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How to Make a Split Screen Video in Windows Movie Maker

What is a split screen video? Simple speaking, the split screen video effect is showing several videos simultaneously. When you need to illustrate two or more related parts, cause and effects, and more other powerful and engaging effects, split screen video should always be a nice solution. It should be a popular effect for News broadcasting.

You might find lots of News or movies with such effects. But how to make a split screen video should be difficult. The article offers the best methods to make a great split screen video with Windows Movie Maker. Just find the detailed process to create the desired video from the article now.

Split Screen Video

Split Screen Video

Part 1. How to Make a Split Screen Video in WMM

When you need to make a split screen video, Windows Movie Maker should be a best choice. It is a useful program of Windows Operation System. Here are the detailed procedures to get the split screen video.

Step 1 Prepare for Split Screen Video

In order to make your video more amazing and attracting, you might want to use technology of splitting screen video. What is more important, you have to prepare the footage of the split screen video first.

Set up tripod to record some static shots, you can use the videos that you want to show for both sides. Make sure the camera is in the same location as the shots. If you want to add more screens for the same shot, you have to take the locations for each shot for consideration.

Step 2 Install Plugin for Movie Maker

It is a pity that Windows Movie Maker does not support split screen video directly. As for the case, you have to install Rehansplit first. Open the Internet Explorer and visit the address of "". Then click the "rehansplit.exe" and run it. Establish a new folder named split screen and open it. Copy the address, and extract. At last, reset Windows Movie Maker.

Install Program

Step 3 Import Video Shots for Program

Open the "Shared" file within the "Movie Maker" folder, and then create a new file called "AddOn TFX." Click "OK," and then "Extract." You just click the "Import" button at the menu bar to add the video that you want to make to a split screen video. You can drag and drop the files to the program timeline.

Import Video

Step 4 Place videos in right position

If you want to make a side-by-side split screen video, you'll see a transition title called "Fade" between the two clips. You can find the button, Edit Movie, on the left. Click it and then click the "View video transition". Next, choose the type of split and drag the type you've chosen to the timeline at the place where you want to split.

Step 5 Make a split screen video

And then click the "Video Transitions" and choose "Split Video Soft" transition from the menu. After that drag the effect between the two video clips to make a split screen video. As for the case, you can successfully create a side-by-side split screen video in Windows Movie Maker now. Just preview the video before you save the files to your computer.

Make a Split Screen Video

Step 6 Save the split screen video

Click the button "Show Storyboard". Drag the duration to the very beginning. You can see your video on the right. Check your split screen video if it satisfies you. Remember to save the changes you have made of the video. Remember to save the video in a compatible format. Then you can play the video on other platforms like YouTube, Facebook.

Save Video

The procedures are more standard thus you should not expect to experience any hitches. It's a really good and user-friendly video editing program through, which you can edit and mix any combination of audio, video and photos. It also has loads of features like effects, text, split screen, reverse, slow motion and more. Just use the above steps about how to make a split screen video in window Movie Maker will be helpful to you.

Part 2. Best Split Screen Video Maker

When you need to achieve the similar split screen video effects, Aiseesoft Slideshow Maker should be the best split screen video slideshow maker for free. The program support both easy mode and storyboard mode, which enables you to create slideshow with music, photo and video clips. Just learn more detailed features about the Aiseesoft Slideshow Maker as below.


1. Create Slideshow with videos, photos and music from both computer and online.

2. Choose the desired theme to create slideshow video with ease.

3. Multiple editing features to make stunning video files.

4. Beautify video effects for the slideshow video.

Here's the video about making slideshows for you. Click it to check.


In order to make split screen videos, you have two video clips or more, and then use the plugin of Windows Movie Maker to get the desired result. If you have any query about the process, you can learn more detailed information from the article. Besides Windows Movie Maker, you can also use the other program to achieve the similar result, such as the Open source OpenShot, Blender and more other video editing programs. Just make sure these program support more than two timeline tracks.

When you need to achieve the similar stunning video effects, Aiseesoft Slideshow Maker should be another choice for split screen video, you can create some great slideshow with the program, what is more, you can also explore more beautiful scenes with the outstanding video editing software. If you have any other query about how to make a split screen video, you can share more information with us in the article now.

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