What is iPadOS Storage? The Ultimate Solutions to Free Up More Space on Your iPad

November 01, 2023Louisa White

Your iPad storage is full because of many cluttered files, including downloads, captured photos, large video files, and more. Now, you receive a notification that you have low storage, and your device becomes slower for some reason. Meanwhile, you can go through your device and manually delete files, but it will take some time. For the easy route of freeing up more space, here are effective methods to try.

iPad Storage Full

Part 1. Why iPad Storage Full

The shortest answer is the piled apps and downloads you got over time. If you don’t constantly check the storage status, it will only keep storing unwanted files that consume too much space. On the other hand, there are system files that quickly multiply, along with browsing histories, cookies, and caches from the browsers.

Even if you have iCloud storage, it is inevitable to get a lower local storage space on your device. This is because the cloud service is meant for syncing files between devices, and your iPad can’t escape its original storage capacity. However, you can manage this with a little help. The good thing is that a few solutions are effective when iPad storage is full.

Part 2. How to Check Storage on iPad

It is important to know the storage capacity of your device. Knowing how to check device space makes it easier to analyze and manage your iPad. Moreover, you will see unused items, which you can delete quickly. So, how to check your iPad storage?

Step 1:
Locate the Settings app on your home screen and tap on it. Proceed to the General menu and tap the iPad Storage button.
Step 2:
The top part will be the storage capacity of the device. It enlists the storage used by downloaded apps, messages, and other files. See the Recommendations section, where you can review and delete large files.
iPad General iPad Storage
Step 3:
The same section will recommend enabling the Offload Unused Apps feature to automatically delete app data when you are low on storage. Scroll down to see the downloads and file sizes.

Part 3. What to Do If iPad Storage Full

Whatever storage space your device has, it is inevitable to get low space in a matter of time. To free up more space, here are the effective solutions to clean the clutter on your iPad.

The Default Way to Free Up Space on iPad

You can manually delete files on various apps, but this wastes time. Here is the default way to delete files in the easier way:

Step 1:
Go to settings on your iPad and tap the General menu. Choose the iPad Storage option from the list. Scroll down and check the apps that consume too much space.
Step 2:
You can either choose the Offload App option to delete the app data or choose the Delete App option to uninstall the app along with the data.
iPad Delete App Offload

Use Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner

Whether you have an old or the newest iPadOS version, Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner is the ultimate tool to use for freeing up space on your iPad. It is designed to immediately clear the clutter on the device, including unnecessary data, unused apps, and other files. The desktop tool will delete these files and boost the device's performance with just one click to scan the storage space. The best thing it offers is to wipe the device data permanently with security levels to keep anyone from recovering the files. Truly, it is the best iPhone and iPad Cleaner to use on Windows and Mac.

iPhone Cleaner


Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner – Delete Photos from iPhone

  • The best solution to use when memory is full on the iPad.
  • Scan large videos, photos, documents, and invalid files.
  • Wipe all data and private data to make the iPad as good as new.
  • Provide tools to compress and export photos to PC.
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Step 1:
Download Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner on your computer and proceed to installation. Afterward, open the software and connect the iPad with a compatible lightning cable. If a notification pops up on the screen, tap the Trust button.
Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner Connect Device
Step 2:
When the program enables to detection of the connected device, click the Quick Scan button to do a scanning. Click the Erase button on the Erase Junk Files option to proceed to the detected files. Tick the files you want to delete, then click the Erase button.
Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner Quick Scan
Step 3:
To compress photos, go to the Clean Up Photos menu and click the Backup & Compress button. Choose the target images until you get the space to free up. Click the Compress button to confirm. See other options such as Uninstall Applications and Delete Large Files.
Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner Erase Private Data

Increase Storage on iPad

Device storage is fixed and cannot be changed. However, you can still expand your iPad external storage space, such as iCloud storage, to back up the data. This means you can delete the files from your iPad but still access them through the cloud storage. Here’s how to expand the iCloud storage:

Step 1:
Open the Settings app and tap your name. Tap the Manage Storage or Manage Account Storage option from the iCloud menu.
Step 2:
Scroll down until you see the Upgrade to iCloud+ option. From there, you can either choose Buy More Storage or Change the Storage Plan. Then, follow the onscreen instructions to expand the cloud storage.
iPad Increase Cloud Storage

Part 4. FAQs about iPad Storage Full

How to manage Storage on an iPad?

You can always visit the iPad Storage from the Settings app to manage the device storage. Make sure to check the Recommendations option to see the potential apps or files that consume massive space.

What is iPadOS Storage?

It is the space consumed by the device’s operating system. Mostly, the iPadOS storage takes up to 6.76GB because of caches, logs, and other files. Since it takes a lot of space, checking the consumed storage and deleting unnecessary files is recommended to free up more space.

What is other in iPad Storage?

It refers to the caches, voice memos, saved messages, and settings preferences. If this category is full, you can update the iPad storage with iPadOS 13.6.1 and above.

Why is iPad Storage Full after deleting apps?

When you free up space on the iPad, it will take some time before it reflects the space. It is suggested to restart the device a few times or clear the Other storage from the settings of the device.

Is it bad to have iPad storage full?

Yes. Aside from the fact that you cannot store more files, the device will also have a slow performance. Also, expanding the cloud storage does not mean increasing the device storage. You will eventually need to delete files to free up more space.


Finally, you can now manage your iPad storage when full. This article recommended checking the device storage and how to clear the clutter. The best possible solution you can try is Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner to quickly scan unwanted data and boost the iPad’s performance. Check out more of its features by downloading it for free.

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