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iPhone Does Not Ring? Get 7 Easy Solutions to Check and Fix

iPhone does not ring? How to fix it?

It is frustrating when iPhone does not ring. Imagine that you are waiting the phone call from your business partner, and you check the iPhone every 5 minutes. But when you glance at your iPhone, only the missing call displays on your iPhone 4 minutes ago. The iPhone does not ring for incoming calls! Or when somebody calls you, the iPhone does not ringing but goes to the voicemail directly, which leads into missing calls too. So why does iPhone not ring for incoming calls and text messages?

iPhone Does Not Ring

Part 1: Why My iPhone Does Not Ring

There are many similar problems listed on forums and Facebook asking about iPhone ringer not working. For instance, "My iPhone 6 does not ring when someone called me", "I bought iPhone 7 several months ago, and it failed to ring when I got new texts, do I need to send it to the repair service" and more.

To be honest, your iPhone does not ring but vibrates or even has nothing responses can be caused by many reasons. Once you figure out the main cause, you can fix iPhone not ringing problem easily. And the followings are representative reasons for disabled iPhone ringer, you can read and get related references here.

Reason 1: Mute Is Turned On

There is a mute button on the side of your iPhone. If you pressed the mute button by accident, then your iPhone does not ring for incoming callings later. The method to check whether the mute switch is turned on depends on the orange line, you can see it inside the switch if it has been turned on. How to Fix It > >

Mute Is Turned On

Reason 2: The Broken iPhone Speaker

The speaker locates at the bottom of your iPhone, and it is the tool to play all sound created from your iPhone. Sometimes your iPhone just vibrates and does not ring because of the broken speaker. You can play YouTube videos or any song to test. How to Fix It > >

The Broken iPhone Speaker

Reason 3: Check Your Ring/Silent Switch

It is also necessary to check whether the ring/silent switch has been set on silent mode. The ring/silent switch is on the left side of your iPhone, if your switch is flipped to silent, the n definitely your iPhone won't ring when a call comes in. How to Fix It > >

Check Your Ring/Silent Switch

Reason 4: Your Phone Number Blocked

If you have blocked the number of certain person, then there will be no ring or any notification. Moreover, the iOS 7 version allows people to block phone calls, FaceTime calls and text messages. So check your blacklist and release someone if iPhone does not ring at all. How to Fix It > >

Your Phone Number Blocked

Reason 5: Do not Disturb is Turned on

Maybe you set "Do Not Disturb" mode before, which services as the door to stop any sound including calls, texts and more during this period. It is normal to set "Do Not Disturb" in church or taking a nap, remember to disabled it later. How to Fix It > >

Do not Disturb is Turned on

See what to do if "Do Not Disturb" not working.

Reason 6: The iPhone Volume Is Down

If you plug the headphones to listen music before, then the volume must be lower. And things will be worse for people who are in the noisy situations. Turn up the volume loud and let your friend to call you for a try. How to Fix It > >

Reason 7: The Problem with Your Ringtone

Check your ringtone to see whether it has been deleted or corrupted already. You can set the new ringtone to test or assigned an individual ringtone for that contact. If the iPhone rings for the new call, then you'd better change the previous ringtone.

Part 2: How to Fix iPhone Not Ring

From the above iPhone does not ring problem listed, you may find the main reason why your iPhone won't ring and make no sound. Now it is time to fix iPhone not ringing when called or texted error. You can locate the certain part of find the best solution with the help of the following tablet. How to Fix It > >

Why iPhone Not Ringing on Incoming Calls How to Fix iPhone Won't Ring (After Checked iPhone)
1. Forgotten to turn the ringer back on Flip the Ring/Silent switch, and then you can see the ringer volume icon
2. The broken iPhone speaker Repair the speaker in the local Apple Store or repair place
3. Silenced your iPhone Open "Settings" to find "Sounds" or maybe "Sounds & Haptics". Move sliders of ringer and alerts to the right side make volume louder.
4. Turned on "Do Not Disturb" Open "Settings" and click "Do Not Disturb" button. If the "Manual" option enabled, slide it off/white. And check the "Scheduled Sliders" to adjust "Do Not Disturb" settings if necessary
5. Blocked someone's phone number Open "Settings" and tap "Phone" button. Hit "Call Blocking & Identification" to check blocked phone numbers. Choose "Edit" and click the red circle and "Unlock" to unblock one number
6. No volume Open "Settings" and "Sounds & Haptics" to turn the iPhone ringer volume up. Or you can press the volume up icon on the left side of your iPhone too
7. The problems of ringtone Open "Settings" and click "Sounds & Haptics". Choose "Ringtone" button to set the new ringtone. And you can also set individual ringtone assigned to certain contacts. Find the name in "Contacts" and hit "Edit" to set the new ringtone

And here, we also want to show you FoneLab - iOS System Recovery.

FoneLab - iOS System Recovery For Mac

Part 3: FAQs of iPhone Not Ringing

Why does my iPhone ring loud then go quiet?

This is the feature on iPhone X or later, or later, or iPad Pro 11-inch or iPad Pro 12.9-inch. You can disable it by going to Settings, tap Face ID & Passcode and turn off Attention Aware Features.

Why can't I hear people on my iPhone?

The problem that you cannot hear people on iPhone may be caused by the setting or hardware issues. Check your iPhone settings on iPhone to make sure you have disabled Do Not Disturb. Clean your iPhone receivers and speakers to remove the dirt. Adjust the volume of ringer and alert slider by dragging the slider. Still cannot hear the voice on iPhone? You must get your iPhone in Apple Store check.

How to recover the deleted call history that are missing when my iPhone is not ringing?

If you missed the calls on iPhone because iPhone is not ringing, and accidentally deleted the calls, you should refer to this post to get free iPhone call history recovery.

Why does my iPhone vibrate and not ring?

If you have adjust the iPhone volume to be silent, and also enabled the feature that Vibrate on Silent, then your iPhone will only vibrate and not ring. You can turn up the iPhone volume to fix it.

If your iPhone still not ring after above solutions, then you can update your iPhone to the latest version to have a try. The iPhone does not ring problem is quite annoying. And if you do not solve it timely, it may occur on your new bought iPhone 15 or further iOS devices too.

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