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Four Easy Methods to Clear Cache on iPhone X/8/7/6/5/4

Summary: Want to know how to clear iPhone cache and free up iPhone storage? This post gives you four methods to delete safari cache and app cache on iPhone.

Although iPhone is at the top of the list when it comes the phones that are most user-friendly and easy to use, it can still become slow as we use it in our daily life. That is because, with apps running on your iPhone, many caches, cookies, tеmроrаrу filеѕ are accumulated in your iPhone, eating up your iPhone storage and draining iPhone battery. Therefore, in order to improve the performance and battery life of your iPhone, it is necessary to clear cache on iPhone.

How to clear iPhone cache? In the following article, we have explored four ways to clear app cache or Safari cache on iPhone X/8/7/6/5/4. Continue to read and find the method that suits you.

How to Clear iPhone Cache

Part 1. How to clear safari cache on iPhone

As the default web browser on Apple devices, Safari is one of the most commonly used apps, so that it has the most cached memory compared other apps. To clear safari cache on iPhone, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1 Open your iPhone and go to Settings app.

Step 2 Scroll down and tab into Safari app option.

Step 3 At the bottom, you'll see Clear History and Website Data option. Tap on that option, it will not only clear cache, but also cookies, browsing history, passwords and other data in Safari.

How to Clear Safari Cache on iPhone

Part 2. How to clear app cache on iPhone

Generally, cache and cookies stored by other apps can be cleaned out using two methods. You can find the option to clear cache and data in some of the apps, or use the "Usage" option in setting to clear app cache completely.

Clear iPhone cache on iPhone apps from app settings

Many third-party apps install on iPhone are designed with the built-in cache clearing options, which makes it easy to remove junk files. Take Facebook as an example, follow the steps below to remove the app cache.

Step 1 Launch Facebook on your iPhone.

Step 2 Go to Settings > Account Settings.

Step 3 Tap on Browser to enter the browser settings page, choose Clear Data. Now you've managed to clear iPhone cache and cookie through Facebook app.

How to Clear App Cache on iPhone

Following the similar method, you can clear cache from other apps, as long as they provide such options. For other apps which don't have the option, you can choose to offload or uninstall the app in "Settings" to clear app cache completely.

Clear app cache on iPhone by reinstalling app

To help you better manage applications and clear app cache on iPhone, Apple has provided the updated the iPhone Storage settings (previously called Storage & iCloud Usage) in iOS 12/11. You can follow the steps below:

Step 1Open your iPhone, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

Step 2Here you can check whole iPhone storage situation, and the space taken by each application.

Step 3 Choose the application that comes with too much cache, then you'll see two options provided: "Offload App" and "Delete App". If you don't want to use the app again, you can tap Offload App to save document and data after you free up the storage. Otherwise, tap Delete App, and then head to the App Store to download and re-install it.

Reinstall App to Clear Cache on iPhone

After you reinstall the app, you'll find all cache in this app is cleared out. But as you can see, both methods above are quite inefficient. If you want to clear cache on all iPhone apps, you might need an all-in-one solution.

Part 3. How to clear iPhone cache with best iPhone cleaner

To clear all iPhone cache completely at once, you can consider using an iPhone cleaner tool. Here we would like to recommend you one powerful iOS cleaner tool called PhoneClean, which assists you to detect and remove all cache, along with other junk files on iPhone with simple clicks. Besides, this tool is compatible with the newest iPhone X/8, and iPhone 7 Plus/7/6s Plus/6s/5s/5/4.

Now let's see how to clear caches on iPhone to free up storage with PhoneClean.

Step 1Free download and install PhoneClean on your computer, connect your iPhone on your computer via USB cable.

Step 2 Tap "Quick Clean" button on the main interface, and then click "Scan".

Scan Cache on iPhone

Step 3 Wait until the scanning process is finished, then you can see all iPhone caches listed as "User Caches", "Photo Caches" as well as "Large & Old Files".

Step 4 Preview and select items you want to clear from your iPhone, then click "Clean" button. Wait for seconds, then you'll get iPhone cache all cleared out.

Clean Cache on iPhone with PhoneClean

Note: Ever since iPhone running iOS 8.3 and later, all third-party software doesn't get the access to app caches, since there are too much private information. For caches on these apps, you'll probably need to delete with methods in Part 2.

Part 4. Clear all cache by resetting your iPhone

iPhone still runs slow, even after you clear caches? Now you can try to reset your iPhone. I mean, erase everything on your iPhone and make it a new one again. I'm sure you'll get the most wonderful experience just like when you got it the first time. In order to do this, you'll need a reliable iPhone eraser. Here you can consider the top rated FoneEraser.

Tip: Before you use this program, please backup your iPhone first.

FoneEraser - iPhone Data Eraser

In this article, we mainly showed you four easy methods to help you clear iPhone cache. Still have more questions? Feel free to leave your comments down below.

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