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7 Tips to Recover Deleted Music from iPhone


If you find your iPhone deleted music on its own, or Apple music library disappeared after iOS 10/11/12/13/14 updates, you need to read this post to get the 7 solutions to remove this trouble.

It is the pleasant thing to listen to music on the go. However, the sudden disappearance of your Apple music library after the iOS 18/17/16/15/14/13 upgrades, or the deletion of iPhone music on its own will panic many of you. For your favorite music downloads or purchases, you may get the question: Is it possible to recover the deleted music from iPhone?

The answer is yes.

Recover Deleted Music from iPhone

Recover Deleted Music from iPhone

This page shows you 7 solutions to help you deal with different situations where music is deleted for some reasons.

Part 1. Music is not deleted, but disabled for some reasons

iPhone Music App is missing and music are deleted?

My iPhone app disappeared from my iPhone 6! How do I get it back? What's worse, all my music library files are gone, too. What a hell! I just update my iOS. Is Apple deleted my music files? - Jon Schwenke

If you suffer from the same problem like Jon Schwenke, do not panic. More likely than not, you probably deleted your Music icon on your iPhone accidentally.

iPhone apps icon cannot be deleted before iOS 10. However, after iOS 10 update, you are given the option to delete the stock Apple apps from Home screen, while the apps are more hidden than actually gone. Meanwhile, you may notice that your music library files are also gone.

For fixing this issue, you just need two steps.

Step 1Go to App Store > Tap Search to type Music to download this app again. After a minute, you will find Music app show on your iPhone screen.

Find Deleted Music App

Step 2 Go to Settings > Music > Toggle on iCloud Music Library > Select Keep to get back the deleted music files.

Find Back Deleted Music

Music is deleted from iPhone, but intact on other iOS devices?

My Apple Music library has disappeared from my iPhone (6s) but my entire Music library is still intact on my iPad (iPad Air 2). Both devices have been updated to the latest iOS software. I have always and still do have both devices synched together. However, my Music library will not restore back onto my iPhone. Any help on fixing this issue? I'm not sure if this is an Apple Music error, an iOS problem, or if there is something wrong with my actual iPhone itself. - Joseph Muniz

If you meet such problem like Joseph Muniz, you may turn off Apple Music.

Look at the steps to fix it.

Go into Settings > Music > Make sure Apple Music is turned on. If it is, try turning it off and then on again, then check your music library.

Please be patient, because it may take minutes for your music to show up.

If that does not work, go into Settings > iTunes and make sure that you are signed in with the correct account. You could also try logging out and logging back in to iTunes.

Music disappeared suddenly, and only purchased music is kept?

I was listening to music this morning through my headphones when all of a sudden it just stopped. When I unlocked my phone and went back onto the app, all my music had disappeared! I've tried resetting it and switching it on and off but all that has done has returned my previously purchased music before I signed up for Apple Music. To pay £9.99 a month to have it all disappear is pretty devastating! - Ivan POLLAK

If you encounter the trouble like Ivan POLLAK, you may have your Library from Apple Music missing. This can happen if iCloud Music Library is disabled. we would recommend you turn on iCloud Music Library.

Go to Settings > Music, and tap iCloud Music Library to turn it on.

Enable iCloud Music Library

The above 3 solutions focus on the music that seemly deleted, but just hidden for some reasons because of the settings on your iPhone.

What's worse, you really get stuck in the deleted music.

If you do, just keep reading the second part to recover the deleted songs from iPhone.

Part 2. How to recover Apple music songs on iPhone

In this part, we will take 4 solutions to help you get back the deleted music.

Re-download purchased music from iTunes Store

One of the advantages of paying money on Apple music, is that you can re-download the music for free without time limitations.

Go to iTunes Store app > Tap More option on the bottom right > Select Purchased > Music.

You'll see a list of all the songs that you have purchased with your Apple ID. At the top, click on Not On This iPhone instead of All, and you should see your purchased music there to download again.

Recover deleted songs on iTunes

Songs that are deleted on your iPhone, but still appear on your iTunes? Then you are fortunate to restore the deleted music from iTunes.

Step 1 Run iTunes on your computer, and connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable.

Step 2 Click your iPhone icon on the top menu, click Music > Click Sync to start to sync the deleted music to your iPhone.

In this way, you will find you will remove the existing music on iPhone and sync with the restored iTunes library.

Recover Deleted Music from iTunes

Access deleted music from iCloud

If you backed up music to iCloud before, then here you are able to find back your disappeared music with iCloud account.

But, one thing you need to notice:

Restoring the deleted music with iCloud backup will wipe out all existing data on your iPhone, so you had better backup your iPhone firstly, to avoid any other important data loss.

Step 1 Reset iPhone

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Content and Settings to factory reset your iPhone.

Reset iPhone

Step 2 Restore iPhone music from iCloud

When your iPhone gets factory reset, you can follow the on-screen instructions to setup your iPhone. In the Apps & Data, select Restore from iCloud > Sign in your iCloud account and pick up the backup to restore.

Recover pictures from iCloud

You just need to wait patiently.

If you seek for a way that will not erase all existing data on your iPhone, then you should go to the next part.

Recover deleted music from iPhone directly

For getting back the deleted music without wiping any data on iPhone, you could take the iPhone Data Recovery.

FoneLab - iPhone Data Recovery For Mac

Now, let's check the steps.

Step 1 Free download this software, install and run it on your computer. Click "Recover from iOS device". Meanwhile, connect your iPhone to computer and click Start Scan to scan your iPhone.

Connect iPhone

Step 2 After complete the scanning process, you will find all data types display on the left pane. Click App Audio to find the music files. And the music file names marked in red color are those deleted music files.

Recover Deleted Music from iPhone Directly

Step 3 Checkmark the music file that you want to recover, and click "Recover" to save the deleted music files to computer.

After that, you could put music on iPhone freely.

Part 3. FAQs of recovering deleted music from iPhone

Where did my music go in iTunes?

You can simply find the default iTunes Media folder by User > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media. If not, you can open iTunes. On the top menu bar, select Edit > Preferences. Then click the Advanced tab and find the file path under iTunes Media folder location.

Will I lose all my music when iTunes shuts down?

No. Users will have access to their entire music library, whether they downloaded the songs, purchased them or ripped them from a CD."

Why are some of my songs on iTunes not syncing?

One reason is that your iTunes may not be able to locate some of the song names. Or you may not have Sync Library turned on all your devices.


This post shows you 7 strategies to help you deal with the issue of deleted music form iPhone. For the disappeared music, you should judge if they are really deleted from your iPhone, or just hidden presently, then you could take the corresponding actions to solve the problem.

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