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iPod/iPod Touch Frozen: How to Fix

My iPod is frozen - How to fix

"My iPod classic has just frozen, it will not let me do anything. I have tried to cut it off, I have tried to skip to another song, I have tried to go to the menu, I have connected it to the computer and I have connected it to the ac adapter, nothing works." – Apple Communities

Like any mobile device, an iPod, iPad or iPhone may freeze or fail to respond to your commands occasionally. This can happen for a number of reasons and does not necessarily indicate a serious problem. Whether your iPod is stuck in Apple logo, Recovery mode, Home screen, you can easily fix it following the right method. In the following article, we will provide you all the possible things you can do to fix iPod frozen.

iPod Frozen

iPod Frozen

Method 1. Restart or reset a frozen iPod

If your iPod suddenly appears to freeze and no matter what buttons you press you can't get a response, it's probably not dead but more likely frozen up. To fix iPod frozen, the first method you need to consider is to reset your iPod. Then, how to reset or restart a frozen iPod? According to different model, you can follow the steps below.

Steps to fix iPod Touch frozen

iPod Touch Frozen

Step 1 Hold down the Wake/Sleep button that is found on the top of iPod Touch till a red slider comes up to the screen. Slide your finger across the slider to turn off your iPod Touch. Then restart your iPod Touch.

Step 2 If the red slider never comes up even by pressing the button for 25 seconds, you need to reset it. Reset the frozen iPod Touch by holding down the Wake/Sleep button and Home button at the same time for about 10 seconds, then the Apple logo will appear.

After you unfreeze iPod, you can then connect your iPod Touch to an adapter and wait for it to charge.

Steps to fix click-wheel iPod frozen

Click Wheel iPod Frozen

Step 1 Check Hold switch, move it to On position and then to Off position.

Step 2 Restart the iPod by holding down the Menu button on the click – wheel as well as the center button at the same time. Repeat the steps if it fails.

Step 3 Then plug iPod to a power source and charge it appropriately.

Steps to fix 1st/2nd generation iPod frozen

1 2nd  Generation iPod Frozen

Step 1 Move the Hold switch first to On position and then to the Off position.

Step 2 Simultaneously hold down the Menu and Play/Pause buttons on the iPod for about 6 to 10 seconds.

Following the steps above, most of you can fix iPod frozen successfully. However, there are still some iPod remain frozen. In such cases, read on and learn to fix iPod frozen with iOS system recovery tool.

Method 2. Fix iPod frozen for good with iOS System Recovery tool

Whether your iPod is frozen in Recovery mode, Apple logo, or stuck in Home screen, you can hard reset iPod to solve most problems. If you fail to fix iPod frozen through hard reset, you can try to fix iPod frozen with iOS system recovery tool, which provides you a more powerful and stable way to fix frozen iPod to normal. Firstly, free download the program to your computer.

Step 1 Launch iOS System Recovery tool

Launch this software on your computer and connect your frozen iPod to it with USB cable. Tab the "iOS System Recovery" option on the main interface.

Launch iOS System Recovery
How to fix frozen iPod - Step 1

Step 2 Start to fix iPod frozen

Click "Start" button to begin to fix iPod frozen, iOS System Recovery will detect the issue automaticlly. But before that, you can follow the tutorial on the image to put iPhone into Recovery or DFU mode to fix iPod frozen.

Led iPhone into DFU
Fix my iPod is frozen - Step 2

Step 3 Download firmware package

Select the right iPod model and then click "Download" to download the repaired device plug-in. It will take a few minutes to complete the downloading.

Check Blue Screen iPhone Info
iPad is frozen and how to fix - Step 3

Step 4 Fix iPod frozen

When the plug-in download is finished, iOS System Recovery will automatically fix iPod forzen issue. After that, your iPod will get out of frozen and back to normal condition.

Fix iPhone Blue Screen to Normal
How to fix frozen iPod to normal

You can also check the video tutorial down below:

Fix Disabled Frozen iPhone to Normal play-button

In this article, we mainly showed you how to fix iPod frozen. You can firstly try to reset forzen iPod according to different models, if that doesn't work, you can fix iPod frozen with iOS System Recovery tool. Still have more questions about iPod frozen? Feel free to leave your comments down below.

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