How to Remove Background from Image in GIMP like Professionals

February 25, 2022Ashley Mae

Removing background from an image and leaving a transparent frame is one of the most common jobs for photographers and image editors. However, some people complained that professional photo editing software is too hard to learn. In fact, it does not require Adobe Photoshop or other professional software. This tutorial will tell you how to remove background from images in GIMP, which is an open-source photo editor program and free to use.

GIMP Remove Background

Part 1: How to Remove Background by GIMP

Although GIMP is a free photo editor, it includes a wide range of features. In another word, you get more than one way to remove image background using GIMP. We demonstrate five basic methods below.

Way 1: How to Remove Background in GIMP with Fuzzy Select Tool

Step 1:
Open the target image in GIMP. If you do not have the program, download it from the official website for free.
Step 2:
Right-click on the layer and add the Alpha channel. That helps you delete the layer with transparency easily.
Step 3:
Pick the Fuzzy Select tool on the toolbox, and check Anti Aliasing, Feather Edges, and Draw Mask.
Fuzzy Select
Step 4:
Click an unwanted area and drag the mouse to increase the selection. Once the background is selected, release your mouse.
Step 5:
Press the Delete key on your keyboard to remove the background in GIMP.
Remove Bg Fuzzy

Way 2: How to Remove Background in GIMP by Paths Tool

Path Tool
Step 1:
To remove background from an image in GIMP accurately, select the Path tool on the toolbox.
Step 2:
Click one point around the main object, move your mouse following the edge, and click around it. Hold the Ctrl key and click on the first point to complete the outline.
Step 3:
Press the Enter key to convert the outline to a selection. Next, select Invert from the menu to select the entire background of the image. Hit the Delete key on your keyboard.

Way 3: How to Remove Background in GIMP Using Color Tool

Color Tool
Step 1:
If your image has a solid color background, such as removing the white background in GIMP, pick the Select by color tool on the toolbox.
Step 2:
Tick the checkboxes to Anti Aliasing and Draw Mask. If you are processing a vector image, turn on Feather Edges too.
Step 3:
Click on the background to select the same color. To increase the threshold, drag your mouse down. After selection, press the Delete key on your keyboard. That is all.

Way 4: How to Remove Background in GIMP via Foreground Select

Foreground Select
Step 1:
Select the Foreground Select tool from the toolbox when you intend to remove the image background in GIMP.
Step 2:
Create a selection around the main object with your mouse. Then the background will be covered by dark blue. Now, refine the selection with white foreground color and brush tool.
Step 3:
Preview the result and click Select if you are satisfied. Then choose Invert to select the background instead. Now, hold down the Delete key on your keyboard.

Way 5: How to Remove Background in GIMP through Layer Masks

Step 1:
Import an image into GIMP, right-click on the layer and make a copy.
Step 2:
Select the copy layer to begin removing the image background in GIMP. Go to the Color menu, and select Saturation. Reset the value to zero and click OK.
Step 3:
Next, select Curves in the Color menu, and adjust the nodes to make the main object black and the background white. Head to the Color menu again and choose Invert. Then select Copy Visible from the Edit menu.
Color Curve
Step 4:
Hide the copy layer, right-click on the original image, click Add Layer Mask, and hit Add.
Layer Mask
Step 5:
Go to the Edit menu, and choose Paste to paste the visible image. Then merge the pasted layer to the layer mask.
Step 6:
Now, the white background is removed and becomes transparent.

Part 2: Best Alternative to GIMP to Remove Background

You have to install it on your disk before using it. If it is not convenient, Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online is a great alternative. As a web-based utility, it allows you to remove image background online. Similar to GIMP, it is free of charge.

Step 1:
Visit in a browser.
Step 2:
Click the Upload Portrait button to upload an image that you want to get rid of the background.
Home Page
Step 3:
After image uploading, you will be presented with the main object with transparent background. You can refine the edge with the brush tool now.
Bg Remover
Step 4:
At last, download the image by hitting the Download button.

Note: If you want to replace it with a new background, go to the Edit tab from the left sidebar, and apply a solid color background or image background.

Part 3: FAQs about Removing Background in GIMP

Does GIMP have a magic eraser tool?

Yes, GIMP has a magic eraser tool. It is the same as the magic wand tool in Photoshop. This feature is also a choice to remove the background nicely. However, the edge is not very good.

Is GIMP free?

GIMP is absolutely free and open source. You can use the photo editor on Mac, Windows, as well as Linux. It gives you a chance to remove the image background without commitment.

How to make a background transparent in GIMP?

You can use the background removal tools in GIMP to remove the background. Then export the image in PNG from GIMP, and the transparent background will be kept.


This tutorial told you how to remove image background in GIMP with the Fuzzy Select Tool, Paths Tool, Color Tool, Foreground Select, and Layer Masks. They can help you get rid of image background in a variety of situations. What you need to do is pick the proper method and follow our guide. Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online is the best portable background remover. More questions? Please, leave a message below.

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