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How to Unlock TracFone iPhone with 5 Best iPhone Unlockers

Once you purchase the prepaid TracFone iPhone, you have to and can only use TracFone wireless network whenever and wherever. It is the common method most carriers apply, to prevent customers from using the phone on the competitor's network. For people who need to take international travels, using TracFone wireless network will cost you an extra large amount of money. When you unlock TracFone cellphone, you can access to multiple networks and services. You can take the following iPhone unlock methods to unlock your prepaid TracFone wireless iPhone devices.

Unlock TracFone iPhone

Unlock TracFone iPhone

Part 1: Contact TracFone Customer Service to Unlock TracFone iPhone

It is the free TracFone iPhone unlock method, to get the TracFone unlock code for wireless TracFone iPhone lock removal. Moreover, TracFone carrier services only bundled with GSM phones have SIM cards. Just check beforehand to avoid nonsense time wasting for TracFone locked iPhone removal.

Step 1 Get an unlock code.

Call TracFone CS to get the unlock code. The TracFone customer service hotline works from 8:00am to 11:45pm, on Eastern Time. You can just dial 1-800-867-7183 to ask for the technical support for your TracFone unlock code. You will be verified that your iPhone and account are meet the unlock conditions. Later, write the TracFone unlock codes down if you have a grand memory for forgetting.


You'd better check your TracFone phone unlock eligibility through requirements of TracFone wireless site. Not every small item you have to follow, the key points are TracFone active period and you are in possession of the handset.

Unlock Code

Step 2 Unlock TracFone iPhone and switch a new SIM card.

Power off your iPhone and remove the TracFone SIM card from the SIM card slot under the back cover, or under the battery. Later, insert the new SIM card from the new carrier, and power on your iPhone. There will be the notification to notify you that your iPhone needs to be unlocked before installing the new SIM card. Then, enter the unlock TracFone code and hit "OK" to use the new iPhone without TracFone wireless connects limitations.

Q: So how to unlock a TracFone iPhone if I forgot the password?

A: The normal solution is to factory reset TracFone iPhone, with all data and applications erased. (Turn off your phone first. Long press the "Power", "Volume Down" and "Camera" buttons simultaneously, release them until the power on screen appears. Later, choose Factory Data Reset option, to delete everything including the password you set before.)

Part 2: Use An iPhone out of TracFone Wireless

If you fail to unlock TracFone Wireless cell phones, then come and seek help from following iPhone Unlocker services. Once your TracFone unlock viability has passed. Then you can remove locked TracFone USA iPhone from TracFone wireless permanently, with reasonable prices below.

Unlock TracFone USA iPhone Service Price Delivery Time Cons
OfficialiPhoneUnlock.com Start from £19.99 24-72 hours Instant carrier checking; the fastest unlock delivery; telephone support
iPhoneIMEI.net Start from $35.00 10-15 days Promise no hacking tool use, which may lead your iPhone locked permanently
ExpressUnlock.com Start from 0 (share to Facebook or more to obtain a free TracFone unlock) 1-7 days 100% refund money for iPhone still be unlocked
iPhoneFullUnlock.com USVD $41.99 1-3 business day Detail iPhone unlock guide
Unlock4dealers.biz Not sure 1-5 business day 70% to 80% success rate for not clean IMEI, and 100% success for the clean IMEI

Top 1: OfficialiPhoneUnlock.com

No jailbreak, no warranty damage, no additional charges and iTunes can still update as usual. OfficialiPhoneUnlock.com supports all baseband and firmware, to unlock latest TracFone iOS by the factory IMEI merely. And OfficialiPhoneUnlock.com offers TracFone unlocked iPhone permanently.

How to: Simply choose your iPhone model and enter the IMEI. TracFone USA. Later, check delivery time and the unlock price. If you are agree with iPhone unlock details, then complete the credit card details to order. When you receive the email with instructions contained, to announce your TracFone iPhone was marked as unlocked. Connect iPhone with the computer, and run iTunes to unlock Apple iPhone, or you can unlock TracFone iPhone wireless through Wi-Fi.


Top 2: iPhoneIMEI.net

iPhoneIMEI.net announces that it does not use any hacking tool to unlock iPhone forcible, unlike some iOS unlock sites. And you can enjoy the Worldwide unlock service to unlock TracFone Apple phones permanently.

How to: Enter the IMEI code > choose iPhone model > pay via Paypal > wait for iPhoneIMEI to unlock iPhone on the Apple Activation Database > receive the notification through email > Connect iPhone to the wireless network > unlock TracFone USA iPhone and insert the other SIM card.


Top 3: ExpressUnlock.com

If you share this online TracFone iPhone unlock site to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social platform, then there will be one free unlock you can enjoy. Similar to the above Apple device unlock sites, your iPhone can stay away from TracFone permanently, to be sim-free cell phone as well.

How to: Select the Unlock iPhone button, to choose out iPhone model plus IMEI. Check your payment, and then request for TracFone unlock iPhone online free for the first time.


Top 4: iPhoneFullUnlock.com

The service supports all iOS versions. You can unlock the sim-lock status of TracFone USA iPhone with IMEI. Later, your prepaid TracFone iPhone can connect any other wireless network without limitations. No matter you want to travel abroad, or to apply another carrier.

How to: Complete the TracFone iPhone unlock request of iOS model and IMEI number. Play the unlock order, and wait the notify email, to finish unlock process with iTunes.


Top 5: Unlock4dealers.biz

After TracFone Apple phone unlock with Unlock4dealers.com, your normal iTunes upgrade and other Apple warranty will not be removed. Be careful about IMEI typing, there is no money refund for wring IMEI numbers.

How to: Submit the order with iPhone type and IMEI number. Then you can track your order on Unlock4dealers.biz to get latest TracFone USA iPhone unlock news.


You can follow TracFone unlock reviews and instructions above, to remove locked TracFone wireless carrier and get a new iPhone. Additionally, I still want to recommend you OfficialiPhoneUnlock.com, because of its fast delivery and reasonable pricelists.

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