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If you want to keep all your precious moments forever, the best way is to create your own slideshow movie with the photo albums or videos. Aiseesoft Slideshow Creator is the wizard, which enables everyone to record his or her memory in the form of slideshow.

How to Create Video Slideshow

Slideshow Creator is your camcorder, which helps you to record all the amazing moments in your life. Now, let's go and check it out.

Step 1 Click Add photo(s) and video(s) here to import pictures and video files into this program.


Step 2 Edit photos/videos/background music

Navigate the photo or video that you want to edit, click the Edit button to start the editing interface.

Photo editing: You are able to rotate, flip, set contrast/saturation/brightness/hue, crop, set duration, and get motion settings for the photo.

edit photo

Video editing: You are allowed to rotate, mirror, clip, crop speed up/slow down the video file. Moreover, it lets you adjust contrast/saturation/brightness/hue and volume for the video file.

edit video

Music: You can add or remove the background music, and get the background music loop playback easily.

edit music

Step 3 Select the theme

After editing the file, click Themes to select the ready-made themes from this software, or you can customize the materials to create your own theme.

Ready-made theme: You can choose to create your different styles' movie.

For the ready-made theme, you can directly apply or edit the text, filters, transitions and elemets for the simple picture if you need.

Add Theme to Slideshow

Customize theme: This software provides you the other option to customize your own theme.

✎ For some online themes and materials, you need to make sure your computer connected with Internet for downloading and using.

✎ No matter what materials you want to edit, you need to do in the following steps:

  • 1. Select and click the item (photo or video) you want to edit.
  • 2. Pick up the effect (Text, Transitions, Filters and Elements) that you need to add from the right window.
  • 3. Start to edit separately. Click the edit button when you mouse up the effect icon under the selected item.
Edit Slideshow in 3 Steps

✎ When you double click the effect, you can preview the effects in the preview window. When you click the plus button, it will apply the effects to your selected item.

➤ Text

For editing the text, you can drag to adjust the shape and direction. It also gives you the option to set the content, font, size, color, duration time and starting time. You are allowed to use the Motion feature to let you text appear in special effects.

theme text

➤ Transitions:

When mentioned Transitions, you are allowed to select the transition mode and set the durations time. You can use one click to apply the transitions to all items.

theme transitions

➤ Filters:

You are capable of adding or deleting the filter effects on your slideshow.

theme filterss

➤ Elements:

You are able to drag to adjust the direction and size of the element with mouse. Also, do not miss the duration time setting and motion effects.

theme elements

Step 4 Export slideshow

After you get all editing features done, you can click Export to select the output format and resolution.

output settings

This tool gives you the option to select the device or output format, so that you can play the slideshow movie directly on your device.

In addition, you can click the settings icon to customize your own output file, like encoder, quality, resolution, bitrate, frame rate, etc.

create slideshow

Finally, click Convert to create your slideshow.

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