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How to Remove Video Dirty-Like Noise from Your Video

For people who like shooting videos, you may always find annoying white video noise on the captured video clips when playing those clips. In fact, there will be video noise in the captured videos more or less, because most of the time, none of us nor the DV cameras are professional. Maybe you can remove the video noise online, but the removing result is not satisfied. So is there a way to deal with the annoying video noise?


Yes, I'd like to recommend professional and useful video enhancer software to you - Aiseesoft Video Enhancer. It is also familiar to people with another name: Video Noise Reduction software. With this wonderful software, you can remove any video noise with one simple click and the user-friendly interface makes it quite easy to use.

How to reduce or even remove background noise from video

Let's take a look at how to remove the background noise from your video with this Video Enhancement Software.

Step 1 Download and install

The first step is downloading and installing this video enhancing software on your computer. Just follow the instructions to install this software on your computer.


Step 2 Load video files to Video Enhancer to remove video noise

In order to remove video noise, you need to add your videos to the interface by clicking the "Add File" button, or you can just drag your video to this video noise remover.

Add File

Step 3 Remove video noise

Click "Video Enhance" in the main interface to open the "Video Enhance" interface. Then check "Remove video noise" box and click "Apply" to save the changes.

Remove Video Noise

Step 4 Start to convert

Click "Convert" menu to start converting videos to remove video noise. The videos will be converted with super fast conversion speed. After conversion, you can see that the converted videos are clearer than the original ones and the annoying white video noise is gone.

Convert Video


1. Apart from Noise removal, you can choose other functions to optimize brightness and contrast automatically to get an color-matched video files.

2. If you choose "Upscale resolution", you can convert video to HD with ease to get a clear screen enjoyment.

Video Converter Ultimate For Mac

FAQs of removing video noise

How do I remove the grain from a video?

Open the Premiere Pro and select the clip you want to remove grain. Right-click the clip and select Replace with After Effects Composition. Go to Effects & Presets panel and select Remove Grain to remove the grain from video.

What causes video noise?

The three factors that affect video noise are electricity, heat and sensor illumination levels.

Can I improve quality of old video?

Yes. Aiseesoft Video Enhancer helps you improve the video quality with ease. First, you need to click Add File button to import the old video into this video enhancer. Then click Video Enhance to enter the enhance window, and choose to upscale resolution, optimize brightness and contrast, remove video noise and reduce video shaking.

Can I remove the sound from a video on my Samsung?

Yes. With the Video Mute app, you can mute the audio from the video. Just tap the Start button to load the video, then tap on the Mute Audio button to remove the sound from a video on my Samsung.

Check how to edit video and enhance video quality from the video below:

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