Remove Video Noise – 3 Most Efficient Ways to Optimize the Video Quality

March 01,2021Jenny Ryan

How to remove video noise? It should be a headache if you are a shutterbug. Once you have taken some excellent shots, you should know the ways to optimize the videos, especially when you want to share them with your friends. What are the best ways to remove background noise from a video? The article shares the 3 most frequently used methods to reduce noise and grain from videos.

Remove Video Noise

Part 1: What is Video Noise?

When you shoot videos in a situation where the lighting is not optimal, you should find the video noise. The digital camera has to crack up your ISO to compensate for the situation.

However, the ISO will increase the camera sensor's sensitivity to light when it works, which will then increase the noise that your sensor captures. After that, you can see many grains in your footage.

To remove voice noise and enhance the video quality, you should not only upscale the video resolution, but also adjust the video brightness, saturation, and more other parameters.

Part 2: The Ultimate Method to Remove Video Noise

What is the best way to remove video noise and enhance video quality? Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is a suitable solution to remove video noise and make the video cleaner. Besides the features to reduce the dirty-like video noise and optimize the brightness/contrast, you can also upscale the video to HEVC encoded files.



Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

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  • Optimize the brightness and contrast for the video file.
  • Upscale the resolution to get superb video quality.
  • Convert the video to another high-quality video format.
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Step 1.
Once you have installed Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, you can launch the program on your computer. Go to the Toolbox menu and choose the Video Enhancer option.
Step 2.
Import the videos you want to remove video noise. You can choose both the Optimize Brightness and Contrast option and the Remove Video Noise option to enhance the video.
Step 3.
It also enables you to choose the desired video format and tweak the resolution. When you want to remove the video noise due to low-resolution, you can also convert video to HD files.
Step 4.
Once you have set up the desired parameters for the output video. Then you can click the Enhance icon on the bottom right. It will remove the video noise and enhance the video quality.
Video Enhancer Tool

Part 3: How to Remove Video Noise Online

Animoto is an online video noise remover that enables you to enhance the video quality with different filters. It has some simple preset to turn the noise grain video into a clean one. Just go to the online video editor and follow the process to remove video noise online.

Step 1.
Go to the Animoto online video editor. Click the GET STARTED FREE button to customize the videos. Then you can upload the noisy video into the online video editor accordingly.
Step 2.
Choose the Design Settings option, you can reduce the noise of the video with the
Video Color
option. It enables you to adjust the saturation and brightness of the video.
Step 3.
Moreover, you can also go to the Video Style option and choose the Clean option to remove video noise. It will apply preset transitions and visual treatments for your images and video clips.
Design Settings Animoto

Note: It only provides the basic video denoise remover features. When you need to upscale the video resolution, or remove the noise for some low-resolution videos, you have to turn to the professional video noise remover instead.

Part 4: How to Remove Video Noise for Free

VLC Media Player is more than a video player. It also enables you to fix the pixelated videos and repair damaged files during the playback process. If you do not want to enhance the video-visual experience, VLC Media Player is the best method to remove video noise.

Step 1.
Launch VLC Media Player and go to the Tools option and select the Preferences from the drop-down menu. After a window will open, click on the Inputs/Codecs option.
Step 2.
Scroll down to the location of the damaged or incomplete AVI file and choose the Always Fix option from the list. You can save the preferences to apply the video noise reduction process.
Step 3.
After that, you can playback the video in VLC video grain. It only provides a flawless viewing experience. When you need to share the videos with others, you still have to enhance the videos.
VLC Always Fix

Note: Besides the AVI format, the feature to remove video noise also works with various other video formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, and QTRM. It has the great ability to fix your videos if they are pixelated or have other types of problems.

Part 5: FAQs of How to Remove Video Noise

How Can I Remove the Grain of a Video with Adobe Premiere Pro?

If you want to remove the video noise and grain as a profession, you can open the Premiere Pro on your computer and select the clip you want to optimize. Then right-click the clip and choose the Replace option with After Effects Composition. Then head to the Effects & Presets panel and select the Remove Grain option to remove the grain from your video.

Is It Possible to Remove Video Noise from Android?

Yes. When you have some low-resolution videos on your Android, you can simply download some video noise remover apps on Android, such as Video Noise Cleaner to optimize the videos. Since the whole video noise reduction process consuming large resources, you have to make sure there are enough RAM and space.

How to Avoid Video Noise When Shooting Videos?

Just shoot the videos in the optimal lighting conditions and make sure you have tweaked the camera settings correctly. It is always advisable to use a lower ISO configuration and wide aperture to reduce any possible distortion or noise to your video. If you still have some pixelated video clips, you can choose the above ways to remove video noise.


This article introduces 3 detailed methods to remove video noise. You can clean up the noise link video grain via some video filters. But it will not enhance the videos. VLC also provides a way to fix the damaged videos during the playback process. But when you want to reduce the noise and enhance the video within clicks, Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is an excellent choice that can help you out. If you have any query, you can feel free to leave a comment.

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