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Why My iPad Is Running So Slow? Get the Answers and Solutions to Fix It

"My iPad 2 is very slow, and it takes me 3 minutes to open the news page with Safari. I check the internet connection, but it is OK. So why?"
"I have an iPad 3, and when I try to touch the app to open it, it loads so slow, and the processing bar is in circle. Why my iPad is running so slow?"

iPad, as the tool to entertain and facilitate you, is very easy to take portably. However, as the time goes on, you may feel your iPad is running very slow obviously. Why? This question is from many iPad users like you. In this post, we will analyze the reason why your iPad is so slow, and provide some solutions to fix this problem.

iPad Is So Slow

iPad Is So Slow

Part 1. Active reasons why your iPad is so slow

Why my iPad is so slow? Since you ask the questions, then you will take responsibility for it. Let's check the reasons why your iPad is so slow from you.

Too many apps

If you like to use your iPad for entertainment or office use, then you may always like to install so many apps in your iPad.

Solution: Go to "Settings" > "Storage & iCloud Usage" > "Manage Storage" to check the app installed by yourself on your iPad. Select the app that you do not want to use, tap it and hit "Delete App".

Too much Safari cache and history

Safari, as the default the browser for iPad, you must use it for many times every day. When you search the internet with Safari, the cache and history of Safari will store on your iPad, and too much cache will slow down your iPad definitely.

Solution: Go to "Settings" > Scroll down to find "Safari" and tap it > "Clear History" and "Clear Cookies and Data".

Background app and notifications settings

When you use an iPad, some settings you may not notice. But those settings will cause your iPad run some apps or notifications to slow down your iPad.

Such apps or notifications include Notifications, Location Services, Spotlight and app refresh.


Turn off Notifications

Go to "Settings" > "Notifications" > select the app that you do not want to receive the notifications, and slide the "Notification Venter" to OFF.

Turn off Location Services

Locations services will sue your iPad power, and slow down your iPad. If not need, just go to "Settings" > "Privacy" > "Locations Services" to slide it to OFF.

Turn off Spotlight

Spotlight will associate the words from the items you select when you search something, which is no doubt to slow down your iPad. Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Spotlight Search" to turn off the items you do not want to be sued in Spotlight Search.

Turn off app refresh

Background app refresh will refresh your app when on Wi-Fi or cellular in the background, which will slows down your iPad undoubtedly.

Tap "Settings" > "General" > "Background App Refresh" to slide it to OFF.

iOS version is old

Updating iOS can be as the mixed bag in terms of speed. Some older like iPad 2, iPad mini, you had better update your iOS to the latest version to speed up your iPad.


Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Software Update" to check, download and install the latest iOS version.

Part 2. Objective reasons why your iPad is so slow

Apart from the reasons caused by you to make your iPad is so slow, some objective reasons may also slow down your iPad.

Poor internet connection

When you surf the internet with Safari, the bad Wi-Fi connections also will slow down your iPad. You can move closer to your router or boot your Wi-Fi range to fix this issue.

Unreasonable system crash

You may use your iPad for a long time, and the system may get crashes to fail to load the items you need. At this point, you can restart your iPad.

Solution: Hold down the Sleep/Wake button until you see the "slide to power off", then you just need to slide to turn off iPad. After your iPad is power off, you need to hold the Sleep/Wake button again to restart it.

Part 3. iPad running slow and freezing or not responsive? Fix it now

If your iPad moves so slow and even freezes or not respond, and what's worse, restarting iPad is not workable, then you need one fixing tool to help you. iOS System Recovery is the tool to help you.

Step 1 Run this software on your PC, click "More tools" > "iOS System Recovery" and connect your frozen iPad to PC.

Step 2 Click "Start" > follow the three steps to put your iPad into DFU mode or Recovery mode.

Step 3 After the DFU mode or recovery mode, click "Confirm" > "Repair" to start to fix your frozen or not-responsive iPad to normal.

Fix iPad to Normal

The above solutions will help you to speed up your slow iPad. For making sure your iPad smoothly, you are recommended to use iPad iPhone cleaner to clear your iPad regularly.

You can learn the steps from the video below:

Video Fix Disabled Frozen iPhone to Normal play-button

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