What Transparent Background PNG Is and How to Make Transparent BG PNG

March 01,2022Ashley Mae

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphic, which is an image format that is usually used in web design. The biggest feature is transparency support. In another word, it provides a transparent background or a semi-transparent image. Now, a lot of images are saved in PNG format, such as logos, icons, graphs, and more. This article will discuss what does transparent background PNG mean and how to remove background from images quickly.

Transparent Background PNG

Part 1: How Does PNG Transparent Background Work

A PNG image uses a 24-bit RGB color palette, which supports millions of colors without compression. It means that you can shrink an image file size using PNG without quality loss.

It is well-known that a regular image is full of colors in each pixel. PNG, on the other hand, allows you to use no color in the background pixels. So, the color behind the main object can show through.

With transparent background PNG, you can use a subject to another image, like a logo, and more. To learn whether a PNG contains transparency, you can open it in a photo editor, and get the alpha transparency information.

Part 2: How to Make PNG Background Transparent

Way 1: Remove PNG Background Online

The easiest way to remove background from a PNG image is Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online. It is as powerful as most desktop software but easier to use. For example, it is working online completely, so you do not need to install anything on your disk. Moreover, it is free to use and does not have any limit. The built-in AI technology recognizes the main object and removes PNG background automatically. Plus, it offers a variety of bonus tools for free.

How to Remove PNG Background Online

Step 1:
Access https://www.aiseesoft.com/online-bg-remover/ in your browser to open the webpage.
Step 2:
Click the Upload Portrait button to upload the image that you want to make the transparent background.
Step 3:
After uploading, the app will remove the PNG background automatically. You can refine the edges with the brush tool.
Step 4:
If you want to replace the background, such as producing a black background PNG, go to the Edit tab, and select the desired color. You can also use an image as the background by hitting the Image button.
Step 5:
Finally, click on the Download button to get the transparent background PNG to your hard drive.

Way 2: How to Make PNG Background Transparent in Photoshop

Photoshop is a professional photo editor. It includes a wide range of image editing tools. Moreover, Adobe introduced new features into the latest version. According to our research, Photoshop 2020 has equipped a quick action called Remove Background, which utilizes AI to make PNG background transparent quickly.

Step 1:
Fire up your Photoshop. Open a File Explorer, locate the target image, drag and drop it into the interface of the photo editor.
Step 2:
After image loading, click the Properties icon at the top left side of the right panel. If you cannot find it, go to the Windows menu, and choose Properties.
Step 3:
Go to the Quick Actions section and click the Remove Background button. It takes a while to recognize the object and delete the background.
Remove Bg Ps
Step 4:
To get a better result, you can also use Magic Wand Tool on the Photoshop toolbar to select the left background. Then press the Delete key on your keyboard to remove it.
Select Object Selection Tool
Step 5:
Finally, go to the File menu on the top menu bar, select Export and Export As. On the popup dialog, pull down the format box, and select PNG. Set other options and click Export All.

Way 3: How to Remove PNG Background on iPhone/Android

There is no way to remove the PNG background on a mobile device, either an iPhone or an Android phone. It means that you have to use a third-party background remover app. Background Eraser, for example, is available to both iOS and Android users to make PNG background transparent.

Step 1:
Fire up the background remover app on your handset. Open a PNG image from your Gallery or Camera Roll.
Step 2:
Tap the Crop tool at the bottom, and remove the background far away from the main object.
Bg Eraser
Step 3:
Next, tap the Erase tool at the bottom, and choose Target Color. Touch the solid color on the background to remove it. To cancel an action, tap the Undo icon at the top of the screen. You can also adjust the Threshold slider to remove the PNG background color.
Target Area
Step 4:
Then, press the Target Area tool at the bottom and draw on the leftover background to remove it. Also, you can adjust the Threshold slider to refine the selection.
Step 5:
Choose the Erase tool and remove the PNG background manually. Finally, save the image to your handset.

Part 3: FAQs about Transparent Background PNG

What do you call a PNG image with a transparent background?

There is no specific name for a PNG image with transparent background. However, if you hear the term transparent logo, it means a logo with a transparent background.

Does all PNG have a transparent background?

A PNG may have a transparent background or any transparent area, but it is also a popular image format to store solid content. With PNG, you can remove the background with a photo editor program.

Why does my PNG have a white background?

Sometimes, your PNG images are background transparent, but your display cannot show transparency. Moreover, you must turn on the Alpha channel when exporting a PNG with transparent background. Otherwise, the transparency will be filled with color.


This guide has told you what does PNG transparent background mean and how to make such an effect. Photoshop is not only a photo editor but also a PNG background remover. It helps you to erase the background from an image. If you do not have Photoshop, try Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online directly. It is easier to use, free of charge, and works online. More problems related to this topic? Please contact us by leaving a message below this post as we will reply with it as soon as possible.

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