How to Remove Person from Photo on Computer, Online, or Mobile Device

May 25, 2022Ashley Mae

Although it is easier to take photos than ever before due to smartphones and digital camera penetration, it may take hours to get the perfect shot since people keep walking in and running it. In order to get the desired photo, you can try post-producing. This tutorial will demonstrate how to remove persons from a photo on your computer, online, or on a mobile device without damaging the quality.

Remove Person from Photo

Part 1: How to Remove Person from Photo Online

The easiest way to remove a person from a photo is an online app, but most of them have restrictions or limitations. Luckily, Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online is an exception. Compared to other web apps, it comes with the following advantages:

Step 1:
Visit in a browser, and click the Upload Portrait button to upload the target photo.
Home Page
Step 2:
After photo uploading, you will see the main page. Select the Erase button, and adjust the Brush Size. Draw on the person or persons to remove from the Original panel. You can see the result in the Preview panel in real-time.

Tip: If you erase a part that you want to keep, choose the Keep tool, and draw on the area to get it back.

Remove Person
Step 3:
Then go to the Edit tab, and choose the Image menu. Next, upload a blank background image from Local memory or Online. Finally, click the Download button, and follow the instructions to save the photo to your machine.

Part 2: How to Remove Person from Photos with Photoshop

Sometimes, you do not have a Wi-Fi network or your photo is very large and not suitable to edit online. Luckily, photo editing software, such as Photoshop, is another option to remove a persona from a photo.

Step 1:
Open the photo that you intend to edit in your Photoshop.
Step 2:
Select the layer in the Layer panel on the right side, and click the New Layer icon to make a copy. Then press the Eye icon next to the original layer to hide it. That is a good way to protect your photo.
Polygonal Tool
Step 3:
Click and expand the small icon on the Lasso Tool on the left toolbox, and select the Polygonal Lasso Tool. It allows you to make a free-form selection. Next, click around the person to remove the photo. When the start point and the last point coincide, the selection is done.
Selection Remove Person
Step 4:
Now, click and expand the Stamp Tool on the toolbox, and choose Clone Stamp Tool, which can replicate portions of the background and cover the person in the shot. To start, locate the tool preset bar under the main menu on the top. Set the brush size according to the person. Make sure to set Opacity to 100%.
Select Clone Tool Remove Person
Step 5:
Then hold down the Alt key on PC or Option key on Mac, and click a source point. Paint over the person and it will be covered by the source point. Repeat this step until the person is removed from the photo.
Clone Image Remove Person
Step 6:
At last, save the photo. We suggest you save the result as a PSD and then output it in another format so that you can edit it at any time later.

Part 3: How to Remove Person from Photo on Mobile

Nowadays, more and more people do everything with their smartphones including taking and editing photos. The easiest way to remove a person from a photo for mobile-first is a photo editor app. However, not all photo editing apps have such ability. According to our research, Snapseed is the app to remove a person from a photo. It includes a feature called Healing that can meet your need.

Healing Tool
Step 1:
Run the photo editor app from your home screen or app tray. You can download this app from App Store or Play Store for free.
Step 2:
Tap the Add button to access your Camera Roll or Photo Gallery, and select the photo that you need to edit on your iPhone or Android phone.
Step 3:
Press the Edit icon at the bottom to open the toolbox and choose the Healing tool.
Step 4:
Now, draw on a person on the shot with your finger until he or she is completely covered by the red color. If the person is very small, you can zoom in to get the details.
Step 5:
Once you release your finger, the person will be covered with the surrounding scene automatically.

Part 4: FAQs about Removing Person from Photo

Can I edit a person in a photo separately?

You can open the photo in Photoshop, and select the person with the Magnet Lasso Tool. Now, you can edit the person without interrupting other areas, such as changing the color, adding filters, etc.

What are the best apps for removing people from photos?

In addition to Snapseed, there are more apps available to remove a person from shots on mobile devices, like Adobe Photoshop Fix, TouchRetouch, and Enlight Photofox.

How to remove an object from a photo?

The method to remove an object from a photo is the same as removing a person in a shot. In another word, you can follow our guide above to get the desired effect.


This tutorial has shared three ways to remove a person from a photo in a variety of situations. Adobe Photoshop is one way to select a person in a shot and cover it with the background around. For mobile-first, Snapseed allows you to clean up persons from photos without a computer. Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online is the easiest way to do it on either a PC or mobile device without installing. More questions? Please leave a message below.

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