Online & Offline Approaches to Convert Image to Grayscale Display or Printout

October 17, 2022Gerald Christian

Does processing images with RGB colors seem a bit challenging for you? Well, most professional editors, image analyzers, and encoders remove the RGB channel's technicalities and make it into a Grayscale. Though it isn't usually used for many occasions, learning to edit images into a grayscale is an additional arsenal to your skillsets. Read the following information, including ways to convert images to Grayscale with the best editor online and offline.

Convert Images to Grayscale

Part 1. 2 Ways to Convert the Image to Grayscale Online


Pinetool is a complete image editor accessible on the web and can easily convert images to Grayscale. Despite being an online tool, you can create or edit an image, such as sharpening images. It is an easy-to-handle tool, meaning even non-professionals can apply effects or filters to the image input. Though it is free to use and accessible on different web browsers, there are ads on the website once you access it. If you don't mind seeing ads on your screen, follow the steps.


Steps on How to Use PineTool:

Step 1:
Open your web browser and search the official website of this editor.
Step 2:
Click the Image option and select the Grayscale Image on the list.
Step 3:
Press the Choose File and upload the image you want to convert. When the image is uploaded, click Apply to paste the filter you select and wait for the app to process the input image.
Step 4:
On the right side, you will see the version of the Grayscaled image, click the format you want it to be, and the tool will directly save it on your computer drive.


Like PineTool, you can learn how to Grayscale an image with OnlineJPGTools. The main difference from the first tool is the web interface and the approach of processing the image into a Grayscale. Though the app has a well-developed processing image, the only input it supports is JPG. What if the one you have isn't in the format of PNG? Then the app will reject the image you input. So, you will need to learn to convert images to PNG. If you want to learn how to use this converter, you can start following the steps below.


Steps on How to Use OnlineJPGTools:

Step 1:
Search for the name of it using your browser and open the app.
Step 2:
Look for the Create Grayscale PNG on the options on your screen, and press Import from file to add an image.
Step 3:
On the preview of the Grayscaled image, click Save As and press Download to export the Grayscaled version of the image on your desktop.

Part 2. Change an Image to Grayscale Offline Using Professional Image Editor

Adobe Illustrator is a more-defined application anyone can download on their PCs, whether Windows or Mac. Unlike the online app, here you won't need an internet connection to gain access and use it freely to edit. For professional use, you can't go worn with picking this software, for it can also convert images to vector versions easily. Due to its feature, you must continually purchase a plan to use it without limitation. Thus, the app is a bit challenging to use by beginners or those who aren't tech-savvy. So, if you don't know how to change the image to Grayscale using Illustrator, then read the tutorial added.

Adobe Illustrator

Steps on How to Use Adobe Illustrator:

Step 1:
Download the official version of Adobe Illustrator by visiting its official website of it. Then launch the app and open the image file you want to convert with it.
Step 2:
Open the Select menu and click All to select all of the images you upload in Illustrator. Next is to unlock all of the layers by going to Objects and selecting Unlock All.
Step 3:
Open the Edit menu, choose from the cascading menu the Edit Colors, and select Convert to Grayscale.
Step 4:
When satisfied with the result, click File and press Save to export the Grayscale image.

Part 3. Compile and Turn Converted Images to Grayscale into a Video or Film

With Aiseesoft Slideshow Creator, you can quickly create a video or film from a compilation of converted images to Grayscale. Even if you aren't professional in turning the photos into a slideshow, you can achieve it once you use this application over others on the market. Plus, this app supports other options you can apply to the slideshow you create. So, if you want to test this app, you start reading the instructions and follow them to create a slideshow as easy as 1-2-3.

Steps on How to Use Aiseesoft Slideshow Creator:

Step 1:
To download the editor, click the download button to have it on your Windows or Mac device. After downloading the file, click it to install, set it up before launching the app, and run the editor into your system when all these are finished.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 2:
On the upper part, click File and choose Add File to upload the Grayscale image saved on your desktop.
Add Grayscale Image
Step 3:
When the image is finally added, create a fantastic slideshow by adding Themes, Text, Transitions, Filters, and Elements. Don't limit yourself to using these options to create the most amazing slideshow ever.
Edit Grayscale Slideshow
Step 4:
Next, click Export, choose the output format and setting you want, and press Export to download the slideshow you created here.
Download Grayscale Slideshow

Part 4. FAQs on How to Create a Grayscale Image

Does the Grayscale image has a smaller file size?

Compared to colored images, an example is RGB data; Grayscale has a smaller size because it doesn't have other information than black, white, and gray.

What is the disadvantage of using Grayscale?

Since Grayscale uses white, black, and gray colors, most users think this form's images create less interaction and emotion. You can make more vibrant and entertaining art, unlike having an RGB color image.

Can I set my iPhone to Grayscale mode?

Other than invert mode, you can also use or set the display of the iPhone to Grayscale mode with a few tweaks on the settings.


With that, you know how to convert images to Grayscale with the help of the two online tools and Illustrator. We can assure you that you will have the Grayscale filter applied to the image you input after you follow the indicated steps on your selected tool. When converting the image is done, you can start creating a video from a compilation of the converted image with the help of the slideshow creator we mention in this article. It is the best editor for creating a video slideshow that offers various templates.

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