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Skype Recorder is the best recording software for you to record video and audio calls smoothly from Skype conversations and save them in high quality. Compatible with all popular Windows versions including Windows 10/8/7/Vista, you can also handily record online videos and audios for playback on your PC with this video recorder. See what our customers say about it:

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By Bunny 2017-04-01

Perfect Skype Recorder

I downloaded this Skpye Recorder on my Window 8 and tested it. The skype video has been recorded perfectly, the video and sound quality are perfect, and it can played smoothly.

By Jason 2016-07-01

Great Program!

Good program and record Skype video calls with high quality. It can capture anything played in the recording area, so as long as I get a smooth Skype video call on my Windows 8 PC, it can capture it fluently.

By Sara 2016-05-22

Really Useful Software

Easy to use! I tried some Skype recording apps on iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy 7, but I'm not satisfied with the output video. So I decide to use this Skype Recorder to record Skype calls on desktop. I can capture what exactly displayed on the screen. Really useful software.

By Robert 2016-4-18

A Powerful Video Recorder

The stopping time feature is very useful, I don't want to watch the whole recording process. I usually set the ending time and do some other things. When the video is over, the recording will stop too.

By Julia 2016-01-21

A Big Helper to Record Skype Calls

Just as I expected. With its help, I can record Skype calls and any other activities displayed on the screen. Moreover, it allows me to record audio from both inner audio and microphone. So our conversation in Skype can be recorded clearly.

By Clair 2015-12-20

Perfect Skype Recorder

Apart from recording Skype video and audio calls on my Win 10 computer, I frequently use it to record audio files. Works very well, I'm very satisfied with the output video/audio files.

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