How to Transfer iPod Music to Android Phone/Tablet

September 03, 2020Ashley Mae

As the rapid development of technology, mobile phone works more than the communication tool. Playing music will not rely on iPod like before, and you can play songs on phone directly.

It is easy to get rid of an iPod, but the hundreds of songs you purchased from iPod is not convenient to move to Android.

Do worry, and that's what we shall solve in this article.

We gather 2 easy ways to transfer music from iPod to Android phone or tablet, including Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.

Transfer Music from iPod to Android

Part 1. How to Transfer iPod Music to Android Directly (Including Purchases)

To transfer data from iPod, the official tool recommended by Apple is iTunes. However, iTunes is not available to Android. To transfer the synced songs and the purchased music files from iPod to Android, you have to turn to the third-party application for help. Aiseesoft MobieSync is the iPod music to Android transfer software you cannot miss.

MobieSync is the iPod music to Android sync program, which can transfer all or selected songs from iPod Classic/Nano/Mini/Shuffle/Touch to Android phone or tablet. Within simple clicks, and you can easily export all the music from iPod and import into Android device.



MobieSync – iPod Music to Android Transfer

  • Transfer all iPod music to Android including the purchases.
  • Compatible with iPod Touch 7/6, Shuffle 4/3, Nano 7/6, Classic, Samsung Galaxy S20/10, HTC, Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, etc.
  • Transfer other data (photos, contacts, videos, messages, notes, calendars, etc.).
  • Keep all the original information of iPod music files on Android.
  • Transfer data between iOS/Android and iOS/Android phones.
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Here's how to start transferring music from iPod to Android in simple steps:

1. Connect both Android phone and iPod to computer.

2. Select Music from the left pane, and checkmark the songs.

3. Click Export to Device to pick up Android to start transferring.

The detailed steps of moving iPod songs to Android are as following:

Step 1.
Free download MobieSync on your computer. Run it immediately after the successful installation.
Get the USB cables to plug both iPod and Android to computer.
Connect iPod
Step 2.
Select iPod as the source device from the Device Type.
Click Music from the left pane and all the songs from iPod will display on the right pane.
Step 3.
Checkmark the box of the songs of iPod you want to transfer, and click Export to Device button int the menu, select your Android device from the drop-down list to start.
Export to Device

If there are such many formats as MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV or Apple Lossless in your iPod, you can make the preferences to convert iPod music to MP3 automatically, and play Android phone smoothly.

Apart from transferring iPod music, you can use this software to create ringtones, backup and convert HEIC images, backup and restore contacts and do more from its toolbox.

Part 2. How to Get Music from iPod to Android with iTunes

iTunes is the tool you can use to manage iPod data on computer. Though iTunes is not available for Android users, you could still use iTunes to sync songs from iPod to Android.

You should add music from iPod to iTunes and then sync songs from iTunes to Android.

Step 1.
Sync iPod songs to iTunes
Plug your iPod into computer with the USB cable. Once iTunes on this computer detects your iPod, click the iPod icon and go to the Summary tab by default.
Click Back Up Now button to start backup all iPod data including music files into computer.
Check here to know what data iTunes backs up.
Back Up iPod Data
Step 2.
Find iPod music on iTunes
When the iPod backup is done, find the iTunes music files on this computer.
Go to User, find Music, open iTunes and navigate iTunes Media.
Then you can find all the synced songs from iPod on this computer.
To be clear: All the purchased songs will not be found here, and you can only access the synced songs. For getting the purchased music from iTunes, you can refer to this post.
Step 3.
Transfer music from iTunes to Android
Plug your iPhone into this computer, and copy and paste the music from iTunes Media into your Android phone.

More ways of syncing iTunes songs to Android are here.

Part 3. FAQs of Transferring iPod Music to iPod

Can iPod Bluetooth connect to Android?

No. The Bluetooth on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod) is not designed to pair with other phones from Android OS. You cannot use the Bluetooth to transfer music from iPod to Android.

Why is iPod not working on Android?

You can such various audio formats as MP3, AAC/M4A, Protected AAC, AIFF, WAV, Audible audiobook, and Apple Lossless on iPod. When you transfer music from iPod to Android, the audio formats may be not compatible with your Android phone. For playing iPod music on Android, you can convert music to MP3.

How can I transfer photos from iPod to Android?

To transfer photos from iPod to Android, iTunes is not supported. You can use MobieSync to move photos from iPod to Android.


To put iPod music to Android for playing, you will need the iPod to Android music transfer software. This page shows 2 easy ways to copy iPod songs to Android. One is with iTunes, which can extract all the songs (purchases not included) to Android, and the other solution is taking MobieSync to put all the songs including the purchased items to Android.

Which way do you follow?

Do you have any other recommendations?

Let me know by leaving your comments.

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