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Many Small Changes Make Great Improvements

After the 2015 WWDC, you may have found that Apple has released many changes in the coming iOS 9. For example, there are many APPs that will be upgraded in iOS 9, also there will be many new functions like wireless Carplay and multi-tasking, etc. Besides these eye-catching points, there are still many small changes that may be neglected. Here we made some conclusion of these small changes in iOS 9 for your reference.

iOS 9 Improvements

1. Smarter Siri

Now Siri can give you remind according to your actions in other APPs. For example, your boss texted you to check your email when you get home, you can tell Siri to remind you this when you get home, she can understand what "this" means.

Apart from that, your iDevice will become your best assistant who can predict your next move. For example, when you pick up your iPhone, she will recommend your most frequently used APP, when you insert your earphone, your favorite playlist will pop up.

Siri in iOS 9

2. Changes in Notes

Many people like making notes. Before iOS 9, you can only use the simple words to write things down. But now after upgrading to iOS 9, the Notes function becomes more powerful and more user-friendly. You can adjust font size by selecting title, heading, or body. There are not so many font choices, but these are enough. Apart from typing, now you can also draw your notes with various drawing tools in a range of colors. Erase it if you don't like it. Another change is that you can add images or take photos in Notes. Last but not the least, it allows you to add external links from safari or import destination from Map as address, icon and link.

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Notes in iOS 9

3. Power-saving ModePower

iOS 9 will save more power for your iPhone and iPad. You can use your device for 1 hour longer than before. Besides, it provides you power-saving mode which can make you feel less nervous when you see the red battery.

4. NewsPower

In iOS 9, Apple will release its own News APP. It aims at providing lists of personalized news for each iOS News user. It takes news from some of the most popular websites and newspapers, showing content in a unique, custom layout with rich typography.

Some features like Notes and power-saving mode already exists in Android, but Apple pays more attention to every detail. These many small changes surely will make Apple users feel a big improvement in iOS 9.

Compared with iOS 8, iOS 9 make such improvements. Compared with iOS 9, iOS 10 is also improbing. See this: iOS 10 update new features

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