among iTunes supporting formats, like convert AAC to MP3, convert WAV to MP3, etc. for your personal needs. Still, you can find some audio converters to convert audio files like iTunes.

Audio Converter

Audio Converter is undoubtedly the best replacement for iTunes to convert audio files. It supports all iTunes compatible formats, like AIFF, AAC, MP3, WAV, ALE (Apple lossless Encoder). It lets you easily convert AIFF to MP3. Moreover, it converts other non-iTunes formats, like WMA, OGG, WAV, M4R, etc. are can be imported to convert iTunes formats. This iTunes replacement is strong enough to extract your favorite audio files from videos. Converting WMV to MP3/AIFF/AAC can be realized conveniently. This iTunes alternative also enables you to edit audio file (clip, merget, add multi-audio tracks, etc.) freely.

Audio Converter

Free Video Converter

Free Video Converter is a free converter to convert video and audio to other formats as you like. As it names, it is a video converter, but it is also a free audio converter to help you convert MP4/FLV/AVI to MP3, AIFF, AAC, etc. Certainly, you could import audio file to change FLAC to WAV, turn FLAC to MP3, and more. Also, if you want to watch videos on iPhone, it will convert VOB to MOV for your watching on iPad. It is a total audio and video converting helper. If you only want its converting function to play music or watch video for iPhone/iPad/iPod, then it is enough for you.

Free Video Converter

By now, all iTunes alternatives have been shared here. Whether iTunes or alternative to iTunes has the disadvantages and advantages. It is not to pick a bone from them, but choose the most suitable for yourself.

One thing you may need to pay attention to is that iTunes only lets you import music between iOS device and iTunes. If you want to transfer music between iTunes and Android device, you should go to: Transfer music from iTunes to Android.

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