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Facebook Messenger Alternatives

We all know Facebook has become an indispensible part in our daily life. As many people often chat on Facebook, Facebook launched Messenger – A faster way to message. However, Facebook Messenger has a lot of disadvantages. Such as:

1. Facebook has shut down Facebook Messenger for Windows Desktop;

2. There is no Mac version for Facebook Messenger;

3. Facebook Messenger app on Android and iPhone make phones slow and decrease battery life;

4. Facebook messenger is not working and you cannot know how to log out of it.

Just because of these, more and more people want to find one Facebook Messenger alternative. Here we will introduce you 5 Facebook Messenger alternatives, including Windows/Mac version and iPhone/Android version, so you can choose one of them to chat with your friends, family according to your own need.

Skype - The most popular instant messaging app


You must have heard of Skype, a global messaging tool. It is a comprehensive app to replace Facebook Messenger. You can:

◆ Send text/voice/video messages, documents, emoticons, etc. to your Facebook contacts with Skype freely.

◆ Group video calls and voice conference are also supported.

◆ The most important is that Skype plays a global phone for calling to mobiles and landlines.

Of course, you will find more functions when you are using Skype, we just list the best ones.

Without downloading and opening Facebook Messenger, you can connect to Facebook through clicking the link on Skype. And as long as you give Skype the permissions to log in with your Facebook, all the contacts will show in your Skype contact list.

Along with powerful functions, Skype supports running on Windows, Mac, Windows phone, iPhone, Android and tablet, you can find all of them on Skype download page.

Trillian - One intelligent communication tool


If Skype is one comprehensive chat app for network and real life, Trillian is an intelligent app for network messaging service. That means you can totally get in touch with other people on the Internet. Compared with Facebook Messenger, Trillian has more useful tips:

1. Configure various Facebook accounts. With Trillian, you can install multiple Facebook accounts, so you can play different roles on the Internet.

2. Having personal and business versions, helping you balance your life and work.

3. Support chat roaming. So you can continue to chat with your friends, families, lovers or colleagues wherever you are, as long as you get Trillian.

4. With this Facebook Messenger alternative, you can also receive new mail alerts.

After log into Trillian, choose "Add Account" to add your Facebook account for syncing the information to Trillian.

Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad versions are supported. But personally, it is better to be an alternative of Facebook Messenger for desktop. And you can get download information on Trillian website.

WeChat - A powerful newcomer that supports payment function


WeChat lets you to log in it with your Facebook account and provides many Facebook Plug-ins. Compared with those famous instant messaging apps, WeChat is a newcomer for us, because it is developed by Tecent company in China. But with the development of WeChat, more and more people like to use it. Let's see why it can be an alternative of Facebook Messenger:

◆ Just like Skype, Wechat allows you to send text and voice messages. For one thing, the voice messages can be cancelled by sliding to "×" button. For the other, you can send broadcast messages to many people simultaneously. What's more, group chat and video call are supported.

◆ You can use "Free Call" (Video Call) to call someone, as long as both of you are WeChat on line.

◆ Just like Facebook, you can send "Moments" to your friend circle. If you want to send photos, you can choose from Facebook album, take a new photo or select an image from the photo app on your phone. Of course, you can share your "Moments" to Facebook or Twitter.

◆ Find the people nearby. If you want to know more people, you can use this function. Before opening this function, make sure your Location Services are enabled.

Just log in WeChat with your Facebook account, and you can begin with WeChat. You can receive Facebook information without opening Facebook Messenger.

By the way, you can view WeChat as Facebook Messenger for PC/Mac/mobile, because it is compatible with Windows computer, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Windows phone. In addition, it is used widely on phones in China. You can explore more on WeChat official website.

Telegram - The safe and fast Facebook Messenger alternative


Actually, the first thing to attract reader is Telegram official site. It uses cartoon to explain what we can do with Telegram. And when you are using it, you will know Telegram is one cloud-based messaging app focused on security and speed, as it said. Let's see the superiority of this messaging app:

1. Messages destruct and send fast. Telegram pays attention to privacy, so the messages are encrypted and can self-destruct. Also, you can send messages at faster speed than any other apps.

2. Stop from hacker attack. Telegram is the safest messaging app in the world. This is rare among instant messaging software.

3. Chat with group of up to 5000 members. With Telegram, you can build group chat, and it is a surprise that there could be 5000 people in your group chat.

4. Send any type of files. Whatever type of documents you want to send to others, or whatever size of files you want to transfer, you can do with Telegram. Like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, webpage, etc.

5. Save your messages to cloud storage. It is attracting that you can access your messages on various devices with this cloud-based function.

It is a pity that you have no access to enter your Facebook through Telegram. So if you want to bridge Facebook Messenger and Telegram, you have to use a third app to sync your messages between Messenger and Telegram.

Telegram has Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows phone, etc. versions, so you can choose one according to your device.

IM+ - The instant message app linked with wide social accounts

Im Plus

Without downloading and opening Facebook Messenger, you can get Facebook messages with IM+. Without installing Skype, you can chat with your Skype friends through IM+, MSN, Yahoo!, Twitter or other famous accounts of social apps can be logged into on IM+. See, as IM+ is an all-in-one messenger that links to many social accounts, you can delete Facebook Messenger, Skype or other social apps if there is no enough space on your phone. Some features are listed below:

◆ Due to good relationship with other social software, IM+ support almost all kinds of social network accounts, including Facebook, MSN, Twitter, Yahoo!, Google Talk, AIM, etc.

◆ Except for connecting to chat tools, IM+ has its own functions, including group chat and multiple accounts for every social app. In addition, messages can be saved on MMS and SMS.

After downloading IM+, tap the "Connect with Facebook" button to access your Facebook account. So you can use this alternative of Facebook Messenger to receive messages.

It is a pity that IM+ has no Windows computer version. Therefore you cannot view it as a FaceBook Messenger for PC. But IM+ runs on iPhone, Android, Windows phone, and Mac, which is updated on August 16 on Mac Store. You can click the IM+ website to read more.

Now, all 5 Facebook messenger alternatives have been shown to you. Of course, there are still some good messaging apps can be Facebook messenger alternatives, so you can choose one of 5 alternatives or choose other apps, like WhatsApp, Hangouts, Pidgin, etc.

We will appreciate it very much if you give us some suggestions about FaceBook Messenger alternatives.

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