Top 3 Ways to Record Discord Audio/Calls

September 09, 2020Amanda Brown

Discord is a very popular voice and text messaging community among game players. It offers a convenient way to contact others and make friends. Similar to some famous social platforms, Discord allows users to send text messages, GIFs, emotes, and make audio chat with other gamers while the game playing. Because Discord is a lightweight program and won't cost much hardware-driven space, it soon attracts lots of users.

While the daily usage of Discord, do you have the need to record Discord audio or calls?

You may notice that, there is no built-in audio recorder designed in Discord. So you need to rely on some third-party recording tools to help you capture audio on Discord. Considering your need, here in this post, we like to share 3 simple ways to help you record Discord audio and calls with high quality.

Record Discord Audio and Calls

Part 1. Best Way to Record Discord Audio

At the first part, we like to show you a professional way to record Discord audio and calls with high sound quality. Here we strongly recommend the powerful Discord audio recorder, Screen Recorder to help you capture any audio on Discord.

Screen Recorder


Screen Recorder - Best Discord Audio Recorder

  • Record any audio and voice calls on Discord with high sound quality.
  • Capture sound from system audio card, microphone/speaker or both.
  • Edit the Discord audio recording and save it in MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, etc.
  • Record any online video, audio, calls, meetings, and other activities on computer.
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Step 1.
To record Discord audio or voice calls, you should free install and run this audio recording software on your computer first.
Step 2.
When you enter the home window, choose the Audio Recorder feature to record audio on Discord. As you can see, besides the Discord audio recording, it also enables you to record videos and take screenshots.
Choose Audio Recorder
Step 3.
During this step, you can choose the audio recording source. If you want to record your own voice and system audio, here you should turn on both Microphone and System Sound.

This Discord audio recorder will save your recording file in MP3 by default. If you prefer another output format, you can go to the Preferences windows.

Step 4.
After all these operations, you can start the Discord audio recording by clicking the REC button. You get full control of the Discord recording. Also, you can see some basic information like file size, recording time and others during the recording process. When you want to stop the recording, you can simply click on the Stop button.
Step 5.
You will be automatically guided to a preview window after the recording. You are allowed to listen to the recorded Discord audio and edit it. Then you can click the Save button to save the Discord audio file on your computer.

With the adoption of the latest accelerate technology, it guarantees that you can record high-quality Discord audio and calls smoothly. What's more, it enables you to record online videos, capture online meetings, and record gameplay with high image quality. Just free download it and have a try.

Part 2. Free Online Way to Capture Audio on Discord

When you have the need to record Discord audio, you can also rely on some free online audio recorder. There are a larger number of screen and audio recording tools offered on the internet. In case you don't know which one you should use, here we introduce you with the popular Free Online Audio Recorder.

Step 1.
Open your browser and navigate to the official site of the free online Discord audio recording tool.
Step 2.
Click on the Start Recording button to download and install a small-size launcher first. After that, you should click the Start Recording button again to arise the recording window.
Start Recording
Step 3.
Now you can choose the audio source from System Audio or Microphone. Then click REC button to start recording your Discord audio. You can click Stop to finish the Discord audio recording process.

After the recording, you can preview the captured Discord audio file and edit it. The Discord recording will be automatically saved on your computer in MP3 format.


Part 3. How to Record Discord Audio and Calls with OBS

OBS is a free and open source live streaming and video/audio recording tool which allows you to record Discord audio. You can take the following guide to capture any audio on Discord.

Step 1.
Download, install and run OBS on your computer. Click the + under Sources, and then you can choose the Desktop Audio option.
Step 2.
During this step, you can click File > Settings > Output to custom the output mode. Click Settings > Audio > Desktop Audio to choose the audio recording source. After that, click OK to confirm the operation.
Record with OBS
Step 3.
Now you can click the Start Recording button to begin recording audio from Discord.

Part 4. FAQs of Recording Discord Audio

Question 1. How to use the Discord screen share?

Discord screen share provides a simple way to share screens with your friends. To use this feature, you should open your "Friend List" and start a "Video Call" first. You can see a "Screen Share" icon next to the "Video Call" icon. You can click on it to enable and use the Discord screen share function.

Question 2. Why is Discord screen share audio not working?

There are various reasons will lead to the Discord screen share audio not working issue. One main reason is the outdated and wrong audio drivers. When you are facing this problem, you can choose to re-install the audio driver or install the latest driver to get rid of it.

Question 3. Can you record discord with audacity?

Audacity is another popular recording tool which can help you record Discord audio with ease. But you should know that, Audacity only allows you to capture one audio source. You can't rely on it to record your own voice or other people's at the same time.

After reading this post, you can get 3 simple ways to record Discord audio and calls. Whether you are looking for a free or professional method, you can easily find what you need in this page. You can leave us a message if you still have any questions about the Discord audio recording.

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