5 Quickest Ways to Easily Unblur Pictures on Tinder for Free

February 01 , 2023Gerald Christian

Is it left or right? Swipe it if you like it! Over 75 million monthly active users in 2023, and with that number, we can all agree that it is the most favored dating app to find the match for you. The diversity of local and multinational users is still rising day by day. Want to know who likes you? Tinder has a feature for you to look at the people interested in your profile. If you are using the free version, you can't see them, and purchasing the gold version isn't cheap. So what should you do if you want to unblur Tinder? Here is the list of problem solutions that we added here.

Unblur Tinder Images

Part 1. Quickest Way to Unblur Tinder Photos via Tinder Unblur Script

Need help seeing Who Likes You because it is blurred? Well, there is no need for you to worry because you can unblur Tinder likes by changing the codes of its script before you decide who to like or not. This method isn't the easiest to use because you will need to alter some codes embedded in Tinder to see the person's profile instead of purchasing a gold membership. However, this method only works with selected devices, but if you are currently using a desktop, that should do the trick. Here are the steps you can follow to teach you how this method works.

Step 1:
Open the Tinder app using your device; then proceed by right-clicking the home page to open the Inspection on the app.
Step 2:
When you have opened the Inspection, you will see the whole structure of Tinder but in codes, then open the Console tab.
Console Tab
Step 3:
After you have opened that, open it next to the asyn function to copy the code, paste it to the console box, and then hit the Enter button to process it.
Step 4:
When everything is settled, you can easily open the Tinder Gold Like to easily view the unblur Tinder match without paying even a dollar on the app.

Part 2. Easiest Way to Unblur Tinder Likes on Browser for Free via Minimizing Blur Pixel

Another way to learn how to unblur pictures on Tinder is by minimizing the blurred pixel. It is the less efficient method from the list and troublesome because you might need help finding the code. However, some users find this method working, and yours as well. If you want to know how this works, proceed by following the steps below.

Step 1:
Open the Who Likes You and place the cursor into the image you want to unblur and Inspect it.
Step 2:
On your right-side interface, you will find encoded text that Tinder uses. Now that you have access to it, you can edit the code to see who likes you and find the line where the image you want to unblur.
Unblur Code
Step 3:
On that line, you will see a code, namely a-s Blur (12 px), then change the number to 0.
Step 4:
After doing that, you can now see the image close to unblur, but there are times that you need to enhance that image to see a clear picture of it, which is why you need an upscaler like what we added on the bonus part.

Part 3. Unblur Tinder on Browser by Accessing the Photo on Source

How to unblur Tinder image? Well, you can go to the original photo source to do that. However, when you were about to open that image into a newer tab, you wouldn't see a clear picture of it because it has 84x106 pixels. Another downside is that when there are too many matches you will need to go to, it is a hassle to perform this method compared to the earlier ones. But, if you want to know how, these steps will do it.

Step 1:
Now that you have opened the Tinder App go to Inspect again by right-clicking the web page.
Step 2:
After you have done that, go to the Source tab to see where the original image came from.
Open Source
Step 3:
Now a folder, namely review.goTinder.com, will directly permit you to see the image in an unblur way, but the aspect ratio of it is too small, and if you zoom, it will become even worse.

Part 4. Free Way to Unblur Tinder Using Command to Get Photo as Clear as Possible

The following hack you can use is the command to learn how to unblur on Tinder. It is a simple method that gives the same suggestion for you to edit a code like what we have done in the previous methods. If you have tried the other methods and failed, try this hack to see if it will work on your device.

Step 1:
Open the element's box by clicking right-clicking the website and clicking Inspect to proceed.
Step 2:
On the part of the box, you can see a tab name Console, then click it. After you have done that, copy and paste this command:

document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace(/(12px)/g,"(0px)")

Open Console
Step 3:
After you have pasted it, click Enter to update the page, and now you can see multitudes of unblurred images because you have changed the px to 0.

Part 5. Paid Way to Unblur Tinder Images by Purchasing the Tinder Gold

What could be the easiest way how to unblur tinder photos? Purchasing it could be the option you will need to take if you want to do so. Changing the element of the website to be able to see it is temporary, which means if you want to do the unblur option, you will need to go into the exact steps that you followed earlier. But, if you purchase the app's gold version for a certain period, you can see your match easily without changing any. Here is the list of the prices of each purchase you can use on Tinder;

Depending on the subscription you want to avail of, there are still limitations that you will need to keep in mind. But if you want no limitations, you better have platinum or at least gold access on Tinder to do more and become popular to be matched with everyone.

Bonus: Does the Unblurred Picture on Tinder Not Clear Enough? Try to Upscale It

Done learning how to unblur Tinder photos and still need more from the result? Well, this is the most common command problem that many users have encountered, and the solution is to use an upscaler to make the image clearer.

Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online allows its users to enhance the quality and resolution of an image with ease into a better picture. Your blurry problems can be quickly resolved using this app because it has an AI that can recognize and fix the problem for you. You can learn simple steps or use a heavy-duty application to solve the problem of uncleared images because this app is here to rescue you. If you are interested in how this works, follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Open the official webpage of the app and click Upload Photo. Search for the image you want to be unblurred on Tinder to make it more apparent here.
Upload Blur Image
Step 2:
After uploading is done, the AI will take place next. Choose the level of magnification that you want to apply on your image, 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x.
Upscale Blurred Image
Step 3:
You need to click the Download button to export the enhanced image when it is finished.
Save Upscale Image

Part 6. FAQs about Unblur Tinder Images

Does zooming the unblur on TInder create better imagery?

Many have thought about zooming in on the image to know who it could be, especially on the blurred image on Tinder. Unsuccessfully, this method didn't work well, but you can try to use a third-party application to enhance zoomed photos on Tinder to see them.

Can I change the resolution of unblur Tinder image on Android?

There are thousands of dependable image resolution enhancers on Android that you can freely download on this subject. You better choose the right one so that you wouldn't be able to fail.

How to change location on Tinder?

There are different ways to fake or change location on Tinder, such as changing your device's location or creating a new location version. Depending on your needs, you better search for the best one to use.


Before you match it, you better learn how to unblur pictures on Tinder so you can see if they are the right ones. If there are other methods that you have to know on how to unblur the image, better share it with the other readers in the comment section.

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