Convert Image to Black and White or Monochrome Easily With Best Editors

October 17, 2022Gerald Christian

Colors contain wavelengths of light that our eyes perceive. It plays a vital role in building emotion in photography; Somehow, colors make the image less dramatic. Instead of adding colors to improve the appearance, photographers and editors tried and experimented with eliminating all colors except white and black.

The birth of monochrome unveils a new approach to creativity that brings drama, romantic, and vintage looks to the image. From time to time, image editors that support the black and white option panned out. Yet, only a few work best in converting or creating images into monochrome. Here are the compilations of editors you can use to convert images to black and white easily.

Convert Images to Black and White

Part 1. How to Make an Image Black and White in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop allows a creative way to convert a color image to black and white easily. With millions of downloads, rest assured that this advanced image editor can produce high-quality monochrome images from your colored image. In addition to its Monochrome option, you can adjust the presets, auto, tint, and color sliders to highlight the black and white color of the image. Before using all these options, you must purchase the app if you have consumed the free trial this editor supports. Moreover, there are two ways this editor changes the image into a monochrome, and you can follow which one you think fits you the best.

Adobe Photoshop

1st Way. Use Adjustment Option as Black & White

Step 1:
Download the official version of Adobe Photoshop on its official Adobe website and launch it.
Step 2:
After launching the editor, click File and Open to import the colored image you want to turn into a monochrome.
Step 3:
Select the Image menu, Adjustment, and click Black & White from the list on the upper part.
Step 4:
Adjust the presets based on your preference, and click OK to apply the changes you did.
Step 5:
Tick the File menu, then press Save to export the image as black and white.

2nd Way. Add Layer and Change Hue/Saturation

Step 1:
After adding the colored image, you want to edit, go to the Layers.
Step 2:
Select the Hue/Saturation to open the option where you can turn your colored image into a monochrome.
Step 3:
Lower the saturation to the lowest by dragging the slider to desaturate the image, turning it into monochrome. Now the image color data is removed from the photo.

Part 2. How to Convert Image to Black and White in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is another Adobe-powered application you can use to edit images and graphical illustrations. It is a software best for editing colored vector images into monochrome rather than selecting Photoshop. In fact, there are two ways how to make an image black and white in illustrator. Keep reading the details to know how.

Adobe Illustrator

1st Way. Using the Grayscale

Step 1:
Upload the image you want to convert, and select the Selection Tool on the left. Click on the image you imported to select it.
Step 2:
When the image is successfully selected, click Embed.
Step 3:
Go to the Edit menu, and select Edit Colors.
Step 4:
On the list that will appear, choose to Convert to Grayscale and wait for a few seconds for the app to process it.

2nd Way. Eliminate Saturation on Image

Step 1:
Import the colored photo you want to edit on Illustrator, and locate the Edit menu at the top.
Step 2:
Under Edit, select Edit Colors and choose the Saturate on the available option.
Step 3:
A Saturate option will appear on your screen; adjust the intensity by sliding the slider. To see what the image looks like, click Preview, and if you are satisfied, click OK.

Part 3. How to Convert Photos to Black and White When Making a Slideshow

What if you want to convert the image to black and white and then save it as a slideshow? Is it possible? Well, it is! Aiseesoft Slideshow Creator allows users to create a creative slideshow with a compilation of images saved into their local drive. Under Themes is a ready-made sample of the best styles that could make your slideshow looks astonishing compared to converting it to monochrome. Besides importing an image file, you can also turn videos into a slide show and save the final output in the most popular format. So, if you want to know how to create one of the most extraordinary slideshows ever, follow the steps added below.

Steps on How to Use the Aiseesoft Slideshow Converter:

Step 1:
Download the Aiseesoft Slideshow Converter by clicking the appropriate download button to have the right version on your computer. Do a quick installation and set it up. Next, press Start Now to launch the slideshow creator.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 2:
On the lower mid part, click + icon to upload the images you want to turn into a monochrome slideshow.
Add Image and Create Slideshow
Step 3:
On the right side of the interface, select Filter; since you want to have a monochrome, choose Gray. Tap every image you import and the Gray filter to apply every filter to the image.
Select Filter Gray
Step 4:
After applying monochrome to the slideshow, press Export, choose the output format, and click Export to save the exported slideshow with the Gray filter on your computer.
Export Slideshow Black and White

Part 4. FAQs on How to Make an Image Black and White

Does retrieving the colorized version of monochrome possible?

Yes, it is possible to restore the colorized version to the monochrome photo with the help of different editors on the web and downloadable.

Why are old photos in black and white?

Since photography with color needs to be performed by experts became the reason why images are in black and white. Plus, the production of the picture takes a long time and is expensive compared to monochrome.

Can I correct the color using Final Cut Pro?

Luckily, it is possible. Final Cut Pro is a known Mac-supported video editor to adjust the image's values and brightness. Though the software is a professional grade editor, the price of it isn't low. But if you want to correct color in Final Cut Pro, we have written articles about that to help you perform it step-by-step.


We mainly showed you how to convert the image to black and white, not grayscale, with the help of Illustrator, Photoshop, and the Slideshow creator. So, which software would you install to create a monochrome image? If you haven't decided what to use, we highly recommend downloading and using the Aiseesoft Slideshow Creator because it is cheaper compared to the converters that Adobe supports. What do you think of this article? Leave a comment below if you have a question regarding this topic.

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