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August 24, 2020Ashley Mae

Since the release of the first iPod generation, iPod Classic in 2001, Apple has developed many series like iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, etc. iPod Touch now can take photos, watch videos and play music. However, compared with iPhone, iPod still lacks many functions, and you can buy an iPhone to do all the things that an iPod can do.

It is easy to take a new iPhone, but the data in an old iPod may be gone when you give up the old iPod.

No worry, and this post shares 3 ways to help you transfer photos from iPod to iPhone, so that you will lose no impressive memories of photos.

Transfer Photos from iPod to iPhone

Part 1. Transfer Photos from iPod to iPhone (Easiest without Data Loss)

Available for Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X 10.7 or above (macOS Sonoma included).

Tools you need: USB cable, Aiseesoft FoneTrans, computer.

To get pictures off an iPod and then import them into iPhone can be done via various ways. However, only this way can keep all the data on your iPhone and iPod Touch safely without loss. No special tech knowledge is required and you just need Aiseesoft FoneTrans.

Aiseesoft FoneTrans is the professional data transfer software among iOS device, computer and iTunes. When it comes to syncing iPod photos to iPhone, it can make it easily via 2 steps. Besides, it is capable of managing the photos from iPod, iPhone and iPad on computer.



FoneTrans – iPod to iPhone Transfer

  • Transfer selected photos from iPod to iPhone without erasing iPhone data.
  • Transfer photos, music, videos, contacts, messages, notes, calendars, and more.
  • Manage photos on computer like delete, create album, add pictures, etc.
  • Compatible with iPod Touch 7/6, iPhone 11 (Pro), XS, XR, X, 8, 7, SE, 6, 5, etc.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Free DownloadFor macOS

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Whether you're a tech pro or one of the not-so-tech-savvy types, you can backup iPod photos to iPhone in 2 steps.

Step 1.
Connect iPhone and iPod to computer
Get the USB cable to plug both iPhone and iPod to computer. Run FoneTrans on your computer, and it will detect both your devices quickly.
Select your iPod Touch as the source device from the drop-down list of Device Type.
Device Type
Step 2.
Export iPod pictures to iPhone
Click Photos from the left pane, and you can find all the photo albums under Camera Roll and Photo Library, and the detailed pictures in the album will show on the right pane.
Select the checkbox of the detailed pictures, click Export to Device from the toolbar at the top, and pick up your target iPhone.
Then the selected pictures will be copied from iPod to iPhone.
Export to Device

You can also copy the photo metadata information from iPod to iPhone by going to click the menu in three-dash in the top-right corner to select Preferences, and navigating the Photos tab, where you should tick the box before Keep the original date information on device under Photo Information.


Part 2. Copy iPod Photos to iPhone via iCloud Wirelessly (Free but Data Erasing)

Available for all iPhone and iPod with enough iCloud storage.

Tools you need: Wi-Fi connection

To spend money on making iPod pictures to iPhone backup may not be wanted for everyone. Apple also offers the free way to help you add photos from iPod to iPhone via iCloud. What you need to do is to backup photos from iPod to iCloud, and then restore photos from iCloud backup to iPhone.

In this way, you will replace the iPhone photos with the iPod pictures. Before that, you had better backup iPhone photos firstly.

Now, follow the simple steps mentioned below to know-how.

Step 1.
Backup iPod photos to iCloud
On your iPod, go to Settings, tap [your name], select iCloud, hit Photos and toggle on iCloud Photos. Then it will start backup iPod photos to iCloud, and make sure your Wi-Fi connection is not discontinued. (iCloud photos not syncing?)
Backup Photos
Step 2.
Restore photos to iPhone from iCloud backup
On your iPhone, sign into your iCloud account same as that on your iPod. Again, go to Settings, tap [your name], select iCloud, hit Photos and toggle on iCloud Photos and do not forget to select the Download and Keep Originals option.
Download iCloud Photos

Then just keep your Wi-Fi connection stable to download the photos from iCloud to iPhone.

In this way, you have no control over the downloading process until it will be finished.

Part 3. Sync iPod Pictures to iPhone with iTunes (Free but Data Erasing)

Available for Windows 10/8/7 with iTunes 12.5.1 or later, and Mac.

Tools you need: USB cable, computer.

Coincidentally, another free tool from Apple, iTunes, also allows you to import photos from iPod to iPhone. You just need to add the images from iPod Touch to computer with the USB cable, and then sync pictures from compute to iPhone with iTunes.

Here's how to get started:

Step 1.
Export photos from iPod to computer
Connect your iPod to computer with the USB cable. Then you will see the Autoplay window appears and you should select Import pictures and videos.
Cannot find that? Just open Computer/My Computer/This PC and right-click your iPod to find the option.
Then open all the files on iPod on this computer and copy and paste the pictures you want to put on iPhone in one folder. After that, unplug iPod
Import Pictures
Step 2.
Copy photos from iTunes to iPhone
Run iTunes on your computer. Plug iPhone into computer with the USB cable. Find and click your iPhone icon, click Photos from the let pane, then tick the box of Sync Photos, choose the folder that stores your iPod photos folder in step 1, and click Done to start syncing your iPod pictures to iPhone in iTunes.
Sync Photos

In this way, you can free transfer photos from iPod to iPhone, but all the pictures on iPhone currently will be replaced with the synced iPod photos.

Part 4. FAQs of Transferring iPod Photos to iPhone

iPod photos are missing on iPhone after iCloud backup?

The videos and photos you deleted on your iPod will be deleted everywhere you use iCloud Photos on iPhone. So, when you use iCloud Photos to sync photos from iPod to iPhone, do not make the changes, e.g. deleting photos, on iPod, before the process is done.

Can I transfer songs from iPod to iPhone?

Yes, you can. For copying music from iPod to iPhone, Aiseesoft FoneTrans can help you exactly. The details can be found here.

Cannot find iTunes on Mac after update?

iTunes media library is now available in the Apple Music app, Apple TV app, Apple Books app, and Apple Podcasts app on macOS Catalina and later. For using iTunes to sync photos from iPod to iPhone, you just need to open Finder, and you can see the familiar interface as iTunes on Mac.


When you want to get photos off an old iPod Touch, there are various ways to achieve that. This page shares 3 ways to sync iPod pictures to iPhone via iCloud, iTunes and FoneTrans. Both iTunes and iCloud are free to use, but they will erase all the existing data on iPhone and replace with the iPod photos. FoneTrans is the easy tool that can complete the transferring task without erasing any data. In addition, it offers other functionalities to help you transfer and manage your iPhone, iPad and iPod data with ease.

Which way do you pick up?

Do you have any other recommended ways?

Let me know by leaving your comments below.

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