The Ultimate Guide to Backing Up Your iPad

Backing up your iPad is crucial to ensure the security of your valuable data. Here in this article, we give you detailed instructions on how to backup iPad using various methods. Whether you want to back up your iPad data to iCloud, MacBook, an external hard drive, or backup iPad with iTunes, you can follow these instructions.

Backup iPad

Part 1. Best Way to Backup iPad to Mac and Windows Computers

Whether you use a Mac or a Windows computer, there are several effective methods to back up your iPad and protect your valuable information. While Apple provides its official backup solutions through iCloud, iTunes, and Finder, using a third-party backup tool can offer added flexibility and features. First, we will explore the best way to back up your iPad data using the powerful Aiseesoft iOS Data Backup & Restore.



iOS Data Backup & Restore - Best Way to Backup iPad

  • Back up all types of iOS files on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Support various iPad data, including contacts, messages, photos, etc.
  • Protect your iPhone and iPad backups with a password.
  • Restore backup files to your iPad without interrupting existing data.
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Step 1:
Download and install the iPad backup tool on your Mac or Windows PC. Launch iOS Data Backup & Restore and connect your iPad. Ensure that your iPad is unlocked, and trust the computer if prompted. Select the iOS Data Backupfeature to back up all your iPad data.
Pick iOS Data Backup
Step 2:
Choose the specific data types you want to back up from your iPad. As you can see, it allows you to back up iPad contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, Safari browsing history, call logs, notes, and more. Moreover, you can choose to back up iPad using the Standard backup or Encrypted backup mode.
Choose Files to Backup
Step 3:
Click the Next button and choose a suitable location where you want to store the iPad backup. You can back up your iPad to an external hard drive or a specific file folder on your computer. Ensure you have sufficient free space on the selected destination.

Part 2. How to Backup iPad to iCloud

iCloud offers an easy and reliable backup solution for iPad and iPhone users. This part will walk you through backing up your iPad to iCloud.

Before proceeding with the iPad backup process, it is important to ensure that you have sufficient iCloud storage. Tap your Apple account name in the Settings app, go to iCloud, then tap Manage Account Storage or iCloud Storage to see the available storage. Click here to learn how to manage and clear iCloud Storage.

Check Manage iCloud Storage on iPad

Ensure your iPad device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. Backing up iPad to iCloud requires a Wi-Fi connection to initiate and complete successfully.

Open Settings on your iPad and tap your Apple ID. Select iCloud from the list and scroll down to tap iCloud Backup. Toggle the Back Up This iPad switch to enable it.

Enable Back Up this iPad

Once you have enabled iCloud backup, you can manually initiate a backup or set it to automatically backup your iPad regularly. To manually back up your iPad data to iCloud, tap Back Up Now. Now you can see the backup progress bar and the time remaining estimation.

Back Up iPad to iCloud

Part 3. How to Backup iPad on MacBook Using iTunes and Finder

Apple provides two different methods for backing up your iPad on a Mac, using iTunes and Finder. If your Mac runs macOS Catalina or a later version, you can directly use Finder to backup and restore your iPad data.

Backup iPad on MacBook Using Finder

Step 1:
Connect the iPad you want to back up to your Mac using the original USB cable. Unlock your iPad and ensure it is trusted by your Mac.
Step 2:
Open Finder on your Mac. You can click its icon in the dock or press Command + Space and type Finder in the spotlight search.
Step 3:
In the left sidebar of Finder, you should see your connected iPad under the Locations section. Click to choose it. In the main Finder window, you will see an overview of your iPad's content, including backup options, app management, and more.
Back Up iPad to Mac Using Finder
Step 4:
To initiate an iPad backup, tick the Back up all of the data on your iPad to this Mac option, and click the Back Up Now button. Wait for the backup to complete. The time it takes will depend on your iPad's data size.

Backup iPad to Mac with iTunes

Check and ensure you get the latest version of iTunes installed on your Mac. Connect your iPad via a USB cable. If prompted on your iPad, trust the computer.

Step 1:
Launch iTunes on your Mac. If it doesn't open automatically upon connecting your iPad, you can manually open it from the Applications folder or search for it through Spotlight.
Step 2:
Locate the iPad button at the top-left corner of iTunes and click it to select your device. Under the Backups section, you'll find two backup options, iCloud and This Computer. Choose the This Computer option to back up your iPad locally on your Mac.
Step 3:
Click Back Up Now to initiate the iPad backup process. Wait for iTunes to complete the backup, and ensure you do not disconnect your iPad until the backup is finished.
Back Up iPad with iTunes on Mac

Part 4. How to Backup All Your iPad Data to an External Hard Drive

With the introduced Aiseesoft iOS Data Backup & Restore above, you can easily back up your iPad data to a computer or an external drive. Besides, you can use a USB adapter to connect your iPad to the hard drive and transfer files.

It is essential to select a compatible external drive for your iPad. The hard drive should be FAT32 or exFAT. To establish a connection between your iPad and the external drive, you need a lightning to USB adapter or a USB-C to USB adapter. Connect the adapter to your iPad and then connect the external drive to the adapter.

Connect iPad to External Drive with USB Adapter

The Files app is an essential tool for managing your files on iPad. If it is not already installed on your iPad, install it from the App Store. The Files app lets you access and organize various files stored on your iPad, iCloud Drive, and external drives.

Launch the Settings app and select Files from the left-hand menu. Under Locations, ensure your external drive is detected and enabled. If you do not see it listed, disconnect and reconnect the hard drive, then check again.

Open the Files app and find the files or folders you wish to back up. Tap Select at the top right of the iPad screen and pick the items you want to back up. Once selected, tap the ellipsis icon and select Copy .

Select iPad Data to Backup on External Drive

Navigate back to the main Files app screen and tap Browse. You should see your external drive listed under Locations. Tap it to access its contents. Build a new folder or select an existing one to store your iPad backup. Tap Copy to initiate the backup process.

Part 5. How to Restore Your iPad from a Backup

For different reasons, you may want to restore your iPad from a previous backup. For instance, when you lose some important iPad files and want to get them back, you can restore your iPad from a backup created by iTunes, iCloud, or a third-party tool.

Restore iPad Using iCloud Backup

To restore your iPad from an iCloud backup, you should first go to Settings, and factory reset it. While the iPad is set up, select Restore from iCloud Backup, sign in to your iCloud account, then choose the backup you want to restore and wait for it to complete.

Restore iPhone iPad from iCloud Backup while Setup

Restore iPad from iTunes or Finder Backup

Connect your iPad to your computer and run iTunes. Click the iPad button and go to the Backups section. Click the Restore Backup button and select the iTunes backup you like to restore. Click the Restore button to start and complete the iPad restore process.

To restore your iPad from a Finder backup, you can click your iPad's name under the Locations section in the left sidebar, click the Restore Backup button under the General tab, select the backup you want to restore from, then click the Restore button.

Restore iPad Data with a Third-party Tool

If you back up your iPad using Aiseesoft iOS Data Backup & Restore, you can open it and choose the iOS Data Restore feature. Select an iPad backup you want to restore and then analyze all its data. All iPad files will be listed in their associated data types. Choose specific files and then restore them to your iPad.

iOS Data Backup Mode

Part 6. FAQs of How to Backup iPad

Can I back up my iPad from my iPhone?

No, you cannot directly back up an iPad from an iPhone. Each device has its own separate backup process. However, you can use iCloud or iTunes to back up your iPad and iPhone separately, and both backups can be stored on the same iCloud account or computer.

Is it good to back up your iPad?

Yes, it is highly recommended to regularly back up your iPad to ensure that your data is safe. Backing up your iPad allows you to restore your device to a previous state and recover your data if anything goes wrong. It also makes it easier to transfer your data to a new device or to restore your data after a software update.

How do you view your iPad backups on a Mac?

First of all, you need to connect your iPad to a Mac and open Finder. Then you should go to the General tab and click Manage Backups to check your iPad backups. Select the specific iPad backup you want to view and right-click on it. Use the Show in Finder option to see detailed files.


Backing up your iPad can maintain the safety and integrity of valuable iOS data. Following the helpful instructions outlined in this post, you can pick the desired backup method that suits your needs, whether iCloud, Finder, iTunes, or a third-party backup tool. Remember to regularly check and update your iPad backups to ensure the latest version of your data is always protected.

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