How to Delete Downloads on iPhone with Useful Ways

June 05, 2018Louisa White

How to delete downloads on iPhone?

Not everyone needs to keep their dowload files on iPhone. The longer you use your iPhone, the more downloads you keep. These download files may occupy iPhone memory and slow down your iPhone, so how to delete downloads on iPhone? In this article, you can learn 2 ways to delete downloads from iPhone. Just keep reading on.

Where are my downloads

Many iPhone users wonder that "Where are my downloads", so we can find download files and delete them. However, it is a pity that there is no way to find downloads folder directly on iPhone for security reasons. And if you want to find your download history, you can install one download file manager app, and connect your iPhone with iTunes, and then you can access the download folder through the app on computer. Also, if you use some PDF/movies/music apps to download some files, you can find the downloads within the apps.

How to delete downloads from iPhone directly

Delete downloads one by one

If you want to delete a particular download file, or you don't have so many download files to remove, you can choose one-by-one method to delete downloads on iPhone.

First, find the file you want to delete. Because you cannot directly enter the download folder on iPhone, you need to find the app that handle the file you want to delete. Second, access the download file through the app, and choose "Remove/Delete" button to clear your downloads.

Here we take deleting podcasts on iPhone as an example.

Step 1. Open Podcasts app on iPhone and go to My Podcasts.

Step 2. Find the podcast that you want to delete and tap the "..." button next to it.

Step 3. Tap on Remove Download option and tap on Remove Download button again to confirm it.

Delete Download Podcasts on iPhone

Remove app downloads on iPhone

If you have lots of download histories/files to delete, it is time-consuming and difficult to remove them one by one. So here you can delete your downloads all in one. And then you need to uninstall and reinstall the apps on your iPhone.

Manage Storage on iPhone

Step 1. Go to Settings > General.

Step 2. Choose Storage & iCloud Usage.

Step 3. Tap on Manage Storage to find the app that includes the download files you want to delete.

Delete Apps on iPhone

Step 4. Click the app and select Delete App. Do it again on other apps that contain your donwloads.

After that, you need to go to "App Store" on your iPhone and reinstall the apps.

How to delete downloads with one iPhone cleaner

You must think both of 2 methods above are not good ideas to delete downloads from iPhone, becuase Method 1 will waste your time and angry and Method 2 will make you lose various important files. So is there a better way to delete downloads on iPhone? The answer is, yes, there is an easy and quick way to delete downloads from iPhone.

If you want to delete downloads iphone and erase all content/settings, here FoneEraser, one professional iPhone eraseris highly recommended to help you safely clean and delete everything on your iPhone forever.

  • Erase various content and settings permanently.
  • Meet your personal needs with three erasing levels selectively.
  • Best option to delete Apple ID account from your iPhone.

Using this software, you are able to delete downloads from iPhone in only a few clicks.

Step 1.
Connect iPhone

Connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable. It will detect your iPhone immediately.

Connect iPhone before Deleting Songs from iPhone
Step 2.
Choose erasing level

Then choose an erasing level (Low, Medium and High). And "High Level" is recommended here to delete download and others on iPhone.

Select Erasing Level for Erasing Songs from iPhone
Step 3.
Delete all downloads on iPhone

Hit Start button and erase all iPhone data, including iPhone all downloads.

Delete Songs from iPhone with FoneEraser

For more details about how to delete all downloads on iPhone using FoneEraser, you can watch the video.

Permanently Delete Data on iPhone play-button

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