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How to Fix iPhone Headphone Problem for iPhone X/8/7/6/6s

Although iPhone is expensive than other smartphones, it is attractive since integrated advanced technologies. To improve the performance of water-proof, Apple removed headphone jack since iPhone 7/7 Plus. But we found that more and more users complaint iPhone headphone problems on forums and social media. It cannot be denied that iPhone is still not perfect, as a high technology tool. On the other hand, problems of iPhone headphone are annoying and hindering many activities, such as listen to music, watch videos, and even play games. So, we are going to summarize the main symptoms and show you how to fix iPhone headphone problems one by one.

Fix iPhone Headphone Problem

How to fix iPhone headphone problem?

Part 1. Symptoms of iPhone headphone problem

We have collect hundreds of complaints about iPhone headphone problems on social media and forums. And we found that most common problems include:

1. Stuck in headphones mode

Almost every iPhone user has faced at least or is facing this problem. Apparently, sometimes iPhone is not sensitive and cannot tell the difference between normal and headphones mode, even though you have detached the headphones. Though some AirPods users also reported this issue, it is more common among iPhone owners who use third party headphones.

Check what to do if Airpods not connecting to iPhone or Mac.

2. Headphone jack is dirty

A dirty headphone jack may lead to a lot of problems, like no sound, bad audio quality and more. Though Apple remove headphone jack from iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus, still many users are bothered by this problem.

3. Headphone jack with water inside

iPhone headphone jack is cannot resist water, so if the iPhone fell into the water, the headphone jack with water inside would stop working. Moreover, headphone jack is an electronic unit; even moisture could make it short-circuit.

4. Breaks in audio

Another common iPhone headphone problem is breaks in music, especially using third party headphones. This is because unoriginal headphones usually fail to match the output configurations of iPhone or headphone jack perfectly.

5. Siri interrupting when headphones plugged in

If you use headphones from third party accessory vendors, you will suffer such problem. The headphone plug does match jack perfectly, which evokes Siri and interrupts what you are playing through the headphones.

6. Only one end of the headphones play sound

Both hardware and software problems could cause sound only plays from one end, like hardware damage and dirty headphone jacks.

iPhone Headphone Problem

Part 2. How to fix iPhone headphone problems

Now, let's talk about how to fix iPhone headphone problems. If you follow our guides, you will find it not as complicated as you thought.

Fix iPhone Headphone Problems

Solution 1: Clean dirty headphone jack

If you discover there is dust in headphone jack, you can clear it with some commonly used tools. First of all, you can use an air can to blow out dust and lint from headset jack. And Q-tip is useful to clean dust out of your iPhone's headphone jack. Make sure that the Q-tip is dry and do it gently.

Another way is to use tape and a paperclip. You can open a paperclip into a straight line and wrap the tape around it. Then use the DIY micro lint brush to pull out dust from the headphone jack.

Solution 2: Dry headphone jack

Once you discover there is water or moisture in your iPhone's headphone jack, you'd better power it off immediately. This is to avoid electronic parts short-circuit and smartphone damage.

Then you can place a hair dryer right opposite to the jack to evaporate the moisture. Remember that you should dry the headphone jack gently. Then the iPhone headphone problem will be gone.

Solution 3: Try another pari of headphones

As I said before, non-compatibility is responsible for sound breaks and Siri interruption problems. So, the solution is rather simple; purchase a pair of compatible headphones. Actually, there are several accessory vendors design headphones targeting iPhone. And you can purchase their products at Apple official store both online and offline.

When one headphone end has no sound and another plays sound, you should check whether the headphone end is broken by using it on another device. If it works well on another device, you can try to clean your headphone jack. If not, you have to buy a new one.

Part 3. How to fix stuck in headphone mode

There are several solutions to fix this iPhone headphone problem.

Solution 1: Clean headphone jack

Make sure the headphone jack is clean and plug your headphones in and out several times. If there is dust in headphone jack, you can use air dryer to clean it effectively.

Solution 2: Try another headphones

You can try another pair of headphones from Apple or partner accessory vendors. Don't use third party headphones, although they are cheaper.

Solution 3: Update software

Update Software

If you are using the old version of iOS, you can try to update iOS to solve this iPhone headphone problem.

Step 1Go to Settings-> General-> Software Update.

Step 2Check the available iOS update and tap on "Install Now" to download it.

Step 3Follow the onscreen guides to finish software update. Then you can try the headphones again.

Solution 4: Fix headphone mode with iOS System Recovery

You can try getting rid of headphone mode problem with iOS System Recovery. If the solutions above do not work on your iPhone, iOS System Recovery is able to fix iPhone in headphone mode and help you get rid of this iPhone headphone problem. Its powerful features include:

iOS System Recovery is able to fix iPhone stuck in headphone mode. Fix Headphone Mode

In this article, we have talked about various iPhone headphone problems. Listening to music has become one of the most common activities on iPhone. But headphone problems make iPhone music experiences terrible. Moreover, headphone issues may impact other entertainment activities with iPhone, like view movies or play video games. In the first part, we have summarized major iPhone headphone problems based on this topic on Facebook and iPhone forums. And in the second section, we provided some solutions to help you fix these problems. According to our research, stuck in headphone mode is the most common iPhone headphone problem. And to fix this issue, you can try iOS System Recovery.

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