Tutorial of Sending Large Video Files from Android to Another Device

August 26, 2019Nicole Jones

Suppose you intend to send a large video file from Android, but only to be told the file is too large to send as an attachment via email. Of course, you can easily load it to a flash drive if you just want to share the video locally, but what about if you need to transfer it to a specific device?

So, we will tell you how to send large video files from Android to PC, another Android device or iPhone in the article below.

Send Large Video Files from Android

Send Large Video Files from Android

Part 1: How to Send Large Video Files from Android to PC/Mac

The biggest difference between Android and iOS is that Android is an open system. As it turns out, you have several options to send large video files from Android to computer.

Method 1: AutoPlay

AutoPlay is a feature on Windows, which appears automatically when you connect your Android phone to your computer. Then you can access Android file system and send large video files to PC.

Step 1.
Connect your Android phone to your PC with a USB cable. Then the AutoPlay window will appear.

Tip: Make sure that you have enabled USB Debugging mode on Android phone.

Step 2.
Select Open folder to view files to access your Android phone.
Step 3.
Go to the Internal storage > DICM or Movies, and then copy the desired video files from Android and paste them to your hard drive.

Note: Some manufacturers have encrypted their Android products in order to protect personal files. In such case, AutoPlay cannot access your Android phone.

Method 2: AirDroid

AirDroid is a utility for Android users to send large video files to computer via wireless connection. It is free to send large video files from Android to Windows or Mac.

Step 1.
Install AirDroid on your phone. It is compatible with Android 4.0 and above.

Tip: The mobile app requests permission to access calls, call history and media data on your phone. Select Allow if you want to use it.

Step 2.
Connect both your Android phone and computer to the same Wi-Fi network. Open AirDroid app and follow the onscreen instructions until you reach the Connection Tab screen.
Step 3.
Switch to your computer, run your web browser and visit the AirDroid Web address.
Step 4.
When prompted on your Android phone, tap Accept. Then click the Files icon on the app menu on your computer after connecting. Now, you can send large video files from Android to computer by drag-and-drop.

Part 2: How to Send Large Video Files from Android to Android

Of course, you can move videos from source Android phone to PC and then transfer them to the target Android. However, here are some easier ways to help you achieve the task.

Method 1: Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless connection available to most modern digital devices. It can be used for sending large video files between Android phones.

Step 1.
On target Android phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth and toggle it on. Turn to the source Android phone, enable Bluetooth and tap the target device to establish the connection.
Step 2.
Open your File Manager app on the source Android phone, and select the large video file you want to share to another device.
Step 3.
Tap the Share icon to open the options screen, select Bluetooth, and touch the target device.
Step 4.
Turn to the target phone and tap Accept when prompted. Then the large video file sending process will start.

Method 2: Google Drive

Google Drive is Google storage service. After sending large video files to Google Drive, you can access them on any devices.

Google Drive
Step 1.
Install Google Drive app on the source Android phone from Play Store, and sign in your Google with the account and password (Gmail password forgot?).

Tip: The free account permits you to store files no more than 15GB.

Step 2.
Open your Photo Gallery app or any app stores the large video files to send. Select them, tap the Share icon, and select Save to Drive.
Step 3.
If your Android phone is online, the videos will go to Google server. If prompted to allow Google Drive access your files, tap Allow and then hit Save to move on.
Step 4.
Switch to the target Android phone, open Google Drive app and sign in the same account. Then you can get the large video files sent from Android.

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Part 3: How to Send Large Video Files from Android to iPhone

To send large video files from Android to iPhone directly, you have to use a powerful tool, such as Aiseesoft MobieSync.




  • Send any files between Android and iPhone directly.
  • Encode video files to proper format automatically.
  • Integrate hardware acceleration technology.
  • Support a wide range of iPhone and Android phone.

How to Send Large Video Files from Android to iPhone

Step 1.
Install MobieSync

Launch the easiest file transfer software after you installed it to your computer.

Plug Android phone and iPhone into your computer with USB cords and let the software detect them.

Step 2.
Preview Android videos

Select Android phone from the top of the window and head to the Video tab to view all video files on your Android phone. You can locate the desired videos by categories or date.

Connect Device
Step 3.
Send large video files

Check the large video files, click the Phone icon on the top ribbon and select the target iPhone to start sending them. When it finishes, quit the software and remove all mobile devices.

Transfer Data

Recommend: Compress Large Video Files with Video Converter Ultimate

The smaller a video file size, the faster the process. So, we suggest you to compress large video files with Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate.

Video Converter Ultimate


Video Converter Ultimate

  • Compress files for sending large videos quickly.
  • Offer multiple ways to shrink file size.
  • Automatic optimize video quality during the process.
  • Export videos for iPhone, iPad and mobile devices.

How to Compress Large Video Files

Step 1.
Get the video compressor

Download and install Video Converter Ultimate to your computer.

After sending large video files from Android to computer, launch the program, and click Add File menu to import the large video files to the media library area.

Step 2.
Compress video files for iPhone

Locate the bottom area and click the Settings button to open the Profile Settings dialog. Click and expand the Profile dropdown menu and select your iPhone model. Then modify the Resolution and Video Bitrate options to downscale video file size. Click the OK button to confirm it and back to the home interface.

Then set the output destination and hit the Convert button to compress your videos. After that, you can send the smaller video files to iPhone via iCloud, iTunes or email.


This tutorial has shared multiple ways to send large video files from Android to another Android, PC or iPhone. As you can see, you have several ways to transfer Android video files. Bluetooth, for example, allows you to transfer files from Android to Android or PC. Aiseesoft MobieSync can help you to sync videos from Android to computer, iPhone or another Android quickly. You can pick up your favorite tool and watch movies crossing platforms. More questions? Please leave a message below.

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