How to Copy Notes from iPod touch to Computer

September 03, 2020Ashley Mae

Notes app is a helpful tool to record stuff like the working plan, shopping list, reading notes, ideas, and more, and some of them are extremely important to you.

That's why you should consider transferring notes from iPod touch to a computer at regular. Moreover, it can free up some space for the iPod touch to store more music files.

To do that, you can use iTunes and iCloud to backup notes from iPod touch to computer. That's what we will show, 3 ways to sync notes from iPod touch to PC and Mac.

Transfer Notes from iPod to Computer

Part 1. How to Transfer Single or Multiple Notes and Attachments to PC/Mac

Compared with the following 2 methods, the first method is recommended.

Whether you want to backup the iPod notes or view the iPod notes on computer, the easiest way to do that is using the third-party transfer app, Aiseesoft FoneTrans. It is the professional iPod data transfer software, which can share notes, note attachments, audio files, videos, photos, reminders, calendars, and other app data to computer or other iOS devices. As for media files, you can sync them between iTunes and iOS devices directly.

Mac FoneTrans


Aiseesoft FoneTrans – Transfer iPod Notes

  • Send single, multiple, and all notes and note attachments to PC/Mac.
  • View and edit iPod data on computer directly like delete, add, create an album, etc.
  • Transfer other data like photos, calendars, reminders, Safari, movies, audio, and more.
  • Transfer data among iPod/iPad/iPhone, iTunes and computer.
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Follow the simple steps mentioned below to know how to transfer iPod notes into PC or Mac.

Step 1.
Free download this iPod notes to computer transfer software (via the download links above) on Windows or Mac computer. Open it immediately.
Get the USB cable to plug iPod touch into computer, and this program will detect your iPod touch automatically.
Step 2.
Click Others tab from the left pane, and you will find Notes show in the middle pane. Click it and this program will scan iPod touch notes. While the scanning process is complete, you can view all the note items in detail.
View Notes
Step 3.
Click Export to PC or Export to Mac from the toolbar, and choose CSV File, HTML File, or TXT File to start copying the notes from iPod touch to computer immediately.
Export to Mac

1. For transferring notes on iPhone or iPad, just plug iPhone or iPad into compute rand repeat the steps above to do it.

2. If you have encrypted the notes, do not forget to input the password to unlock in the scanning process.

3. For reading the notes with the attachments, you should select the HTML file as the output format.

Part 2. How to Send All Notes from iPod to Computer via iCloud

If you create notes on iPod but need to view them on computer, then iCloud will do you a great favor. It can back up iPod touch notes to iCloud and then view the notes on iCloud on the computer.

The short tutorial below shows you how.

Step 1.
Connect iPod touch to Wi-Fi.
Step 2.
Go to Settings, tap [your name], and hit iCloud.
Step 3.
Toggle on Notes, hit iCloud Backup, and tap Back Up Now. Then all the notes on iPod touch will be uploaded to iCloud cloud.
Step 4.
When the iCloud backup is done, go to on your computer.
Step 5.
Sign in to your iCloud account that you used to backup iPod touch notes.
Step 6.
Click Notes and all the notes will be loaded on iCloud web on this computer.
Send All Notes from iPod

You can click to open the notes one by one, but you cannot download them from iCloud backup.

To download notes from iCloud backup is another story and you can read it here.

Part 3. How to Backup All iPod Notes to PC/Mac in iTunes

iTunes is the official recommended backup tool to keep data from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to computer. Here, it still works.

You can save yourself the frustration by using iTunes to backup all the important notes from iPod touch to computer to avoid any data loss.

The steps of moving notes from iPod touch to a computer in iTunes are pretty easy.

Similar to backing up iPhone to iTunes on Windows computer or macOS Sonoma or earlier, you can refer to the steps here.

Users running in macOS Catalina 10.15 and later, the steps come to be slightly different.

Step 1.
Plug iPod touch to Mac with the USB cable.
Step 2.
Open Finder and locate your iPod touch from the left pane.
Step 3.
Click Back Up Now button and your iPod will start backing up.
Once the backup is done, you can see the date of Last backup to this Mac to know if the backup is successful or not.
Backup in iTunes

The iTunes backup will be stored on your PC or Mac, and you cannot open them to see the notes.

You have to restore the notes to iPod from iTunes or use the third-party app to view iTunes backup on this computer to find the notes.

Part 4. FAQs of Transferring iPod Notes to Computer

How do I retrieve deleted notes from iPod?

The deleted notes will go to the Recently Deleted folder in the Notes app. You can retrieve them within 30 days. After 30 days have passed, you will get the third-party notes app recovery to recover deleted notes from iOS device.

Can I transfer my notes from Android to iPhone?

No, you cannot. The Notes app on iPhone and the notes app on Android is different. All the notes can be transferred within iOS operating system. Sometimes, if you use the third-party notes apps that are available for both iOS and Android, it may switch the notes between iPhone and Android.

Can FoneTrans be trusted?

Yes. FoneTrans is the reliable data transfer software for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from Aiseesoft Studio. It is safe to use without any virus or ads.

What is the best app for note-taking on iPhone?

Apart from the built-in note app on iPhone, you could download the third-party application from App Store, like Bear Write, Evernote, OneNote, Notability, etc. Check the iPhone notes app here.


Notes app can help you take notes on iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. When you want to transfer iPod touch notes to computer for backup or viewing, here are 3 ways available for you. iTunes can backup notes simply; iCloud can backup and view iPod touch notes on computer; FoneTrans combines all the features of iCloud and iTunes to backup and view iPod touch notes on computer. There is no doubt that FoneTrans is the best solution.

Which way will you try?

Are there any other recommended solutions from you?

Let me know by leaving your comments below.

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