How to Remove Image Background Using Inkscape for Beginners

May 27, 2022Ashley Mae

This guide will demonstrate how you can easily remove background from an image with Inkscape. As the software is primarily a vector-based graphics program, it does a better job than normal photo editing software. It can create paths around the main object and allows you to manipulate nodes and handles. That makes it easier and more intuitive in Inkscape to get rid of the unwanted background. If you are ready, let's start the work.

Inkscape Remove Background

Part 1: How to Remove Background in Inkscape

By default, Inkscape background is transparent whether you have enabled background or not. It means that you can keep it transparent or use a new one when removing background in Inkscape.

How to Remove White Background in Inkscape

Step 1:
To start removing the white background in Inkscape, you need to import the target image with the Import option in the File menu in Inkscape.

Tip: Draw a rectangle with red or other colors before importing the image with a white background so that you can see the background removal.

Single Scan
Step 2:
Go to the Path menu, and choose the Trace Bitmap. On the Trace Bitmap panel, click the Single Scan button, pull down the dropdown list and choose Brightness cutoff, and click the Update button. Then you will see the image in black and white color scale.
Multiple Scans
Step 3:
Next, click the Multiple Scans button, check the boxes next to Smooth and Remove background, click the Update button and then Apply.
Step 4:
Left-click on the main object, and choose Delete to get rid of the background.

Way 2: How to Remove Background from a Photo in Inkscape

Step 1:
Also, open the target photo or picture in Inkscape for removing the background.
Step 2:
The Trace Bitmap feature is not available to the images with complete background. Alternatively, choose the Bezier Tool on the left toolbox.
Bezier Tool
Step 3:
Then outline the main object until the starting node and the ending node coincide. The outline will turn into a selection. To refine the selection, you can add anchor points to the outline and adjust them.
Object Clip
Step 4:
Now, click the Select and Transform Tool on the toolbox, and hold down the Shift key on your keyboard. Go to the Object menu, choose Clip and pick Set. That is all. The background is removed in Inkscape.
Step 5:
Finally, save the image in PNG format, which can keep the transparent background.

Part 2: Best Alternative to Inkscape to Remove Background

Although Inkscape is available to remove background from images, it still requires you to install the software on your hard disk. Moreover, it is pretty large and takes a lot of resources. From this point, we recommend an alternative solution, Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online.

Step 1.
ccess in your browser, and hit the Upload Portrait button to upload the image that you want to edit. It supports JPG, PNG, and GIF.
Home Page
Step 2.
After uploading, you will be presented with the main page. The web app recognizes the main object and removes the background automatically. You can also change and refine the edges with the Keep and Erase tools manually.
Remove Background
Step 3.
To save the image with transparent background, click the Download button at the bottom. If you want to add a new background, go to the Edit tab. Here you can add new color or image to the background.

Part 3: FAQs about Remove Background in Inkscape

How much does Inkscape cost?

Inkscape is an open-source graphic editor, so it is completely free. It can be downloaded and used on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Moreover, copying, distribution, and modification of the software are freely permitted too.

Why cannot remove the background in Inkscape?

There are at least two ways to remove background from an image in Inkscape. You must pick the right way according to your picture. The Trace Bitmap feature, for example, cannot remove the background from a colorful picture.

What format does Inkscape support?

Inkscape natively exports to SVG format, but it also supports JPG, PNG, BMP, ICO, TIFF, GIF, WPG, and EPS. If your image is not supported, you have to convert the format before editing.


This guide has talked about how to remove background from an image using Inkscape. As a popular free graphic program, Inkscape is widely used among professionals. Of course, it can perform basic tasks, such as background removal. For people who do not want to install software on their hard disk, Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online is a nice alternative solution. If you have other problems, please contact us by leaving a message below this post.

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