How to Enhance Zoomed in Photos on Computer and Mobile

December 22, 2023Ashley Mae

Sometimes, you need to zoom in a photo to reveal some tiny, significant detail or just crop a part of the image. However, the result may be not as you wish and become blurry. In such case, you will need to enhance the zoomed in photos. In fact, the first innovation behind real-life zoom and enhance comes from the world of photography. This article will focus on this topic and tell you the best ways to do it.

Enhance Zoomed Photo

Part 1. Easiest Way to Enhance Zoomed Photos on Computer

It is difficult to enhance zoomed in photos even if you are using a professional photo editor, like Photoshop. Aiseesoft Image Upscaler, on the other hand, is easier to use on photo enhancement partly because it integrates with AI technology.

Key Features of Aiseesoft Image Upscaler

How to Enhance a Zoomed in Photo Online for Free

Step 1.
Open a web browser after you zoom in a photo, visit to open the home page directly. Click the Upload Photo button, find and upload the blurry zoomed in image.
Upload Photo
Step 2.
After uploading, you will be presented the photo enhancer window. Here you can change the Magnification to 2x, 4x, 6x, or 8x. The preview panel lets you monitor the result in real time. Plus, you can learn the photo resolution under it.
Upscaler Interface
Step 3.
Once you are satisfied with the enhanced zoomed in photo, click on the Save button to download it directly. Alternatively, hit the New Image button to start enhancing another picture.

If you like this tool, you can also use its PC or Mac version for ready use. With Aiseesoft AI Photo Editor on your computer, you can elevate pictures in one click anytime.

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Part 2. How to Enhance Zoomed Photos on iPhone/Android

For mobile-first, the easiest way to enhance zoomed in photos is to do the job on their handsets. We share the feasible steps respectively below.

How to Enhance Zoomed Photos on iPhone

Fortunately, the Photos app has been introduced the photo enhancing feature since iOS 13. So, it is the easiest way to enhance zoomed in photos on iPhone.

Step 1.
Open your Photos app if you already update your iPhone to iOS 13 or later.
Enhance iPhone
Step 2.
Find the zoomed in photo in your album and tap to open it. Then tap Edit at the top right corner of your screen.
Step 3.
Go to the Lightning section and tap the Auto-Enhance button with a magic wand icon.
Auto Photo
Step 4.
Then you can move the slider on the dashboard to adjust the intensity.
Step 5.
Tap Done to confirm as long as you are satisfied with the result.

If this built-in picture editing function of the iPhone can’t meet your needs, you can install our professional photo editor, Picwand, on your iPhone. It supports enlarging your photos by up to 200%, 400%, 600%, and 800% while perfectly maintaining the highest quality. You can get a both perfectly sized and sharp pictures.

How to Enhance Zoomed Photos on Android

Unfortunately, the built-in Gallery app cannot enhance your photos on Android device. Alternatively, you need a third-party zoomed in photo enhancer app. We use Picwand and Snapseed as examples to show you the workflow.

Picwand is an AI-powered image upscaler for Android, allowing you to sharpen, enhance, and fix photos with one click in seconds. Here are major attractive features:

Here are the detailed steps you can follow to upscale your pictures.

Step 1.
Open the application and click on + button to select the pictures you want to level up.
Step 2.
Be free to enlarge your picture to 2×, 4×, 6×, 8×, and then click Upscale.
Fix Low Resolution Photos Via Picwand
Step 3.
The upscaling process will be finished in seconds, and click the Save button to save the results.

Snapseed is another photo editor you can use to enhance your photos, and here are the detailed steps.

Snapseed Tools
Step 1.
Run the Snapseed app. Install it from Play Store for free if you do not have it.
Step 2.
Tap the big Plus icon and add the zoomed in photo from your memory. Then you will see three options at the bottom.
Step 3.
Press the Tools option to open the toolbox, and choose Details.
Step 4.
Then you can use the two tools, Structure and Sharpening to enhanced the zoomed in photo. Moreover, you can use the Tune Image tool to optimize your photo further.
Step 5.
Finally, go to the EXPORT tab from the bottom and save the enhanced photo to your smartphone.

Part 3. FAQs about Enhance Zoomed Photos

How to make a zoomed in picture not blurry?

You can use a photo enhancer application on your computer or mobile device to enhance the zoomed in picture if it becomes blurry.

How to take my iPhone photos clearer?

Firstly, you should take a photo with good lighting. Moreover, you must keep steady when taking photos with iPhone. More importantly, don't zoom, although the Camera app offers the zoom option. Also, you can post-enhance your photos on iPhone to make it clearer.

How do I magnify a picture without losing quality?

It is impossible to magnify a picture while keeping the original quality, but some photo editors are able to analyze and fill the missing details. Then your picture will look better after enlarging.


This guide has shared the best way to enhance zoomed in photos on computer, iPhone and Android. We suggest you to do the job on computer with Aiseesoft Image Upscaler, because the small screen is not a good choice to do enhancement. Moreover, this app is pretty easy to use. If you encounter other troubles, please contact us by leaving a detail message below this post.

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