4 Feasible Ways to Remove Music from iPhone Using iTunes/Settings/Music App

October 20, 2023Louisa White

Having music files on your phone is as essential as any other files. But you will need to learn how to delete songs from the iPhone as the storage space can get easily full. For instance, keeping many audio files from streaming services can affect your device, and no space will be available for your videos, photos, emails, games, and so on. To prevent this from happening, here are the suggested solutions to get rid of music files on your phone.

Delete Music from iPhone

Part 1. Quick Way to Delete Music from iPhone

One thing you can do is transfer music files from your iPhone to the computer. Aiseesoft MobieSync is a solution that will optimize your iPhone with data transfer. Connecting your smartphone will allow the software to categorize all files, such as photos, music, videos, contacts, and more. It shows all file sizes, so you can choose which to delete or export. Moreover, it has a select-all feature to manage files in bulk. You can try Aiseesoft MobieSync on Windows and Mac for free.




  • Transfers and delete songs from iPhone to Android, PC, Mac, and other devices.
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Step 1:
Free download Aiseesoft MobieSync on your PC and iPhone. Alternatively, you can connect the device later with a compatible USB cable. For now, set up the software on your computer until done. If you install the app on your phone, use it to scan the QR code.
Aiseesoft MobieSync Connect iPhone
Step 2:
Once your iPhone details are on the interface, head to the Music menu at the left part. Check the songs, artists, or albums you want to transfer. Once done, click the Export to Device or Export to PC button to transfer data.
Aiseesoft MobieSync Export to PC
Step 3:
To delete music from your iPhone, select the songs, podcasts, or any audio file you want to erase. Then, click the Delete Files button to completely erase files from your device. Do the same procedure for photos, videos, and contacts to free up more storage space.
Aiseesoft MobieSync Delete Music from iPhone

Part 2. How to Delete Music from iPhone in Settings

One of the default ways to delete files on iPhone is via the Settings app. At least with this method, you will not individually select songs or artists to erase, but it allows you to select multiple albums to delete. But of course, you can get to choose for files, just follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Open the settings on your iPhone and navigate to the General menu. Tap the iPhone Storage, and you will see all of the current apps.
Step 2:
Scroll down until you find the Music app. When you open it, all music files are listed with the file sizes. Choose one file and swipe it to the left.
Settings iPhone Storage Delete Music on iPhone
Step 3:
A Delete button will appear, which you can press to remove the file from your phone. Do repeatedly to free up space on the iPhone Storage.

Part 3. How to Delete Music from iPhone with iTunes

If you use Apple Music to listen to songs, then iTunes is the best place to manage your audio files. This method will require you to use a computer and the latest version of the iTunes app. If you meet the requirements, begin following the demonstrations below:

Step 1:
Run the iTunes program on your computer, then connect the iPhone with a USB cable. Wait until iTunes recognizes the device.
Step 2:
Find the Music menu from the On My Device section at the left corner. Choo the audio tracks you want to delete.
iTunes On My Device Delete from Library
Step 3:
Once the audio is highlighted, you can simply press the Delete button on your keyboard. Alternatively, right-press your mouse and click the Delete Library button. Confirm the choice when prompted.

Part 4. How to Delete Music from iPhone in the Music App

If you only decide to clear some songs, you can manually do it inside the Music app. The method only allows you to easily search artists or songs but only is a good choice for individual deletion. If that is okay with you, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1:
Launch the Music App on the device and find the Downloaded menu. Scroll down until you see the audio track or a whole album to delete.
Step 2:
Long press the song to reveal the additional menu. Choose the Remove Download option, and the downloaded song will be deleted entirely from the app.
Step 3:
If you wish to delete a whole playlist or album, go back to the Downloaded menu and long-press the Albums or Songs menu. Then, tap the Delete from Library button.
Music App Remove from Download

Here are more tips for iPhone users who rely on Apple Music for daily music enjoyment.

Part 5. FAQs about Deleting Music from iPhone

How do I delete songs from my iPhone but not Apple Music?

You can delete songs from the Settings app. From the iPhone Storage menu, find other music streaming apps. Then, open them to choose the songs to delete. Tap the Delete button to remove unwanted audio files.

How do I completely Delete Apple Music?

Go to settings and choose the General option. Tap the iPhone Storage option and locate the Music app from the list. Tap on it and choose the Delete App button to remove Apple Music from your phone.

How do I delete an iTunes library?

You will need to launch Finder on the computer. Ensure the iTunes app is shut down. Then, press the Go button and select Home. Navigate to the Music folder and choose the iTunes option. Select the iTunes Music Library.xml and iTunes Library.itl options and delete them.

Does deleting the Music app on iPhone will delete all downloaded songs?

Yes. Choosing the Delete App option from the iPhone Storage will remove both the application and the data. However, choosing the Offload App function lets you keep the downloaded songs. You can reinstall the app, and the previous data will load automatically.

How to delete voice recordings on an iPhone?

Quickly delete voice memo recordings by opening the Voice Memos app on your phone. Browse the list for the target audio file. Press the Edit button from the top right corner, then select the recording. Press the Trash icon from the bottom right of your screen.


All possible ways to delete music on iPhone are discussed here. Use any of the methods to free up space and optimize the device. Meanwhile, use Aiseesoft MobieSync to quickly transfer or delete files. Free download the best file-managing app on Windows or Mac to see more awesome features.

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